Burger – 7

Burger, the God of sending dead souls to the other side stared at the dead bodies of Aswin, Blake and Keira. It was Aswin’s fault, he should have noticed the huge rock in the corner of the highway before he lost control.

Stone, his assistant joined at the inspection.

Stone reported ‘uh…. Boss… I think I have killed him by mistake’ the shock on Burger’s face ‘You killed him? the guy who eats a food with my name on it every single day, and you saying you killed him by mistake?’.

Stone calmly answered ‘Boss, we should simply send him back’

Burger intervened ‘We can’t simply send him back. We need to grant him a wish’

Stone said  ‘Well let me wake him up and ask him’ he walked to Aswin’s dead body. Burger stopped him ‘not so fast Stone, I need to know about his past, so we can make a deal, then, what about the other two?’

Stone answered ‘They are not dead, YET. What if Aswin’s wish is to kill any one of them? we can kill them then. It’s an accident Burger, god is not going to forgive my mistake’

Burger floated in the sky with a smile ‘There are no accidents Stone, there is always a reason, this is god’s game Stone, with a reason, this is a part of it too. Before we send any one to the othe side, let’s quickly go through his past, and take care of our mistake soon’

Stone wiped the air and the show began.

Aswin sat on the burger shop, while he waited for the burger, a girl walked up to him ‘Excuse me, could you please hand over my bag, you are sitting on it right now’ Aswin quickly stood up, he was sitting on a bag. Feeling shy Aswin handed her the hand bag, he stammered to say sorry to her. Noticing that, the girl blushed and introduced herself to him ‘It’s okay, Hi I am Samaira’

Aswin blushed as they both exchanged handshake and introduced themselves. Samaira saw a spark in his eyes, something made her to sit next him and talk forever. With hesitation she asked him ‘Want company?’

Aswin shook his head ‘I am all okay. Thanks’

Samaira quickly turned around and cursed herself for asking such question to total stranger and walked away.

Aswin watched her while she walked out of the shop, he continued to eat. Aswin walked to his office, everyone stood up as their new CEO walked inside. Aswin crossed the waiting room, he noticed a familiar face while he crossed a cabin. Aswin peaked inside that cabin a moment, it was the girl from the restaurant Samaira. Aswin smiled at the girl, when she turned her head, Aswin continued to walk.

AFter several rounds of interview, she came to the CEO for the final round. It was Aswin. Samaira didn’t except Aswin as the CEO, she casually approached him, as the interview went casually, Aswin didn’t mind the conversations he had, he selected her. She thanked him, before she left Samaira said ‘I like you Aswin’. Aswin didn’t show any reaction in his face, but his mind danced with Samaira. Samaira walked out blushing and thinking about Aswin.

Samaira worked like a regular employee, every day before she left for work, she waved a bye to Aswin in his cabin which no other employees did. On a Friday, Samaira, entered his cabin. Aswin welcomed her profesionally. Samaira seated in fron of him and said ‘I like you Aswin’ Aswin looked at his file and smiled a little. He closed the file and looked at Samaira ‘Thanks’

Samaira asked ‘Can we go out for lunch?’ Aswin looked at her in complete shock, he said ‘Joking right?’ Samaira was serious, she watched every move of him from day 1, the day since she saw him in the restaurant. She voluntarily attended interview and got selected at his company. She got jealous whenever Aswin had to interact with other female colleagues. Every day she walked up to his cabin, and say a bye and stare at him for a while before she left home.As the days gone by, Samaira wanted to be little serious and opened up that night, she replied ‘I am serious, because I like you’

Aswin on the other hand pretended like he never noticed her, every day before he walk past to her cabin, Aswin adjusted his hairstyle, perfume and watched her close to ensure she had watched him. Aswin liked Samaira, but he never disclosed a single hint on that he liked her. Something in Aswin’s mind kept telling him to postpone and something kept telling him that she is not the person for him. But Aswin liked her, and the girl he liked was sat in front of him and asked for a date because she liked him, Aswin heart got excited, he tried hard to control his excitement, at the same time he felt he was taking advantage, eventually Aswin agreed with a half heart and maintained silence during the whole drive.

Aswin and Samaira went to a restaurant, it was only Samaira that talked the whole time on restaurant, she had also opened up her crazy behaviour of doing things that excites her or pushed her adrenaline drive. Aswin didn’t understand what she meant that time. Very soon he realised it in a hard way and never forgotten that. In the middle of their dinner time, she asked Aswin to jump from the restaurant to the swimming pool. Aswin’s adrenaline got shot up, he is a CEO, and his reputation and dignity stopped him from jumping.

To be continued..

6 thoughts on “Burger – 7

  1. Yes, they all died in an accident, now the flashback explained by stone was like this, Aswin is a strange kid, suppressed his silly emotions for no reason.. and thats why Blake earlier commented ‘Introducing him to a girl is a total waste’ πŸ˜‚. It should have been written better. I am not giving an excuse, but I am not good at writing a romantic fiction πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. Thanks for being my only audience right now πŸ₯°πŸ₯Ί Im happy to receive someone’s thought on my writing β˜ΊοΈπŸ€— Jessica will shoot her comment anytime πŸ˜„ and it’s going to be pretty straight πŸ˜πŸ˜„

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