Are you?

Call some human a Chameleon, the ego inside will dislike it, it will show on their face.

Isn’t it true? everyone is a Chameleon? no, not the one with a tail, the changing skill?

Every human is Chameleon skilled, they wear different masks and call themselves genuine? I’m not buying it.

I change colors, that’s my gift to survival, and so is their masks, they change their colors too.

Next time when someone backstab, don’t call them chameleon, I don’t backstab I just kill, I don’t hurt.

Be proud, if you are called by the name of a species.

Arghhhhhhh nothing… Have a Good Day 🧞‍♂️

9 thoughts on “Are you?

  1. hahaha 🤣😂 I often wonder, that’s the way a human is, changing often and the one that pretends to not changed, is only stubborn with their ego. Change, but let it me an informed one🤓 is my thinking 😇

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