Anteros – 6

Youngster’s mindset are like this, when parents deny something, the youngsters desperately wanted to try it, the curiosity that hormones pushes the boundary when there is a NO and no one could stop it. Priyanka decided to try Cinema and prove her mom that she was wrong. She looked herself in the mirror and checked whether if she could really try cinema, her confidence grew, she felt her intense feeling to try cinema must happen. She was just a young women from the small part of the city and knew no one on that field, how could she enter into cinema? Nirmal’s number strike her mind, she texted him. Soon, Nirmal responded, Priyanka expressed her interest towards cinema and asked for help. Nirmal, used this opportunity to lure her into his web, he promised her he would help. He asked her photos, he introduced her to small directors, Priyanka had her chance as she desired, it was the short films, she celebrated the opportunity and used it wisely. She kept her little secret from her mother, her confidence grew, she skilfully hid her little secret of going to shooting with her mother also his that with her uncle. Soon, the friendship between Nirmal and Priyanka became love, or was it? Nirmal, proposed her on a shooting and they both started to date. Nirmal, calmly used every little opportunity and grew his lust over Priyanka, and waited for the right moment.

Nirmal, he never loved Priyanka, he was a play boy, it was not just her he was in love, he was in love with different girls at same time, and waited for his lust, waited for the right time to take Priyanka as his prey. Priyanka, poor innocent girl, was in dream with her new chances in short films, she fell in love with cinema, her love with Nirmal also grew, and one fateful day she accidentally lost herself to him, her first sex.

An unexpected sex, turned her world upside down when she started to feel the symptoms of pregnancy, she wasn’t happy.

Megha watched closely, it was a QR code. She called Vikram to check the strange QR code. Vikram opened his mobile and scanned the QR code and exclaimed “What?” Megha looked at his screen it said “Digital World” Megha quickly used a tweezer to unstick the QR code sticker from the wall and placed safely in a cover to check for fingerprint.

Vikram asked “Digital World?”

Megha asked “Something related to the internet, what could it be? Social media?”

Vikram rubbed his beard “We need look this case in a different way” Megha asked “like what?”

Vikram answered “You just said, social media. We need to search Priyanka and Gurvinder’s social media”

Megha looked at him, there was a silence ” Let’s move, I am getting nothing here, this place is clean. I should learn internet forensic skill then” she sighed with disappointment.

Vikram informed Kumar to check the security camera’s for any unusual vehicle passing out from the area, and to search for the link between Priyanka and Gurvinder in social media, Vikram believed they are close to the case, but they are not, they have just took the first step into the case, it was just the beginning.

Minister, father of Priyanka was burning in rage, he wanted to take revenge for his daughter’s death. He bought the most intelligent hacker from the police department before Menon and bargained with her to find the new hacker that has been sending fax to commissioner office. A young women Shashi, agreed to Minister’s demand for a lump sum amount and started to trace the killer unofficially. She was granted access in few attempts, she remarked “Such a fool, this is going to be quick” with a smile she started to track his location, little did he know she was messing up with the wrong person at that moment. She finally entered the Lion’s den.

Meanwhile, in the commissioner office, the fax machine turned on. There was a message on the fax machine. The fax message was about the next target, it was not a single target, a group of youngsters, it was four students from an arts college hostel.

Four young college students were playing cards in the forest, beside a lake while they cooked steak and danced for the music.

Shashi, screen froze, she cracked the passcode skilfully, the welcome message passed on the screen  “Anteros” , she read the strange name, she waited patiently as the screen froze, her hours of work finally started to show up the actual location of the hacker, by the time she got the location her screen flickered, camera turned on, her face streamed live to the hacker, she tried to stop it, she couldn’t. She lost the control of her machine, she exclaimed in shock “Shit! it’s a trap” her mike turned on, the voice came from the other end “Enough?” she started to sweat. She didn’t reply, she stayed silent, her laptop turned off. She tapped the keys to check her laptop is on, she closed the laptop and sighed nervously. She called the minister, the phone kept ringing. She was worried, if the killer could trace her location she would be in trouble. She tried to turn on her laptop once again, it was no use. She heard a noise beside the window, she stealthily walked close to the window and checked, there was no one. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. She closed the window and looked at her mobile, she opened her social media accounts and started to browse. A noise came from the door, her fingers stopped swiping, she regretted the first time for keeping her room dark, there was a hard knock coming to her head, she bent down and missed the shot, and a punch came to her face, Shashi body was dragged out from her room.

It started to drizzle, four youngsters were in the forest, they lost themselves to the alcohol and were in no shape, each of them . There was a man in the dark watched the four youngsters. One of them found the man watching them, yelled at him, the other three guys decided to check the stranger man watching him. Each of them took a stick, one of them took a piece of wood, another one took a wood from the fire, and other two followed this two empty handed.

As soon they entered the dark, there was silence in the woods, a deep silence, no one returned from the dark.

Next morning, entire police department was was on fire by the new Fax message, entire department turned on high alert to search the missing for youngsters.

Who are these four youngsters? Questioned Menon.

To be continued….

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  1. Yes, but even legend makes mistake, and he will too, let hope he will do it next chapter, or may be next to next, or next to next to next 🤪. Happy reading bro 🤗❤️

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