Time hurts, but time heals too!

Not sure how to begin this. Whatever happened is happened, wish I could turn back time. Time hurts, but time heals too.

I don’t want to write so big about his past, but all I could say is, he showed me how a real father should be, and how a family is important than everything else in the world.

He was sick since I knew him, I knew him for more than 8 years now, everytime I come home, he gets me the nicest fish from the market and felt happy treating me with tasty foods.

After a recent sickness his health got worse, I tried to see him in person last time, but I couldn’t, as he was in the hospital and they had allowed only person, and I cant be that one person at that time. After he recovered he came back, we all had a huge hope that he will be with us for several more years, his son came back from abroad, and every one were happy together again, I was happy that I am going to see him again. But he was weak due to the last treatment, he even asked his daughter by the time when I come to see him he wanted to walk back and go to market and get the best fish in the market to treat me with delicious foods.

I wished it too. I wanted to take him to the market and have our usual favourite cup of tea together and a 5 mins talk with him, sit beside him, face to face have a little chat. I wish he could come back, I miss your presence man.

All the struggles he fought this year and the last several years had come to an end, Rest in peace my dearest Father in law, I will miss you, and your daughter, son, wife will miss you the most in this entire world, with all the memories we had together, you will always be remembered in our heart forever!


20 thoughts on “Time hurts, but time heals too!

  1. I wish I could have commented and read this sooner, the internet here just suddenly die too, sorry I know it’s not the time for a pun. But I’m pissed that I couldn’t say it sooner πŸ˜‘ I don’t think it will elevate both of your pains completely I want to again extend my condolence to both of you. I’m quite close to my mother-in-law too so I can relate to your pain of losing him a lot.
    Wherever he is, I wish he rest in peace and watch over you and Nisha.

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  2. I know words always seem sort of weak at times like this, but much love to you and Nisha during this time of your loss. And I pray for you and your family. Memories are always a precious thing that we can keep with us forever.

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