Burger – 5

Aswin started the car and in few minutes Keira asked ‘can we stop for lunch?’

Blake head boiled in frustration as he couldn’t accept the fact a stranger in car and his best friend looked like falling for her, he turned to her ‘do you want to go home or not? Because I feel you have no interest to go to your home, Aswin she looks like a spoiled girl who ran away from home and we are going to be in jail for kidnapping her, I am sure her father is going to give complaint with police, god, I can’t imagine we both sitting behind the bars’

Keira sternly looked at him ‘I feel hungry ’ she said and fiddled with her phone.

Blake heard the stomach noise, and looked at his belly ‘Traitor! Look Aswin what we are talking here, and what she is talking?’

Aswin turned on the left indicator, Blake rolled his eyes ‘now, he will stop the car, did he even heard my comment?’ he murmured

Aswin smiled as Blake passed on comments.

Keira stretched herself out, Blake retorted ‘You haven’t even sat for straight 1 hour, not even an hour! You asked for a help, then you turned this into a vacation, now I highly doubt you are turning this as a kidnap program’

Keira shrugged ‘Good story, I like that. But honestly, I am going home, thanks for the lift, you can leave me here’

Blake turned his head, Keira looked at drivers seat as Aswin was still in the car she asked ‘Coming? Or leaving me here?’

Aswin didn’t answer as he sat there like a statue, Keira looked at Blake he was singing something alone and stretching. Keira waited for a while, as her stomach made the noises she decided she can’t wait anymore and walked into the hotel.

Aswin stared at the steering, Samaira appeared beside him, she asked ‘So you fell in love with Keira? Love at first sight?’

Aswin stared at her in shock ‘you have started to come in front of me now?’

Samaira was shining and glowing and remained silent but she looked at his eyes with a charm, a powerful stare that any men could fall.

Aswin stared at her eyes ‘You are not going to answer for that?’  she shook her head as NO. Aswin answered ‘Keira is beautiful, I fell in love’ he said while blushing a little.

Samaira replied ‘Blushing? Seriously? This is how I felt too, but why didn’t you feel the same with me?’

Aswin sighed ‘I don’t know what to say, it just didn’t happen.’ He adjusted himself in his seat to face her properly and explained ‘We have millions of people at our age on planet earth, and we fall in love with one person. I think it is her, Keira. The spark didn’t happen between us.’

Samaira face turned serious ‘How it looks different Aswin, I felt the same, but you didn’t feel what I felt, likewise what if she didn’t feel the way you felt?’

Aswin remained silent, Samaira replied ‘You remain silent Aswin, you always remain silent even when your silence killed me’

Aswin eyes turned red and a drop of tear fell on the gear box ‘I I I … ‘ he stammered to talk he tried to whisper but no words came out.

Samaira disappeared as Blake opened the door and sat beside him, he took the bottle of water and squeezed as the bottle cap opened and threw on his face and water splashed, Blake laughed as he sat ‘I am sorry Aswin, didn’t see that coming, I am hungry, don’t you want to eat? Look at that traitor we are helping her, but she walked alone to eat, and you know she asked to leave her here, how about we drive back home?’

Aswin wiped his face and came back to reality and looked at Blake ‘Let’s go’

Blake got excited ‘Really? Are we leaving home?’ He questioned when Aswin came out of the door. Aswin stared at the parking, Blake stared at Aswin and yelled from behind ‘Are we leaving home? Or to eat? ‘

Aswin shook his head and walked straight to the hotel, Blake stared at him disappointed ‘so he is not going home, damn it’.

They both entered and searched for Keira as she waited alone at her table with her hands on her chin, her face brightened as she saw both of them. She waved her hand, Blake noticed her and the empty table and commented ‘The devil is waiting for us, I was happy she was leaving, but I misjudged her’ he sighed.

Aswin commented ‘Devil is beautiful isn’t it?’

Blake looked at him in shock, and walked fast, straight to the table, They had their lunch together. Aswin didn’t maintain eye contact with Keira as he kept thinking about the conversation he had with Samaira in car. Keira having each bite of the lunch she expected Aswin to look at her, but sadly Aswin didn’t notice her, the spark they both had few hours ago was missing.

Keira face turned disappointed, she tried to share food with Aswin, and took some salads from his plate but no response.

As Blake paid their bills and came out, Aswin waited in his car as always he does. Keira stopped Blake and asked him what is wrong with Aswin. Blake assured ‘nothing is wrong, a devil asked us a help that is the problem’ he commented and walked to the car.

She rose her eyebrows commented ‘Idiot!’ and followed him.

Blake entered the car and asked him to take the car, Aswin waited, Keira entered the car ‘Hey, I thought you were leaving’

Keira entered the car and looked at Aswin in the rear mirror ‘I’ve decided not to leave’

Aswin started the car, Blake got a call from Aswin’s dad, he answered ‘Yes dad’

Dennis asked ‘Where is my Son?’

Blake commented ‘Your son has planned a trip with a devil’

Dennis shouted ‘What? Where you guys are?’

Blake sighed ‘Uncle, didn’t I tell you, we are on a trip and we will get back, um… as three people I think. We have a guest here’

Dennis yelled ‘Wherever you both are, get back to business, it’s been two months you guys left the company and now you both are leaving the state. And tell Aswin that girl ’

Blake tried to respond due to poor network he didn’t heard further.

To be continued…


11 thoughts on “Burger – 5

  1. Thanks Ribana, Aswin is hiding something, but Blake seems to be always around him for a reason and the new girl is curious to know about Aswin, but why, is she is in love? or she is just curious or is there something else ?

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  2. I was thinking a bromance 😂 not romance between them 🤣😂. You can expect more😉 and put it here so I can ensure it is not happening 😜😜

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