Jack and Daniels or Graveyard?

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Joe said ‘Can we go to the graveyard?’

Dave asked in surprise ‘Are you sure you said graveyard and not back yard?’

Joe looked at his watch ‘I said graveyard, Dave, I think we should go now before 12 am, let us have some thrilling experience and understand what really happens in a graveyard’

Dave watched the wall clock ‘what happens? Nothing! Here is your answer happy?’

Joe shook his head ‘Come on Dave, this is going to be exciting, spending a whole night inside a graveyard, Dave, we are going to make history’

Dave bit his lips as his friend all of a sudden talked like a stupid and called him to a graveyard as if calling him for a movie. Dave replied ‘I am not coming Joe, you can take my car, go and have fun. And don’t call me if anything happens. Call 911, they will help you’

Joe stood up and pulled a chair and sat opposite to Dave who was busy playing a video game and Joe interrupted his game. Dave heart was on video game, his mind wandered inside the game as Joe interrupted, and he gave up on the thought as his friend is not going to leave him until he goes to graveyard. Dave turns off the video game ‘what do you want Joe?’

Joe pretended like he was in serious thought then responded ‘Where did I miss? Huh, yeah, you are coming with me now’

Dave was afraid about going to a graveyard at night, he tried to avoid the conversation with Joe. But Joe, was very sure knew how to convince him and Dave very well knew he cannot escape, but he tried his best. Dave all of a sudden as if he forgot to do something he said ‘Joe, I have an important work to do now’

Joe stared at him ‘Like what?’

Dave, couldn’t come up with any excuses and cursed himself for saying that, after a little war inside his own head he answered ‘I need to bathe my cat’

Joe looked at the cat ‘your cat looks fluffy and neat and we bathe it together this morning’

Dave bit his lips and started his little mind war again and cursed him again for saying such a silly excuse, he instantly found another excuse, Dave, replied ‘I have to clean the house, the maid was off, you know that right?’

Joe nodded his head and folded his arms and looked at Dave and shook his head ‘You know what? I am not buying that Get up and move on, Dave, I knew a guy who was buried last week and his tomb still not finished, if we go there we could have a brand new Play station (PS) which he was so obsessed with and requested in his death bed to bury that with him, if we are lucky we can get that too’

Dave face turned now with a smile ‘Did you said PS? Any idea which version that was?’

Joe raised his eyebrows with an attitude ‘Now you are talking Dave, the PS? I am not sure, let’s go and find that out’

Joe stood from his chair, Dave stood and sat back in his chair and doubted Joe, so he asked ‘How did you know all of that?’

Joe shrugged his shoulders ‘he told me’

Dave nodded his head ‘oh, I see, before or after he buried?’

Joe walked past the door and returned back to tell ‘after he was buried, he called me from his cell phone and told me not to tell anyone’

Dave looked at his old play station and had a short dream of playing his favorite game in a brand new play station, Dave agreed, he stood up slowly and searched for his hat, Joe peeked inside his room from outside ‘What have you been searching?’

Dave replied ‘Huh.. Yeah, I am looking for my hat?’

Joe sighed ‘Why? Worried about getting tan in the sun?’

Dave didn’t reply, he found his cap and adjusted his pants and cap, took a can of perfume and sprayed. Joe watched all of this from the hall and he turned impatient, Joe, commented ‘Dave, we are not going for a date, right?’

Dave was on his chair tying his shoe lace, Joe shook his head and found a basketball outside and threw that basketball into his room. Joe heard a noise ouch and Dave didn’t came out.

Joe called Dave multiple time, but, there was no response. Joe walked back to his room.

Few mins later

Dave opened his eyes, it was dark, and Dave asked ‘Where am I?’

Joe replied ‘Hey can you hear me?’

Dave nodded his head in dark ‘Where am I? Why can’t I see you?’

There was a silence, Dave questioned again, and Joe replied ‘We are in the graveyard Dave, buried with Mr. Pitbull’

Dave asked ‘What? I’m buried? No I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die’ cried Dave in fear.

There was a silence again, in fear Dave cried again ‘Joe, how did we got into such situation, what is happening?’

Dave heard a voice that some struggled to breath, Dave asked ‘Joe is that you? Are we running out of oxygen, oh my god, I did not even got my PUBG royal pass, I have not completed by clash of clans town hall upgrade, god, why did you do this to us?’ Dave cried in fear.

Joe responded ‘Dave, you there?’

Dave instantly replied ‘Joe don’t leave me buddy, I am so sorry for everything, I bought Jack and Daniels and lied to you that the Fridge is repair, I wanted to drink with you now’

Joe asked again ‘Dave, calm down, can you hear me?’

Dave asked ‘Joe I can’t calm down my dear friend, don’t pretend like you are not gasping for air, I heard your struggle, god….. Save us…’

There was a silence, Dave cried again ‘Joe…..’

Joe replied ‘Stop it Dave, before I die, tell me what else you hid from me?’

Dave started to think ‘There was a tacos behind the TV, and Jack and Daniels in the fridge, and freshly ordered pizza in the oven, and a can of seven up under the sofa, and a box of red bulls behind my bed and nothing more Joe, I am going to miss all of it Joe’ Dave cried.

Joe giggled, Dave heard that and asked ‘Joe, you got saved? You were laughing? Save me too… Joe!!!’

Joe pulled up the wooden bed and stared at Dave, after seeing the lights Dave realized he was stuck under his own bed, and felt embarrassed for letting out all the truth to his friend and looked at Joe in shock.

Joe kindly said ‘My dear Dave, roll your body and get out, we need to talk’

Dave started to think and answered ‘Can you drop the bed, I think it would be safe for me stay under the bed for a minute’

Joe nodded his head ‘even at the time of death, you are concerned about game, that is also okay, but hiding Jack and Daniels? You know what? I will truly bury you if you are not moving your fat ass out of it now, damn it’s heavy, I will drop it in your leg, I swear’

Dave quickly rolled out and stared at his friend Joe like an innocent puppy. Joe shook his head ‘No, That will never work, bring out the tacos, red bulls, pizza and finally Jack and Daniels we are going to have real fun’

Dave smiled ‘you are not angry right?’

Joe pretended like he was thinking and replied ‘I was’

Dave face beamed ‘so we don’t want to go graveyard right?’

Joe smiled ‘after all this, you still think we have to go there? The real fun is in the fridge for tonight, then we will go tomorrow for sure’

Dave, was in shock and his head started to think again to plan for another Jack and Daniels or go to graveyard with his friend Joe, then Dave decided that he cannot afford another Jack and Daniels and better to go with Joe next day to graveyard, Dave smiled and nodded his head ‘sure, we will go tomorrow then’

The End


4 thoughts on “Jack and Daniels or Graveyard?

  1. I’m too lazy to head to Reedsy and sign-in so I read it here haha 😀

    I love this story. Aw poor Dave, having a friend like Joe sounds like a nightmare, wait he did get a nightmare. 😀 I can’t stop myself from laughing out loud when I read ” your cat looks fluffy and neat and we bathe it together this morning” his lame excuses were hot shot so easily. Poor guy. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Totally fine, Happy that you read it here 😁 and I’m glad it could bring some smile 😂😄😁 Yep, having a friend like him? indeed a nightmare 😂😂.

    Liked by 1 person

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