Anteros – 7

Priyanka informed her boyfriend about her pregnancy, he wasn’t happy, instead he disconnected the call. She was panicked, he should help and support her instead, he hung up, she dialled again, no response, after few attempts number got switched off. She cannot explain this to her mother, being a conservative Indian mother she will kill Priyanka, if she comes to know her daughter got pregnant before marriage. what she will do? our society will label such women wih no heart and kill them with their hate speech.

Priyanka, afraid of her society decided to abort when doctors enquired further for the reason of abortion she ran away from the hospital before things escalated. The calls from the local directors were not there anymore, with Nirmal’s influence everything halted at the same time. It was like she suddenly fell into a trap, a dark deep trap, which she could never come out.

Priyanka, became too silent at her house, her mom was worried, she knew something was wrong with her daughter, she told to Gur about it. He advised her to give her some space, Priyanka, didn’t open up to her Mom, Gur spoke to her, she wasn’t ready to open up to him, her Mom tried to talk with Priyanka, she behaved normal as nothing was happened hoping her daughter would talk again, but Priyanka ignored her Mom, It was not her Ego, but her guilty feeling for losing her virginity to the guy she loved Priyanka, did not listened to her Mom. Priyanka, decided to find Nirmal, she needs to know why he was running, want it true love? or was he guilty of his mistake just like her? Priyanka was desperate for the answers, did she found it?


Four students on a dark room, it looked a dungeon, not fancy machines, simple saw machines, needles, nails, sticks, stones and hammers neatly arranged as if it was there for a presentation, under the light there was a wooden table with leather straps tied to each leg of the table. One of them raised their voice, there was only echo, one of them called the kidnapper and challenged to meet them if they are dare.

Metal door opened with a creaked noise, there was no light from the door. Gur, walked inside, his leather boots noise got louder as he walked closer. One of the student ran towards him faster, he came back falling as fast he moved with his punch. Other three students ran towards him, each of them held him tight and attacked him. Gur grabbed each one of them easily like a giant human and threw them in the air, all of them cried in pain, the entire room filled with their noise, four college students could not able to handle this old man.

Behind all of them, there was Sashi at the corner of the room, conscious, not tied on to anything, she was free, she could help the students, but she didn’t, she did not opened her mouth, she hid the fear on her face with attitude, but anyone that could see her face will say how frightened she is inside. Gur, dragged each of them and began his torture. Sashi, trembled in fear, as she saw each of them cry in pain, few drops of tear started to flow from the corner of her eyes as she saw them die in silence in the end, she knew Gur is going to kill her too. She was ready to face the death. But Gur, had something else in his mind, what was it?


Kumar, walked in to the police station, there was a small girl, trembling in fear in her dirty clothes, he assumed she is one of the girl from the homeless, he took her to the nearest chai shop, brought her a cup of tea and snacks and asked her to go home. The kid looked at him in fear, never let a word out, she remained silent. Kumar, want to help this kid, then the duty called him, he got a call from Menon, Kumar, asked the girl to sit safely beside the station and rushed to meet Vikram.

Minister groaned in anger, “Where is Sashi?” his gang leader answered “Boss, she is kidnapped, we searched her entire house, even the little girl from her house is missing, she must be her sister”

Minister “So you are here to share this news? you all are here to share this news? I am here for the news? the fucking NEWS! I want you to find her NOW!, I want her in next 1 hour, Get OUTTT!!!!” he yelled in anger.

One of the guy answered “Sir, we suspect, Inspector Kumar. We saw him crossing her place this morning. He is interfering our job boss, maybe he took her to office, but she was in suspension boss, I fear, Sashi found the killer and informed her department first”

Minister sat on his sofa “Then finish that bastard, bring Sashi alive, before these police dogs sniff and find the killer, we should find the killer first, and kill that bastard in my own hands, Got it?”

Ministers gang members left the place.

Kumar, entered office to find Vikram searching on social media accounts, he commented “Boss, we got no time for this, we can go through this later”

Vikram closed his monitor just like that, and turned his chair “why? anybody is dead?” Kumar surprised with his guess “Exactly boss! 4 students missing from a college, I suspect, they are dead”

Vikram and Kumar rushed to Menon’s office.

Menon, took his BP pill and relaxed on his table and dialled Vikram, the phone was answered, Vikram, entered his office. Menon, puts a paper in front of them and showed Vikram “Find these bodies” and sighed worriedly “no idea what this bastard wanted, all he does is killing random people, now we are under tremendous pressure from media”

Vikram looked at the photograph “Are they dead already?” Menon said “They were killed last night, this was the fax we received, before they gone missing. The killer is challenging us? or anyone else is informing us about this? we need to get Sashi’s help first.”

Vikram shook his head “Shashi? you can’t trust her!”

Menon sighed “You think I don’t know about her? she worked closely for that political party, she will do anything for that minister. But, we need someone like her to crack this case now, Nothing much from the forensic team. Megha, asked time as she got some clues, but she needed time, she asked us to investigate the dead people social media activity, meanwhile we must crack this case through network intelligence team”

Vikram nodded “Yes, I spoke to Megha, she told me about it, since last night we both are working on it. I even tried to meet Sashi this morning, she is doing something sir, we need to find what it is, I went to her house, no one responded the door bell, camera was watching me, I am sure she have seen me through her security cameras, she didn’t answered. I simply walked away”

Menon replied “Good, Let’s get into this case quickly, and put an end to this. Whoever this killer is, we are finding him today, first, speak to Sashi, get her to me”

Vikram stood up “everyone wants to get help from her, I am very sure she is doing something else, I’ll find that first, then you will believe me.”

Vikram and Kumar walked out, took their car and started to drive to Sashi’s home. Megha, was there at doorstep. Vikram asked “What are you doing here?”

Megha replied “Sashi is not answering my phone, so I thought I would directly visit her.”

Vikram rang the doorbell again, Vikram said “What’s wrong with her? she is not answering the door bell since mrng, It’s better we break the door. She must have drunken a lot”

Kumar asked “It’s been a week boss, we should give some treat to our brain tonight” Vikram shook his head with a smile and pushed the door open.

Two cars full of gangsters got down from the car. Megha commented “I think they are coming towards us”

Vikram walked in the front and punched the first guy, the first one laid there motionless. Group of gundas walked in group and tried to control Vikram. Vikram, with his powerful arms and fist managed to knock down one by one. While one of the Gundas tried to use Megha, before that, Kumar knocked that man out. In few moments the fight was over, gundas ran away from the place.

Megha asked “Disturbance from the minister again?” Vikram answered “They definitely are, these standard white shirts and their white cars. After meeting Sashi, we are going to Ministers house”

Kumar suggested “Sir, we should have a deal with him. Minister wants the killer, and we wanted the killer too. Why not have a deal with him?”

Vikram said “Let’s talk to Sashi first, let’s find out what was she doing”

As soon they all entered Sashi’s house, there was the first student body on the sofa. Vikram rushed towards the body and checked the pulse, but he was dead already. Vikram punched his fists on the sofa and quickly searched the house. Megha, tried to find the clues.

Vikram returned back “Damn, we lost Sashi. Where is she? Kumar, track her mobile immediately”

Megha answered “No, it is here” Kumar got the cell phone from her and looked at the wallpaper “Boss, why she keeps this homeless girl picture as her wallpaper”

Megha shockingly asked “OMG! she is her sister. Where did you saw her first?”

Kumar in shock “In our police station, I bought her tea and snacks, she didn’t even said thank you, so I asked her wait outside the station”

Megha sat worried “Where is Sashi now? we need to find Yashika, we will definitely find something from her”

Gur, with Yashika, in his car “Hey, little girl, what is your name?” she replied “Yashika” Gur said “Sashi, asked me to take you to her, want to come meet Sashi?”

Yashika nodded her head “Where is she?” and remained silent, as her little fingers fiddled with her smartphone fast, Gur, enjoyed watching her, then he started to teach the little kid do something with her phone, he swiped his phone and the car moved slowly.

Rolls Royce Ghost moved smoothly from the police station with Yashika in it.

To be continued..

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