Anteros 9

Sashi said ” I killed, not one, but three” her face turned red as she completed it with anger.

Line disconnected.

They had a killer in their own office. Menon, the most shocked person in the room, almost had tears in his eyes, he treated her as her own daughter, even though she made mistakes, Menon, always helped her little sister and Sashi, the message pierced his heart, he needs to find this killer and end the show, now there are two killers as per Sashi’s last statement.

“How could she?”

Vikram, who was in run to catch Gur, stopped his car for a tea break. He watched as Kumar, sipped his tea and enjoyed the taste of it. His face turned white when Vikram enquired about how minister came to know about the location.

Kumar, his face showed he hides something. Vikram, after constantly observing Kumar’s frequent phone calls and text messages, Vikram, already knew who was the black sheep, Vikram, slapped him at the tea shop. Kumar, opened his mouth and explained everything with bruises on his face, it was the Minister, that had cleared off his financial issues without asking him, and forced him to help on this case, without any other options Kumar, decided to help on the case.

Vikram, further enquired, as they have found one location, but the minister team is going for another location. Kumar, accepted he only used his phone once to forward the location, if the location got changed, then the location must be moving. Vikram, shocked with his answer, checked his phone to check the location, the location changed, now he is chasing a different location, and minister is chasing behind something unknown. Vikram, traced the location once again. It was found the tracker kept moving, and is now stopped, stopped? he observed the cursor stayed at Sashi’s place, but why?

Vikram, quickly rushed to Sashi’s place, Yashika was standing alone outside of her house, she looked scared. Vikram, rescued her and searched Sashi’s house, Despite of police men waiting outside, how Yashika came there? and how now a dead body of another student is now at her house? Who came here and how? lot of questions rammed down his head, Vikram, yelled at other officers, for who was there as security guards. Yashika, explained, she was dropped, far from her house and she walked all the way home. But, the answer for another dead body that appeared on Sashi’s house remained suspense. Vikram, rushed back to commissioner office with Kumar.

Minister called Menon, “Commissioner sir! you better put an end to this shit!, I am tired of this. I need to know who killed my daughter.”

Menon, “Gur, the name is Gur. Can you find him? Kill him!”

Minister laughed “Are you challenging me?”

Menon replied “No, I am not. Just do it”

Minister disconnected the line, threw his phone away “Bastard, I am coming for you” Minster and his gangsters continued their search across the city.

Meanwhile, Commissioner office, received a courier, and it was directly presented for Menon. Menon opened the big heavy box, and found it to be a fridge. Menon stopped the police force, and examined with bomb experts. They rushed to the location and after confirming it is not a bomb, they decided to open the fridge to find another dead body of the student. Three students body found one after again. The team, catched the courier team and enquired about; who initiated delivered the delivery and the people involved on it, courier team witnesses explained it was given by a little girl, they simply accepted the courier as she said it was given by her uncle, they didn’t note anything further.

Media turned their attention towards the latest incident, and the recently found dead bodies. Menon, was under huge pressure with his higher officials to find the killer and trace his location. Menon, not found the location yet, been warned by his higher offcials to find the killer and end the case in next 24 hours. Menon, called for Vikram, to his luck, Vikram, reached the office with Yashika. Menon, face lit up when he saw the little girl running towards him happily, “Uncle…. “

Minister, and their team reached the location, it was a forest. The gangsters, searched the entire place, they reached further inside the forest, they found an abandoned bus. It was an abandoned bus for years in the forest, inside the bus, there was a dead body. It was the fourth student. The body was brutally damaged from head to toe as if it is crushed under a wheel, it’s arms and legs almost amputated. People who had witnessed the corpse, ran away from fear and reported to Minister. As ordered by minister, the gangsters team continued their search to find Gur, and Sashi.

Menon, had a relief for saving the little girl. Vikram, started to collect the previous clues and time of each incident, the courier was initiated from a place near to commissioner office, after having further conversation with Yashika, He found, Yashika was dropped in about 10 mins from the place. Vikram, checked on map for the places that is 10 mins far from her house, Vikram, started to collect all the major places abandoned, but none found around 15 km’s, further he checked for star hotels, Yashika gave a clue to Vikram, it was a big hotel, but she couldn’t say the exact name of it. It was a big city, there are multiple star hotels around, Vikram decided to check out each. Vikram, alone rushed to the hotel with guns loaded. Menon, stopped him and ordered him, he wanted the criminal alive. Vikram, answered “I’m sorry, his grace time is long gone”. Menon smiled with a sense of satisfaction, he personally thought the killing is the final end to this case.

Megha, reached her home, she searched for a blue diary, her eyes grew wide. It was Gur, that lived with dead Priyanka’s Mom during her last minute, it was the same person that talked with commissioner on phone, she further reads her writings about Gur, it mentioned the plan of Gur to take revenge for Priyanka’s death.

Megha, rushed back to office and explained to commissioner about his revenge plan, Menon, who already sent Vikram to finish the killer remained calm and explained Megha, on what is going to happen further. Megha, argued further, these criminals deserve the death, and Nirmal and his Mom must be punished for what they did to her.

Sashi, came online to the mic again, Menon and Megha continued to listen.

It was Minister, that triggered me to do such job. It was me, I wanted to be the part of his political party and I was regularly visiting him for the opportunity, he gave me a task, the task is to eliminate this girl from the issue. I had no intention to kill her, I negotiated with her regarding the issue with Nirmal, with lot of money to disappear from the incident, but Priyanka, young blood, was furious, hesitated to take the money, but instead she wanted her true love back. I tried to explain her; there is no true love, it is either lust, or a just being selfish, there is no true love. She disagreed, next day, I got a help from reporter, daughter of Minister, Reporter Priyanka deshpande. I sought her help, she gave me the script.

We made Priyanka, to come to the spot, Nirmal and his new girlfriend was on the spot, it was a busy morning in the mall, I convinced Priyanka to come there to meet Nirmal. Everything was as planned, she came, the moment she saw him, she outraged, she slapped him as we expected, we recorded the entire scene and published it on social media, Nirmal face went viral, son of famous actress got slapped by a girl, in the mall, who is this girl?

We decided to label her as a cheap slut, who sleeps with men for money, it was me that convinced Gurvinder who was a passenger on a bus, I convinced him to make a tweet on social media about the girl he saw on the crowd, with his influence on village, the tweet was shared by his locals widely, that was the first mistake on this case, that cost Gurvinder’s life.

Further, to add her humiliation, Nirmal, sent his four friends to her premises, and sexually molested her in front of her mom, and threatened her to shut her mouth and disappear from the issue. When her mother came to know this, she got furious, she kicked out her daughter out of her house. We caused enough stress to that poor girl.

I didn’t know the girl was pregnant, I thought it was a simple love issue which I thought I could sort out. Further, reporter Priyanka deshpande who made the tweet viral through her social media, and I on the other side, used my hacking techniques to make the tweet reach millions on twitter. This was my second mistake, that cost Priyanka deshpande’s life.

Priyanka, fell into depression, first her boyfriend cheated on her, next her mother left her on the street. Why the society is made up this way? A girl that can hurt a boy must be characterless? why no one had questioned the boy? What pride is going to give these people? Just because her daughter is pregnant, why a mom is ashamed? Population is normal, it is a natural act, there is a way called abortion, why people don’t choose that and move on? why society labels these people? Priyanka is a victim of this society, yes, I caused this mess, but I never realized that will cost a life.

While I was on my way home, I saw Priyanka, staring at the edge of the bridge, before I could reach her, she jumped from the bridge. It was quick, I informed the ambulance, how do I tell the cops that I killed her? how do I explain them, that, I was the reason for her death?

I called Nirmal and explained, Nirmal and his mom was celebrating this. They made a celebration trip to Italy. The guilt killed me every single day.

I, decided to take action. I, killed them!

Line disconnected. Gur, clapped his hands, a sense of satisfaction, a mood of celebration. Gur, “Do you think I believed all of that?”

Sashi, remained calm “How do I prove it to you?”

Gur, opened his palms in the air “show me!”

Sashi, unfastened the traps that held her to the chair. “I’m not afraid of you.”

Gura asked “Then why all this drama?”

Sashi “Because we haven’t killed one of the suspect”

Gur rose from the chair “Then who is that?”

Sashi replied “Menon”

Gur laughed at her, he thought it was a joke, he knew Menon, he wondered how he is linked to the case “How?”

Sashi answered “Today!, any minute. Megha”

“Megha? ” questioned Gur.

A bullet pierced through the door, Gur, jumped under the table and tried to save Sashi, it was too late. The bullet pierced her viens on her neck, Sashi laid there motionless. Gur, gritted his teeth and took his gun out. It was Vikram, that was outside marking for a kill, sadly it hurt Sashi. Vikram, wasn’t aware it was Sashi that got killed. Vikram, and his tram broke the door and entered to find Sashi died.

Vikram stood there speechless and searched for Gur, but no one was there.

Megha, looked at Menon, pulled out a report and asked Menon “Who changed this?”

Menon looked at the report and started to sweat “What changed?”

Megha answered “The young girl, lost her life, because she was molested and there was a life 3 month old, nothing was there in this report. It said, she was a mentally challenged women that jumped from a bridge. You very well knew, it wasn’t true”

Menon looked at her in shock “Why are you asking me?”

Megha answered “It was reviewed by you, and the correction, was done by you”

Menon smiled nervously “you don’t have a proof dear kid” Menon got up and looked at Megha, like a prey. Megha, amazed at his transformation from a serious officer into villain like character change in few minutes. Menon, called little Yashika to say bye to Megha. The kid looked frightened looking at her. Menon said “How did I not notice this? Why Yashika? why do you fear? did she do anything to you? did she hurt you?” Yashika hugged Menon tight and never said a word. Menon confused with what happened, he carried Yashika and went outside the room, called one of the women constable and asked her to take her outside for sometime.

Meanwhile, Gur, jumped inside the building from the back, Vikram, sat there upset since his bullet had killed Sashi, Gur made his move. One by one officers started to disappear, Gur stealth mode was strong and he made his move like a cat. Vikram, called one of the officer to inform their office about what happened. He turned around and found no one. Vikram, stood up and understood there is something wrong, he came out of the room and checked for other officers, everyone laid there motionless. A hand from Vikram back held his neck tight, it was Gur, Vikram, teased “trying to kill me from the back? such a coward?” Gur, pulled him up in the air and dropped on ground, Vikram was cool and stood up in a jump and made his move to Gur, they both had fist fight for few minutes, Gur made a better move as his constant punches made Vikram tired. Vikram, tried to take his safety pistol from his shoe and found it was missing, Gur, commented “trying to end this game? like a coward?” Vikram, sighed with a smile, the fight continued, at the right moment Gur knocked off Vikram, with a hard hit to his head, Vikram, the furiuos one for last few minutes laid there motionless, Gur, breathing heavily smiled at him and threw his rod onto his chest and walked out of the room.

Gur, rushed to the commissioner office and waited outside the station. Megha, came out from the building with Yashika in her hand.

Gur, Stopped the car next to her, “hop in”

Megha and Sashi, killed Nirmal & his mother during their vacation, they both are still an international suspect, like Gur. Gur, came to know based on the conversations records he found on Sashi’s mobile that she had with Megha. Using his hacking skill, he confirmed their travel abroad during that period and their being an unknown suspect in that country.Β  Megha, came out the station after Menon’s death. Menon got killed by a silencer gun due to using his influence to change the medical records of the dead girl, he indirectly helped minister and Nirmal and his family. Vikram, was still in search of Megha and Gur, sadly, he got transferred after the incident to a local village, and he still didn’t stopped his killing spree.

Gur convinced Megha to travel with him, Gur, faked her death and swapped bodies and made sure she is dead officially, Gur and Megha traveled through his personal flight on the date she died.

Gur & Megha turned out to be dead officially in India, and became an international underground criminals, hacking and killing people for good causes.

6 thoughts on “Anteros 9

  1. “An end .. So soon and yet not so soon.
    The Drama ends.
    Yet the strangeness of life never ends.
    Good people suffer.
    The bad celebrate.
    Yet the days of judgement do come for the bad.
    Their Karma does catches up with them.

    Superb story and overall a good ending.

    Yet I am unhappy that you got Vikram killed as well. Why one of the superb and athletic protagonists being killed?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No I haven’t killed him, he is still searching, sadly he got transferred poor him 😁. Karma Did its job. I’m not satisfied with my work, ever. I always feel this could end up even better, I have tons of ending and still figuring out whether this one made justice. Happy you liked it πŸ₯°πŸ˜ endings took a lot of time, but if u ask me to rewrite I’ll come up with again lot of possibilities 🀀. Waiting for your story 😍 you said you’ll write one πŸ˜€ I noted thatπŸ€­πŸ˜‡

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, I have a few stories to tell. However, a little bit of trouble in my real life makes me feel as if I am myself a character in a story. May be one day I can tell that story as well. However, that time is not yet here.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You can start with 100 words a week, that will keep readers nailed to your content ☺️ like the next one I’m planning to do πŸ˜€ I suggest write it down, just 100 words, use websites that counts words and publish it, and spread the words

    Liked by 1 person

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