Mask on.

I moved to this village after 25 years of growing up in a busy city. I wanted to share you a memorable experience when I lived in this village, it was 9 years ago a and I had the best time of my life in that short time.

It was a cold month a small village we all would dream of, nature, animals birds and everything one admire to live for, I had an opportunity to live in that village for short period. There was a man that was famous in that village, everybody called him Hitler and so did I. We all must have thought a person with a name of Hitler must be a bad guy isn’t it? I had the same thoughts too. As I imagined, he was rude with kids and youths, he can be called as Hitler, that’s what I thought with his behavior.

Whenever I had chances in church or other places close to Hitler I had avoided him to escape from him, I was afraid to talk with him, his serious face and his mean comments, I pictured him a real Hitler without a gun, instead of gun it was his mouth, a man that doesn’t know how to be friendly with people. I saw him all Sundays and all part of religious works, he volunteered in all events that happened on church. I noted that he preferred solitude most time, and I realised why, with his behavior he was left alone in this small community.

One thing I noticed, he was part of every event in the church, except one, the Christmas carol. I was never been part of any religious activity when I lived in busy city, but here it was completely new experience, an experience I cherish remembering even now.

Christmas carol means lot of fun, dancing, singing, giving gifts to kids, visiting all the houses in the village, I felt like a kid and enjoyed being one with all other kids as it was so much fun, especially the man who played as Santa, one of the best Santa I ever been with, he and his magic tricks with a perfect makeup he looked more like real Santa. But there was one thing missing on that event, Hitler was missing, how a man like him being a volunteer in all religious activity is missing in this special event. I thought maybe he was not interested in carol activities, not sure why. After Carol activity just like others, I went all the way back to church to give back the musical instruments and balance gifts, that’s when I noticed Mr.Hitler.

That was the room my favorite Santa had entered few minutes back, I was expecting some other crew member as Santa but Hitler came out. It was a small village I almost knew all faces in short period, I was expecting some other person, but here it was Hitler. I recalled what happened during the carol activity, he was the entertainer during the whole event, he was completely a different personality with makeup on, if he was like that in his regular life all these people would have fell in love him, the name Hitler would have never come, may be a better name for him like moses with roses πŸ€” such a weird name only I could come up with.

I watched him for a while, he was enjoying his solitude moment with nature, his beard still had the white dye here and there not washed properly, his eyes were red and he looked tired. I walked to him and sat beside him, I smiled at him, he smiled back, I started my conversation with a ‘Hi’ that was it, I did not remember the next two hours how it passed, this man was full of wisdom and his little jokes in the middle gave me the best laugh. We became best friends, sometime what we see is not exactly right, people wear masks for a reason. Like we all do, sometime kind, sometime rude, sometime to please others. This guy wears masks to bring out his real face, and wears the real face as a mask to hide himself from the world. A strange old man isn’t he?

What I would like to tell here is we come across lot of different interesting characters in our lives, we don’t notice all of them and we don’t have to, but when you come across such interesting characters without their mask on, in your real life real or in a dream like I did, write it down. Just like the one you read.

I had lived in a village for about 6 months, but that was about 9 years ago. Why I write it down here? I wanted to write and that’s it.πŸ˜‹

No you don’t throw your phone or give a hi five to your keyboard. My little story is over. Now get back to your work 😜, new year is not so far, get ready for 2021.

Happy New year Everyone!!!πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Meanwhile me at my work at month end, wearing a mask on.

Also me at in social media having fun πŸ˜‹

Have fun everyone, life is too short to worry! 😁😁😁


3 thoughts on “Mask on.

  1. Ha ha πŸ˜‚ yes you definitely do.. i have a short time dreaming, and this is all I could dream of πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Not to worry my short dreams will definitely entertain you πŸ˜‹


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