I wish I could – Dora Plush Costume

He had called me for the first time, as I held his hand, and danced with him for the first time, the melody music felt like it played just for us, I was the most ecstatic one in the crowd.

Every one were happy as we danced together, people danced with us.

The liberation I had that day is unexplainable, I even proposed to him and he laughed back and kneeled down and proposed to marry me, I was extremely happy to hear that and jumped excited, The entire crowd cheered at us.

But I, was on tears, my smudged mascara ran through my cheeks, I was excited for him, I jubilantly held his hand and walked towards her and held both their hands together, and I blessed them both while the whole crowd cheered at me, I walked away happily, as there was no one there that day to comment at my colour , Skin, and my body language and for the first time I didn’t stutter.

I wish I could have done all that without this DORA Plush costume.

He never noticed me✨

The End!

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