Plan for 2021!

Dear readers, how are you all? In a few days we are going to enter this new year 2021, exciting isn’t it? Now, what have we planned for 2021?

Let me start with myself, I recommend you also to share your plan for this 2021. I might copy that too☺️, Good things are worth copying isn’t it 😁

Before everything, my first advice to all of you is, never ever look back or talk about 2020. It wasn’t a good year to most of us, if it was good, you can still think about it or even write about it. I grant you my permission to think about it.😂😂.

What I started? I’ve learnt to read and write a language, not fluent, but I can manage to talk or read that language 😁. And I am beginning to start learning another language in same way read, write and talk from January 2021.

I have also started listening podcast, especially in the language I have started to learn. Oh! I haven’t told you what language I’m learning 😂. I’ve decided to learn all Indian languages, one language a month, it’s quiet challenging. I tell you how far I have gone with these language learning by the end of 2021. Honestly, I don’t know how long I will stay addicted to language learning, but I am planning to learn other languages, like urdu, french, Norwegian, spanish and Korean 😁.

My next plan for this year is to write another book. I don’t want to say this, but the hunger to write a story is always in my head, wish I will get enough time to do this.😷

And my last but foremost plan of this year, continue blogging, stay positive no matter how busy my life gets, never ever complain 😊. If I ever did that to anyone 🤔 not to worry I won’t complain this new year 2021😉.

Let’s enjoy this 2021🎉 New year… Spend time with your loved ones, have no regrets ✨ Spread Love 💝

Mean while, let me continue talking to myself😎

Happy Holidays 😎🎉✨

14 thoughts on “Plan for 2021!

  1. Learn all Indian languages? Is that even doable? 😯 Kudos for this amazing goal.

    As for complaining less – hopefully 2021 will give us less reasons to complain!!! 😛

    Happy New year! 😊

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  2. No not possible at all 😂 but there is some similarity in all languages, I will catch it, and learn the basics alone. I know i can’t be fluent like a natural speaker unless I practise talking. I’ll stick to learning the basics most used language, like Hindi for north india marati punjabi urdu and so on 😉.

    Happy new year 💝✨🎉 Wish you a lovely year ahead 🤗🤗🤗

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  3. Thanks Megha😊 We have a short time in this planet and do whatever you like, be it learning jumping rolling dancing 😂. Thanks for reading ✨🤗🤗🤗Wish you a lovely year ahead 🎉🎉

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  4. Thanks Ayesha😍 I’ve decided, and I am not giving up on learning this. My love towards these languages will never go away…☺️ I’ll sure catch up when I start urdu 😍Wish you a lovely fantabulous year ahead ✨🎉💐

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  5. Great goals Simon ☺️ Learning all that languages will be a wonderful achievement ☺️ Honestly even learning only one new language is a great achievement 😉
    I’m just planning to take it easy and enjoy life ☺️

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  6. Yes Ribana, learning is not a goal it shouldn’t be a goal, it’s a schedule☺️ as we keep learning till our last breath and I’ll be happy to read or at least understand all languages, and will never fail to enjoy life…☺️

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  7. Reading and understanding all languages it was one of my wishes too ☺️ I always said that I want to travel all around the world and know to speak everywhere I go their language ☺️
    That’s great! Always enjoy life ☺️😉

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  8. Oh my god, language a month! 😳 That’s a tough goal. I’m looking forward to you learning Spanish and Norwegian.😁
    Da kan vi snakke norsk. Y Español tambien 😉 🤩

    Btw, are you by any chance got Taurus zodiac sign?

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  9. Ha ha ha, one language a month is a real tough challenge with my work schedule, but I’m trying my best to do it anyway. No I’m Leo 😊 . Yes we will talk in Spanish and Norway 😁 I will learn anyway but the timeline will be changed one month seems not that easy☺️


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