A Cup of Coffee

Karan woke up, scratching his spring hair walked inside kitchen. Unwrapped a gift box and opened a small coffee cup which is decorated with a squirrel. He pours a cup of hot coffee and smelled it as if it takes him to heaven.

There was something unusual, it was unusually calm, and the hot spirit from coffee was too white, Karan smelled the coffee aroma once again, the hot spirit of coffee travelled inside his nose like a long noodles, before it gets thicker, door bell rang.

Karan placed the coffee cup on table and looked at the door, then at the clock, Karan knew nobody comes at that unusual time in morning, he took the coffee cup to sip the coffee. Door was knocked heavily this time.

Karan placed back the coffee cup on table, walked to the door and opened it. It was a guy in a strange attire, a dirty palazzo pant, long hair and long beard with tore gloves and lot of shawls around his neck with two bags on both sides, he looked like more than a begger, a mentally ill beggar. Karan stared at him with a disgust on his face. Beggar said In a deep voice ‘Give me the coffee cup’

Karan looked at the beggar in confusion, he was not clear what he was asked. He said ‘Uh’ the beggar repeated it like a mantra ‘Give me the coffe cup’ , ‘Give me the coffe cup’, ‘Give me the coffe cup’, ‘Give me the coffe cup’.

Karan shut the door, and looked around, he took an empty cup, opened the door and gave it to him and gave a smile adjusting his John Jacob’s round glass. Beggar threw the ceramic cup on floor. Karan looked at him angrily shut the door.

Karan feeling disappointed with his behaviour adjusted his glass and sat on hi sofa, stared at the cup of hot coffee, it looked still hot, it’s aroma called him to drink, as he took the glass the door started to bang again, it must be the beggar, Karan started at the door, the banging got heavy, after losing his patience he yelled at the door to stop it.

Banging stopped instantly. Karan took the cup of coffee and decided to drink, before he take the first sip of coffee, a voice came from behind that startled him, before he could react it yelled ‘Give me the coffee cup’ and it held him by the neck and lifted him in the air and dropped on the floor. It looked like a kung fu action sequence, the beggar took the coffee cup and ran fast to the door.

Karan who was on the floor behind the sofa managed to get up and yelled to catch him. But it was just him, door was locked, Karan adjusted his glass and searched inside the house, there was no one, Karan wondered where did he gone with the cup of coffe. He started to sweat as his blood pressure started to rise.

Karan dialled Priyanka’s number, phone rang. He told her that her cup was stolen, instead of a shock she questioned him back who gave the cup. Karan felt confused and recalled the last night, as he entered his flat, Priyanka waited for him beside the lift kissed him and gave a gift as a reminder of their love she gifted a coffee cup. Karan reminded her about last night.

Priyanka checked out whether everything is alright with Karan as she was busy in her house and didn’t remember anything like that.

Karan ran to the kitchen to find the box he opened the gift and it’s wrapper. He only found a small piece of snake skin at that place. He touched it and it got disappeared too.

Where is the coffee cup? and where is my coffee? Karan scratched his head and went to bed again, commented , ‘I am definitely dreaming! let me wake up again, sleep Karan’

The End!

8 thoughts on “A Cup of Coffee

  1. ha ha πŸ˜‚That’s the plot trick, readers should get confused it is a dream or reality. 😎 Thanks for reading Ribana βœ¨πŸ€—I don’t drink coffee, I’m a fan of Hot Chai☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He was annoying and a bit scary too😳 When he came in my mind he was not that goodπŸ™„. That’s good though, that’s why I could able to write this one πŸ˜‚


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