Life Lesson – Ignored God

Hello dear readers, today I am glad to share a short story with a beautiful lesson in it.

Once upon a time, there was a man called Kim, in a small village. It was a rainy season, the rain was incessant. This small village suffered from floods, water level was continuously rising. People decided to shift the village as the water level increased to danger zone as it continued to submerge.

Kim, was a church priest, while people chose different modes to save themselves from water, they escaped the village. Kim, chose the church. When he decided to enter the church one of a common man asked Kim ‘This church too will submerge with this rain, come with us’ . Kim assured the man, that church will save him from the floods.

There was another man who came by with a tree branch, when the ground level water was up to his hip. The man said ‘come with me, we can stick to this tree branch and swim away from this place’. Kim, assured the church will not get flooded and he will be safe there.

Very soon, the church also started to submerge. Kim, in fear have climbed the wall, stood at the top of the church. A rescue team in a helicopter dropped a rope ‘Hey! Climb this rope, the village will be washed away in few minutes’ Kim, assured the rescuer that nothing will happen to him as the church will save him.

Kim, ignored all the helps he received, the water level was up to his neck, Kim too was at the edge of the church wall asked god ‘God, I prayed for you every single day. I did all the special prayers for you. I do good in name of you, then why are you not helping me in this crucial situation?

God answered Kim ‘How many time I should help you Kim? I came with the common people, I came with a tree branch, I came with a helicopter, but you ignored all of them. Now you blame me?

If I were God, I would have kicked him in the rear first, pull his ear and spank him while asking all the questions.

I am sure most of you dear readers have heard or watched this story in form of short video or audio or you would have heard from your elders or from some motivators, don’t hesitate to spread this story. Here is the lesson for you.

Money is the God that comes to our people every day or week or month. Like Kim, who ignored God, people ignore Money. Money is the salary for most people that work, and money is the profit for few business people. Money always come through a source, like our hardwork. Sadly when there is a need, this money is never enough. Why?

Think about it once dear readers. Money is being forced to spend, or it must be spent. This is how everyone survives, by rotating what earned. Money is never enough. If this money is respected or saved (I am not asking to give up anything, but give up what you wanted, don’t give up what you NEED), if this money is utilised efficiently, Challenging times will not be a challenge isn’t it? (At least first part of it? or half of it?)

Why I am saying this?

I have seen people struggle during the lock down, and I have seen people who had a peaceful life during their entire lock down. There was a bachelor, he survived his complete lockdown doing nothing, he was terminated and jobless from his job since day 1 of lockdown, with no help from his neighbours and parents he survived an year. Similarly a couple and a family. Corona is just one example, Life can be worse at times, and it is unpredictable. What is predictable is, how prepared are we?

Money is saved, invested, spent. I am no one to tell YOU about how to use money. I am simply, one of you. Think once about how you treated when God came, Once.

Thanks for reading💐


2 thoughts on “Life Lesson – Ignored God

  1. A good advice Simon! Very true! We don’t need to give up on anything but we should be more considerate on how we spend our money! We always need to be prepared and have a plan B for any situation!


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