Burger – 6

Aswin looked at the mirror, Keira was watching him while her fingers played with her neck chain. Noticing she was watching him he blushed with a smile and focused on the road again with frequent glances at her. Keira on and off looked at him when he noticed back, she pretended like she was fiddling with her phone.

Blake on the other side, slept at peace. His snore made Aswin grin and looked at Keira in rear mirror, she was also grinning. She asked ‘He is a real noisy friend, even at sleep’

Aswin nodded ‘A good friend, but a naughty one (laughed)… um… Can I say something? (after a pause) You look beautiful’

Keira blushed ‘Thanks, but I didn’t give you permission right?, but it’s okay, and by the way you don’t have to pretend next time’

Aswin confused with her comment ‘Pretend? me?’

Keira rose her eyebrows ‘Yes you were, we were talking good at the abandoned bridge, then all of a sudden you didn’t even show your face at lunch.’

Aswin hid his feelings through his smile ‘Oh that one was nothing, I was thinking about my business’

Keira ‘Why do I feel like you are lying, I don’t mind listening about what bothers you. If you want you can share, I am not forcing you’

Aswin with a smile ‘trust me… it’s still business,.okay? You still have to tell me why are you running away from your parents ‘

Keira moved forward a bit keeping her bag aside ‘You want truth? or lie?’

Aswin shrugged ‘Truth?’

Keira sighed ‘I am going to take revenge on some one’

Aswin face turned bit shocked ‘Seriously?’

Keira answered ‘Yes, and I want to kill that person ruthlessly, you know the most worse way of killing’

Aswin ‘That means the person have committed a serious crime ?’

Keira sighed ‘Yes he is, and he must be punished’

Aswin got scared a bit and silently drove the car. Keira couldn’t control her smile laughed heavily.

Aswin stammered ‘Wha wha why are you laughing?’

Keira laughed ‘Did you just believe what I said?’

Aswin looked at her in the rear view mirror ‘Did you lie?’

Keira laughed again ‘Do I look like a murderer to you?’

Aswin wiped his small sweats with his palm ‘You were saying that very seriously, I got scared with the way you told me’

Keira playfully tickled Aswin, the car went left side. Keira held his arm tight gave a shocked face as the car went one one side and gone straight. A trucker by passed his car and yelled at Aswin with a Horn.

Blake woke up in shock ‘What the hell?’

They both looked at Blake in shock.

Blake sternly looked at Keira ‘Did you do something?’

Keira looked at her phone pretended she fiddled with it, Aswin looked at the road seriously.

Blake looked at both of them ‘Something happened here. Don’t kill me Aswin, I haven’t fell in love with anyone yet, not married, and I don’t want to die a virgin’

Keira asked him as a doubt ‘Bro, you are not married? and a virgin? ‘

Blake stared at her in shock and rolled his eyes and murmured ‘The one girl I happen to speak to have also called me a bro. Fuck, I’m never getting married’ He sighed.

Keira assured him ‘Don’t worry bro, you will get married’

Blake retorted ‘Ha ha ha, I wish. Let me sleep, until this damned vacation gets over’

Keira giggled ‘What if this car get broke down and we had to extend this trip?’

Aswin whispered ‘I wish’

Blake turned at Keira and looked at her up and down ‘If that happens… ‘ and turned aside angrily ‘Damn, car broke down? god, it should never happen, pls’ he folded his hand and silently stared at road.

Keira watched the road as the car went on high speed, she asked ‘Is this how you talk usually?’

Aswin shook his head slowly looking at her in read mirror ‘I don’t talk much, I mostly end up having nothing to say, especially in a group’

Keira shook her head ‘I thought you were a playboy’

Blake smirked ‘Playboy? him? it’s totally waste to introduce any girl to him’

Keira stopped him ‘Oh, that’s rude, are you a playboy then?’

Blake sighed ‘I wish’

Aswin replied ‘No, I am not a playboy. Feelings are mutual and it’s unique. A true spark of love comes only when you meet the right person It haven’t occured to me until yesterday (a pause) Do I look like a playboy to you ?’

Keira shrugged ‘Yea, kind of, Look at you, smart, rich. How can I believe a handsome guy like you is single? a nice philosophy about feelings, I liked that. And… you said until yesterday, why?’ she asked with excitement. Blake rolled his eyes and yawned.

Aswin blushed ‘Thanks, um.. about that.. I thought you knew the answer?’ there was a pause

Keira blushed a little, pretended that she didn’t hear him continued to watch the highway.

Aswin started to see her again, Samaira voice ran into his head, she said ‘You haven’t fallen for me Aswin, Why? But why? I loved you, I had feelings, didn’t I?’

Aswin started to sweat, Keira watched him shook his head alone sweating, she felt something is wrong with him, in few seconds it all happened..

Aswin had a hard time focusing on road as the voice got louder and louder, Aswin saw Samaira in the middle of the road, he steers to the right, right tyre of the car hit the side stones and the car jumped off from the highway and ran faster down the sideways…

To be continued…


10 thoughts on “Burger – 6

  1. Also even though you have kept up the Romantic element in the story, but I was also thinking of … hmmm.. something “spicier” !! (of course, it is just a blog.. not a Movie….) !! πŸ™‚

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