The Human System

My morning began a little late, as I heard my MIL talk about tea, I forced myself out from bed and waited for her tea. No, I didn’t brush my teeth. I preferred tea first, sunrise happened on the earth, but only this addictive tea brings my head alive to earth.

My head got clear, not my itchy scalp or the hair, it was my brain I was talking about. A brain that is behind all this non sense called “Life-human life”. It told me to skip my workout, why? it said – go early come early before you worry about the sun burn your skin. I looked at the clock, it was 8 am, being a responsible human I decided to vote, I started my bike with a mask, a cap, a white t-shirt and a beige pant and the sneakers.

My self doubt awoke near the polling booth, I had reached the right place at first, but then, I had wasted 15 mins walking to another booth and confirmed where I landed first was the right place. I cursed myself, when I’m going to have that confidence, always self doubt! damn myself. I walked into my polling area, my booth number was 62. I was happy to look at the que. It was not big, hardly 15 people waited ahead of me. I calculated it will be 30 mins, calculating 2 mins per person to cast their vote and come out. my karma walked in, I didn’t notice the seniors standing beside on the front, they took a lot of time, I don’t blame the seniors, I wish they could have chosen the emptiest booth beside us, a vote is still a vote, no matter what machine they cast.

The moment I was reading Steve’s blog , my Philosopher in me woke up, diverted me from reading, I looked around and laughed at the responsibility, and laughed at myself too. what if, we human didn’t had that sixth sense woke up? I looked around, all the buildings faded away, it was only trees and animals, here and there humans found in groups, being in their now, worried only about the days survival, no EMI, no bills, no commitments, just life as it is on planet earth. I thanked for the one great thinker, who thought in order to save the human kind, one must needed a purpose, rule, way of living. I am flabbergasted how this has been passed generations after generations and how sincerely human made this a living.

A madam behind me had asked me to create a straight line as our que was in a weird shape. I followed and made a straight line. Someone like her in the past had came up and made the rules, different opinions became different culture, and passed to different generations. How magical or is it clever? You can’t simply make a monkey climb eight storey building everyday sharp at 9 am unless the monkey gets something special on top of the building. The key is that “Something” greediness is injected by birth and now the purpose is to “achieve IT”.

I was next at the vote casting both. A lady had entered she informed everyone with her husband to let her in to ensure her name is not on the voters list. Nobody seems to listen to her, the lady simply walked in, had her queries answered, the man in my front had his horns sharpen he rose his voice because he stood on line for 2 hours and someone had entered in between. I respect his point (not 2 hours though, it was hardly 30mins), but then? so what? she said what was her intention was and nobody bothered, why react now? besides I am sure he got nothing to do at home, he is simply that type “Sit at home, complain, eat, sleep, repeat” I laughed at her predicament, she was bold, she came out and explained once again and fought for herself. She was right and she can fight. But where did the lion that roared few moments ago? missing!

As I did my vote as a responsible human, came out of my polling station and looked at my finger that was marked with an ink. Human is getting distracted every single day with a new purpose and my purpose for this hour is fulfilled, what’s next? my breakfast! Time to go home.

Thanks for reading…✨

10 thoughts on “The Human System

  1. This really happened? Vote for what during the COVID? They should avoid gatherings! 😢
    Sometimes I feel we have too many responsibilities and is easy to forget to live our life! We need to be responsible but all of us! Not only a few 😢

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  2. Now you found how second wave had come in india 🙄 we don’t have anyone responsible, media, politicians, doctors everyone wants money, not Life.

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  3. There is a reason everywhere. Thanks for your time on your busy schedule to read my old.posts 🤗🤗. Hope you had word with Huguette, she lost her father recently 😔

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  4. Yes, you’re right! And most of the time that “reason” are money 😣😣
    Yes, I’ve messaged Huguette…very sad! And the worst part is that this situation is still not over! 😡

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