I wish I could – Day Dream

She stood there watching the mirror, he came out of the bath room rubbing his head with a towel tried to dry his hair, she turned around, walked forward, as she took her first step he stopped what he was doing, as she took the second step he undid the rope that kept his bathrobe tight on his waist, now, that exposed his wet chest and ice cubes like packs on his stomach, burnt her emotions high, he holds her left hand and kissed on her palms and pulled her close, she hung her head, she felt shy, he lifted her chin, stared at her eyes, she closed her eyes expecting a warm kiss, he broke her dream and threw his towel on her face and yelled at her for his missing suit.

The maid stared at the mirror immediately regained herself, made a curtsy and apologised for the delay and ran over to his closet, placed his suit on his bed and went out. She stood beside the door outside, her heart was beating fast, she took out the a small piece of paper from her pocket and read her small letter

My 27 years of soul have only one wish, to propose you, I know you won’t accept a proposal from a lowly maid like me.
You see, love is blind, people say I fell in love with your money, only my heart knows why do I feel excited everytime I see you.

She crushed the paper and kept it back in her pocket, another maid pulled her by the arm and whispered in her ears ‘Did you said?’

She replied ‘I wish I could, it is not easy as you think, and for people like us.’

The end ..


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