A Job is a Job

Hello dear readers, Welcome to my page.

Today we will talk about that one inevitable activity we all do to survive, “Job”.

Love your Job.

We all do a job for a living, each of us do different kind of job. A big salute to all people that could do multi jobs and still smile hiding your daily struggles.

Well, what I am expressing here is purely my own opinion. Not to hurt anyone’s feeling. If I am not writing this down here, two things will happen. One – I will forget and I keep recalling this when I do something serious, Two – nothing is going to change. If you think any censorship words, I’m sorry, let me take you through my point.

My Profession

The ship I started to sail is no more the ship I sail now, I changed the entire ship, infact I don’t sail in a ship anymore. I sail in a unicorn, like unicorn fantasy, the expectations from the management are fantasies and initially I was trying to wake others from this fantasy dream, now I’m pretending with others.

Hope you understand nothing from the above statement. I seriously wish that, so that you can’t shoot on me a question..


Policemen are criticised for doing their Job, but they are also proud of one of their family member is a police men.

Sales men are criticised for selling their product, but if the same sales men gets promoted as a Sales manager, people are proud and say their family member is a manager in a company.

Collection jobs are seriously criticised for threatening people and looked at them like beggars, and they are still treated a beggar until they don’t beg anymore. Collectors don’t beg they ask, right ?

IT professionals are looked with pride and said proudly he/she works in IT company. What do they really do? squeeze their brain and die for living every single day.

Free Lancers are criticised that he/she doesn’t have a job. Free lancing itself a job isn’t it?

Some professions are not even said out proudly like working in a massage centre or working as a waiter.

Entrepreneurs are societies pride when they are successful, and they are the examples when they fail, and societies and governments even push them to death by not protecting them with good law support when they are financially broke starting a business.

Above all, the class difference in each job, see even to discuss here I am bringing this in the end. Who are they? the housekeepers, security guards, daily wages, ground level employees, these are the real pillars behind a company.

No job is a disgrace, no job is a pride. It’s all about skills, and the skills people choose, if one could survive sitting in front of a camera and have million viewers on YouTube it’s their skill of survival. No skill of survival is a disgrace, no stealing/killing is not a pride, that is disgrace.


The message is simple, a Job is a Job. If you want money you can do any job and survive, don’t let your ego or pride pull you down. Do anything and survive, a Job is still a Job. Any job that pays your bills is a Job.

Well, that’s my philosophy.

Have a Lovely Friday Ahead πŸŽ‰πŸ₯‚

4 thoughts on “A Job is a Job

  1. A lot of Americans who are getting old enough to work look at jobs only as dream careers. They spend their lives seeking this, instead of pursuing life and taking a job to pay for that life.

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  2. Unfortunately most of us we must work in order to have a life! There are the ones they say they love their job especially if their job is their hobby…well, I’ve never met any of them…
    No job is a shame! A job is what helps us pay the bills and in some fortunate cases realize some dreams!
    Honestly I would not work a day if I could! I would just enjoy life 😝πŸ€ͺ

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  3. That’s the point, people forget to live as they completely submerged into the concept of Job life. Most people misunderstood the whole concept of living. Thanks for sharing your views Chel Owens πŸ€—

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  4. That is the way it should be 😍 Enjoy life, job is a point of our survival skill, and nothing more. Thanks for your time Ribana, Hope all is well… πŸ’ and gone back to normalπŸ‘ Have a lovely weekend ahead…πŸ₯³

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