Life Lesson : Fame

Once upon a time, there lived a famous poet in a small simple village. A man from the same village, a big fan of this poet, had personally visited him, he had invited the poet for his daughter’s wedding.

Poet felt proud for the invite, no one had ever invited him before, he was a simple man from a simple village and people around him never bothered his existence, but he was comfortable and lived happily with solitude. Poet hesitated to deny his first invitation, he decided to visit the marriage.

On the day of marriage, poet dressed in his simple dress and walked inside the party hall, a security guard had stopped him and enquired who he was. Poet proudly told him he was the chief guest invited for that marriage. Security guard made fun of him when he heard the poet was the chief guest, he insulted him, then made fun of his looks and asked him to stay behind with the other homeless to have the free food from the marriage.

Poet stood beside the homeless hoping someone from the part would recognise him, he waited for the family to recognise him, but, no one had turned their eyes on him. Poet walked out and decided to get back home, while on his way home, he found a shop where they give costly party wear blazers and pants for rent. Poet decided to rent a rich looking blazer and went to the marriage again.

This time, security welcomed him, he didn’t realise it was the same poet that came a while ago in a simple dress. When he entered, he was amazed by lot many people he didn’t know had welcomed him, took selfie, took photographs with him, and the man invited him took him to his daughter and introduced him to other celebrities and took photos with them, some even praised how he had dressed. After all their photo session poet and generous talking he was asked to have the delicious meal they had arranged.

Poet entered the hall, without hesitation he took a piece of honey chicken and shoved it into his coat pocket, and continued to shove roti and masala in his coat, people noticed that with a disgust face and commented at his behaviour. Further, he took more foods and started to shove one by one in his coat pocket. The man invited him had took him privately and enquired why he is behaving that way as the man was shocked at poet’s sudden change of behaviour and people around started commenting about poet’s mental stability.

Then the poet started his story on why he was behaving that way – he explained when he came first in his simple dress, no one recognised for the person he was, he was not their famous poet, his works didn’t recognise him; for them he was just a simple man of nobody. But then when he came back with his costly coat he was recognised, the nobody became the famous poet again, not for the work, but for the dress he wore, then isn’t it right to treat the costume that helped, the clothes deserve a treat, poet explained in a sarcastic way.

Dear readers, we all have read or heard or some of us even told this story to others, I,  one of you, would like to remind you, & our young generations to stop seeking fame, anyone can look rich these days, anyone can get famous for silly reasons but very few can be a human, a real human with humanity, Look at the heart of a person, not the way one look or dress.

Thanks 🥂


19 thoughts on “Life Lesson : Fame

  1. I love the story, so valuable. Filled with lesson and close to writers heart. One of my favorite. ❤

    By the way. Just a tiny thing. I think a letter or a word is missing here? (someone from the part) party? Or someone from the crowd?

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  2. It’s a lovely lesson I heard recently, and I wanted to share it. I’m happy I did that decently.
    Party, that’s right👍 😁 I’ll have to correct it. Thank you Jessica for pointing that😍

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  3. Yes I have heard this story, interestingly a few days back.
    Yet I must thank you for sharing. Alas I see people getting mired more and more in seeing fame and money as the only things that matter.
    Those who in “some ways” lag are not worth.
    So well, those who “lag” as per “people” need to be much more strong minded. This is not easy, but perhaps such stories are sometimes needed to make us think and look inwards and appreciate life beyond – well beyond fame and money.

    I feel good to be back on WordPress after a long time. So how are the things at your end?

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  4. Things are wild, Focused on mental health and physical health and trying to stay out of rat race and using it for my own benefit. I run to take care of my needs. Corona has put down everything, and yet some are surviving, grateful that I’m being one. Welcome back Piyush, I’m glad you heard it before. Have a lovely Sunday ✨🤗

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