Burger – 10 End

Stone wondered who is this new person and enquired Burger about the new person. Burger explained, when there is a change in timeline, there is consequences too. Let’s find out who that is. Stone asked again to ensure Burger doesn’t remember the past, Burger replied with a smile ‘I sure don’t remember that, but excited to watch someone else’s story.

Into the story..

Samaira turned into frustration, washed her face and looked at herself in the mirror, asked herself ‘Who the fuck are you stalker?’ She heard someone sobbing and it sounded like Keira. Samaria knocked her door. Keira opened about her stalker, Samaira shocked as she was into same situation she opened herself too with her.

They both faced same kind of stalker, they had received text from a private number with their nude photos and the photos they dated with Aswin and Blake. They both lived in same apartment and often went double date. Samaira and Keira suspected the person must be the one from their office. They suspected almost every single person in their office.

Samaira doubted a guy beside their cabin he is called Mr.Vin. Keira and him became best friends as Mr.Vin were more spiritual and Keira was also interested in his spiritual beliefs. Samaira initially hesitated to open up while they both followed a playboy Mr Ajoie, who loved to flirt around all the girls in their office. But very soon Samaira discovered Mr. Ajoie is not harmful.

Samaira instinct kept on telling her not to believe Mr.Vin and his spiritual mask. Samaira called Keira to her apartment and explained how she suspected Mr.Vin. As everytime they went out, Mr.Vin was notified by Aswin as he needs to take care of back end activities as directed by Ashwin.  Not just that, he is the only person that lived in neighbour flats, where all the other mates lived far from their place.

Keira couldn’t believe, Samaira decided to go on a double date with Mr.Vin, Samaira asked Keira to convince Mr.Vin to come with them to pray for their long lasting relationships and to bless them in order to keep their troubles away from all their troubles.

Mr.Vin is a spiritual guy, he had some darkness in his childhood, where he was sexually abused by certain women, which made deep scars in his life. He started to stalk women around him for his self pleasure, expected nothing, he threatened women around him, in rare cases he used them for his financial support when he was jobless or when he was in need of money. Samaira somehow through her instinct she decided Mr.Vin is the suspect.

As planned, Samaira, Keira, Blake, Ashwin and Mr.Vin all together went for a date. Ashwin stared at Samaira in his rear view mirror and winked at her, Blake commented ‘Sir, we are not going date for the first time, I couldn’t handle this couple Keira, everytime we go with them, this guy treats it like it is his first date and his flirting, charming for Samaira not for me pls’. Keira smiled at Blake and blew a secret kiss to keep Blake mouth shut for a while. Ashwin noticed his silence and commented ‘Blake, got good treat? You are not a person that goes into silent mode without a reason’ 

Blake grinned at him ‘Can we maintain some silence, Mr Vin what are you looking at, pray for us, so that I will be blessed with girlfriends and ever lasting youth’

Mr Vin remained silent, his face was calm. Ashwin looked at Samaira in the rear view mirror and failed to notice a stone at the middle of highway, everyone screamed, the front wheel ran over the stone, which made the car flip on one side and it went straight towards right, car hits a tree, everyone wore seat belt except Mr Vin who sat in the middle.

Every one of them in the car was unconscious with their air bags, except Mr. Vin, he was thrown out of the car through the front glass and laid on road lifeless.

Once again, Stone jumped in joy ‘I made the target for today Boss, but, this is happening again, so this time, it is five of them, did I killed Samaira?’ Stone looked at Burger

Burger smiled ‘this is what I call the consequences, he got everything he wished, but there has to be a death here. So, this time I am taking….’

Stone watched his mouth wide open and whispered ‘Samaira?’

Burger shook his head ‘Stone, you are truly stone hearted, Ashwin wanted everything and he wished me. This time we have Mr Vin, the spiritual liar with a mask is dead.’ Stone jumped in joy clapped his hands like a kid.

Ashwin woke first and adjusted his seat and checked whether everyone is fine, he first woke up Blake, Blake with a neck sprain said he was totally okay. Ashwin woke up Samaira, Blake woke up Keira. Samaira from the shock saw Mr. Vin missing, she quickly walked out of the car, instead of first aid she quickly took his phone out and searched for the pictures. Ashwin and Blake tried to do their first aid, called ambulance.

Samaira got angry after she found all the pictures of both, Keira joined with Samaira and got furious, Keira kicked his dead body, Blake and Ashwin enquired what’s happening, Samaira and Keira explained everything from the start how it all happened.

Blake commented ‘Ashwin we will be arrested for this? as a planned murder?’

Ashwin shook his head ‘Not really, my dad could manage that’ Ashwin got a call from his dad, ‘Ashwin about the girl you are in love’ Yes dad? Ashwin asked

His dad answered ‘what’s her name again?’ he said ‘Samaira’ he replied ‘Yeah Samaira, are you coming home with her or not?’

Ashwin smiled ‘I’m on my way dad’

The End.

*Note:- Who ever followed this story, thanks for reading till the end. I am very very busy and I can not able to continue with writing, I had a good time this Sunday and here we are, with my available time I decided to wind up the story short. Thanks again.


2 thoughts on “Burger – 10 End

  1. Nice twists and wonderful ending. It is admirable that even in these stressful times you have been able to write so much.
    I hope you are doing fine.
    Plus I wish that our country gets over this tsunami of the 2nd Covid wave soon, which is making many ill and has broken many families.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Piyush, Books and pen are my only way of exit from this stressful world. And I don’t think I can quit that. ☺️. Corona is worse, I hope we increase the vaccination speed and make our country 100% vaccinated. I wish that happens soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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