Anteros – 8

What have you done?

His mother was full of rage. She was worried more about her name and fame, what if the news go out? what will society talk about her? if everyone knew what her son did to this slum girl, what she could do, how could she stop it, how could she hide it? she will be the spotlight of media, her reputation, her money, her fame all these questions were running wild on her head. She was more worried about her status, She did not wanted this news to go out, she sought help to shut this news, she needs to be at peace, she called minister and sought a way to hide her from this embarrassment, she cannot simply marry that girl to her son just because she is pregnant. She had dreams, to give her son to the most famous and rich daughter in the society, but all get dreams is now shattered.

Nirmal, was given tickets to stay away from the place. Nirmal was ordered to not to go out in public, until they figure out a plan to get this girl convinced.

Nirmal’s Mom received a call from a private number, the person on the other end answered the phone “Hello” the person on the other end remained unknown to actress, it was Sashi.


Megha, Vikram were on Sashi’s house. Megha was worried about the little kid. Vikram remained calm, he checked his mobile often, Kumar, noticed it and commented “Boss, you often check your mobile these days, got any date? it would be grateful if you help this assistant too, I’m also bachelor boss”

Vikram, looked at Megha, she ignored him and checked her mobile. Vikram, took both of them back to Menon’s office while rest of police team worked on Sashi’s house.

Menon, asked about the dead body found in Sashi house and asked for any clues about the rest of 3 other students. Megha, accepted she couldn’t get much from the spot and she decided to leave from this case as she is not much of a help. Menon, assured her the killer is smart as there is no visual clues too, seems all the cameras got hacked at time of incidents, there is no reason for her to leave from this case and asked her to work harder. Vikram, said he got the killer.

Menon, was surprised with his answer “Are you serious Vikram ?”

Vikram said the incident, He happened to visit Sashi house, to hack the social media accounts of dead people, sadly he couldn’t find her but, he found her sister she was alone in the house hiding from the killer, she explained what happened last night, Sashi tried to hack the killer based on ministers request, she got good amount for this activity, but what she didn’t know was she was hacked back, and kidnapped, her laptop camera was turned on, that means the killer watched him and the little girl too, he suspected very soon the killer might return for the girl so he decided to use her as a bait, he got help from a friend and placed a GPS tracking device on Yashika dress with a Mic that could play the sound live to his mobile phone hoping the killer will return to her place to kill Yashika too, He took her to the station and installed the devices and asked her to wait. Yashika, afraid of the Vikram, sneaked out of the station and decided to walk back home that’s when Kumar, took the little girl and gave her snacks and left her to stay in station. Meanwhile, someone found the little girl, which was not part of the plan, he waited, the signal came from a steady location, which means the killer is found, but what he don’t know is, is this the killer? or some random kidnapper. He tried to check out the cameras around the station, nothing worked at the time of incident happened, that means, the killer was there and now, the killer has Yashika.

Megha, got emotional for using a child as a bait to find the killer, and yelled at him for his foolish decision, Kumar, convinced her Vikram, will not let anything happen to the little kid.

Menon, “What are we waiting for?” he asked Vikram.

Vikram said “Sir, we can send people to the spot, with your order. We will track from here and listen what is happening meanwhile our team will reach the spot, I’ll follow them and move forward”

The tracing team, Menon, Kumar, Vikram waited in their operation room, tuned into the tracing device.

Meanwhile, Minister team somehow came to know the killer has been traced, Minister, was constantly notified by someone from police department, their gundas rushed to the spot to snatch the killer by themselves.

Menon, ordered his special forces to rush to the traced spot, the teams were on their way.

Gur, walked inside the place with Yashika. She ran fast to her sister and hugged her. Sashi, hugged her sister and looked at Gur with fear. Gur, brought a bowl of cereal with milk and gave it to her sister. Gur, left her sister to eat from nearby room, it was a comfy room with toys, Yashika, as soon she entered she began to play, Gur, locked the door.

Sashi looked at his eyes, Gur, knew she was an expert at lies, she innocently replied “What did I do? Please leave me, leave my sister, she is a poor young girl, I’m sorry I tried to hack your account, I didn’t know it was You Sir, Please leave me”

Gur, watched her little drama and replied softly “I know who you are, what did you do, and what have you done so far with your technology, I like your technical brain. So before we begin, let’s play a small game. Your cop friends have been trying to hack my location through Yashika, your police department had sent her as a bait, now, I knew why you hate them. I wouldn’t do such thing if I were your friends. will you do? Now, We have a speaker, and a Mic. I’m going to turn this on. There your friends on the other side trying to trace you will talk, and I’ll let them find me. It’s a simple hide and seek game, now I’m hiding, your friends are going to find us, you are going to help them”

Sashi, froze and stared at him in fear.Gur, smiled at her as she squirmed with fear. He waved his hand, the televisions around him turned on, and it tracked city’s busiest areas.

Gur, turned on the mic, he remained silent, Vikram and his team recieved the signal expected a response. Gur, remained silent and watched Sashi, she opened her mouth ,”Hello”

Vikram and his team after receiving the response, got excited and Menon spoke “Sashi, is everything okay?”

Sashi angrily replied “You son of a… how dare you send my sister as a bait?”

Vikram spoke “Sashi, I did that. I promise nothing will happen to her, our team is almost there. Help us identify the killer? is he with you?”

Sashi remained silent, tears rolled down her cheeks as she saw him unwrap a leather pouch full of medical tools, she begged him “Please don’t do that to me, I saw what you did to the four students, please don’t kill me” she cried.

Gur, stared at her “How sweet?”

Menon, asked “Sashi, do you know this killer? help us identify him, stay strong, we will save you”

Gur, smiled “Tell him, go ahead, I won’t hurt you now, we got lot of talking to be done first, little field work, little police work”

Sashi, with her broken voice answered “Sir, you know him, you know him well, you know him in the name of “Anteros” ” Sashi sobbed.

Menon, stood up, turned off the Mic and walked out. Vikram and Megha shocked at this walk out scene, they followed him. Menon, entered his cabin, had a pill and a glass of water and relaxed himself, worriedly sighed.

Vikram, asked “Is there a problem?”

Menon looked at both of them, opened a file in his laptop and turned his laptop and showed them the picture of him.

His name showed Gur Singh and the page sealed very confidential, it showed he was a member of the department long long ago, rest all other information remained confidential.

Vikram asked, “Is this the killer?”

Menon, sighed “He is. Thats what Sashi says right?” he looked at the fax sheets once again, the page was marked with a seal “A” a symbol that represents some ancient symbol, he said “How did I miss this? his usual signature “

Menon explained “Long story short. Anteros is his business name, he is officially dead in many countries including India, number one killer/assassinator, highly intelligent, can hack into any server and can make huge impact, sometime he is like the Robinhood, sometimes he is worse, a psycho, nobody knows who pays him, or why he does it, or how he does it. Many years ago he was in our department, since the day he joined, our criminals from the records were killed one by one, dead victims were the top most wanted accused by our department, investigation report suspected him, before we took action, he disappeared from our department after we gone more into detail, we suspected him and closed this case as suspect missing. We got no clues for the killing, it was a clean gruesome murder the entire department got shocked by it. Now, he is returned, there should be a strong reason, or someone paid him to do this. As far as I know he is a good person, but a bad ass killer and no one can mess up with him, now we need to know, why he is here, and we must catch him, Alive”

Vikram and Megha understood the seriousness of the case. Megha walked out asked permission and reached home.

Menon & team came back online.

Gur, commented “Your team is not serious about your life, see? they have simply walked out. When they are going to listen to what you have done?”

Sashi sobbed and talked “Sir, what have I done sir? please tell me sir, I’ll do anything to correct it for you”

Gur moved forward “Anything?”

Sashi looked at his eyes “Yes sir, anything”

Gur asked “Can you bring the 4 dead students back alive?”

Sashi asked “How could I do that?”

Gur asked “Because you killed, and you are the one that could bring them back to life”

Sashi eyes widened in shock “I killed? I have never killed anyone sir, no I have never killed anyone”

Gur asked again “I’ll ask one more time, just one more time, with added detail. Don’t give me a wrong answer, I have all the patience to see you suffer and die, I am sure you don’t have the patience to go through all pain”

She nodded in tears

Gur asked again “5 years ago, Nirmal, Priyanka, Minister, Actress, need more?”

Menon came online “Anteros, I am Menon, commisioner of police”

Gur turned towards the Mic, he pulled back the chair “Hello, old friend, don’t disappear from the mic and become the reason for Yashika’s death. Struggling for answers behind all the death? not to worry, I won’t go without answering you, we are going to investigate together”

Vikram said he is going to the spot and walked out.

Gur turned to Sashi “Let’s start with my question again, Sashi, Have you ever killed?

Sashi hung her head, nodded her head and answered “Yes sir, I killed”

Gur “Good girl, now, let’s get into detailed answer?”

Sashi began to explain..

To be continued…


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