Brain system

Our Brain system is Ancient.

Despite of our greatest inventions, latest technology, our brain is still wired to beleive what it optically discern.

It is forced to perceive by the sight, no choice left, the system is old.

And that is well understood by marketing people.

We optically discern everyday, and get bamboozled everyday, it’s an intricate system, you can’t stop it.

It will believe, and it will crave for what it optically perceived.

Before you believe, before you crave for something that comes on your smartphone or Television, remember this, their intention is, to sell it.

That is how it works.


8 thoughts on “Brain system

  1. Yes, we need marketers, imagine one day having our book in hand, we need on marketer to promote it πŸ˜…. My point is, there are things we fall into uselessly, you know, like buying 3 night dress for 3 dollars because the offer is valid only one day, and the night dress don’t last for a month πŸ˜…. These kind of useless and needless marketing is not required ☺️

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