99 words Prompt :

September 16, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a Big Black Horse. It can be a horse, a metaphor or an interpretation of KT Tunstall’s “Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree.” Go where the prompt leads!


I’m high, on a cherry tree

could not explicit, this exceptional feeling

questioning! a way to forestall emotions

My emotions, It’s rolling it’s subsiding

Fallen from the tree, I felt no pain

I was on a Big black horse, vain.

It is stealing me from reality, that’s not vain!

Wherein this journey ends? the map says to keep going.

Am still High? I need no end, Must I get more high?

Feels right, weeds don’t hurt

Feels right, feelings don’t hurt

Feels right, to feel okay

Get high, don’t sigh,

Thank the weed

Let’s get high, one more time!



10 thoughts on “99 words Prompt :

  1. KT’s? I tried to search them, found KTS. Are you referring KTS🤔. I had experience getting high smoking weed and other drugs when I was 18 😉 just tried once all of them to experience the feeling, never continued☺️ luckily…😅 continued smoking drinking though,for 5 years, then, I quit that too☺️ I’m proud of quitting 😁

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  2. Experimentation is good for the soul! 😁 not so good when we fall though. I’ve tried it once too, felt nothing, besides being able to slow the thoughts a little. My mind naturally goes to strange places, at a chaotic pace, that’s the ADHD 🙈 the legal kinds of medications help to keep that chaos at bay however, and allow my mind the same freedom and calm, without the risk. Curious to try others when the kids are all grown though 🤔 Sadly, I don’t think they’ll do much. And kudos to you for quitting smoking and drinking! That’s a hard road. Im happy for you. 💜

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  3. I’m glad I had chosen wrong path once, which lead me experience all of NO and understand it’s “nothing”. Life is so much more than all these drugs and alcohol and smoking. Or should I thank my curiosity for wanting to try everything ☺️ and same curiosity wanting me to taste the other side of beautiful Life. I’ll taste all these moments 🥰 with much consciousness until one day I forget everything and let the world to forget there was Me. Thank you Rebecca for taking your time to read and comment 🥰☺️

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  4. It’s such a beautiful thing to find that deep, genuine self-acceptance, self-forgiveness. It leads to a love for life as a whole. It’s not taught to most of us from a young age. If we do ever learn it, we have to discover it for ourselves, the hard way, after too much pain and emptiness. I’m grateful you’ve found it and know that life is beautiful exactly as it is, that we don’t need to alter our minds to find out what life means. Life is simple, we are flawed, we explore, discover what we enjoy, create art, and spend time with the people who walk beside us on our journey, but we must also protect our energy from those who pull us away from it. It’s simple and it’s so heartbreaking to hear all the stories of people desperate for connection, for meaning. All those who feel worthless because they’re human and have flaws, and were never taught that that’s exactly how it’s meant to be, and that it’s a beautiful thing. But once we reach that point, we need to find our own way out, no one else can change our brain’s wiring for us, no one can make our minds create the connections between neurons that strengthen our love for ourselves. It’s so hard to see so much of the world struggling with something that could’ve been taught from birth, and knowing we can’t do anything to fix it. It’s why I’m grateful you did have that curiosity and those experiences, because you found your way through and you can prove to yourself that you are valuable with and without it all. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your journey.

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  5. Can’t thank enough for this appreciating comment. I’m grateful too for finding a way through thorns and flowers. I’ll choose the life as it is, we need nothing special, we are valuable when we are who we are. Happy to share my journey with you Rebecca 🥰❤️ I respect your time 🤗 Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🥂

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