Smart Watch

Peter: What’s the time?

Nick : (Looking at his wrist, presses the button to see the time) It is 3 pm.

Peter: How much this watch costs?

Nick: This one? It’s 750$ Apple smart watch, latest edition.

Peter: (Looks at his wrist) I see, ask me what’s the time now?

Nick: I just told you.

Peter: Just ask, please!

Nick: (Rubs his bald head) sure, what’s the time now?

Peter : (Shows his wrist) it’s 3:02 pm, and I don’t need to press any button, and (Whispers) it’s under 100$, a smart watch should make you smart, not dump.

Nick 😦 Dials a number) Tony! it’s me Nick, I’m kicking out another member from Shield, effective Immediate.

Tony : (Surprised) Who is that lucky?

Nick : (Sighs) It’s Peter.


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