99 word Prompt: Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

October 22, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a spooky tale told around a campfire. It doesn’t have to include the campfire; it can be the tale. Go where the prompt leads!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

He watched the mirror all day.
Looked at every reflection and saw his face.
Old man by the park showed him a mirror. He didn’t hesitate and watched his face and adjusted his hair.
Old man commented that he was possessed by a mirror, so stop looking until he see a full moon. He ignored the old man and continued watching it. Next day when he woke up at midnight to drink water he looked in the mirror and he kept watching it. When he realised he should get back to bed, he was stuck, inside the mirror, Forever!

Thanks for reading ✨


21 thoughts on “99 word Prompt: Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

  1. There are so many possibilities with spooky mirror stories. Things like looking at an infinity of yourself in 2 mirrors and not finding your way out is but one creepy scenario. Getting stuck inside a mirror is another very creepy and chilling thought. Good choice for a campfire story.

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  2. Wow, is there movie like that 😍 can you share the name of it 😍 I would love to watch it 😉. Thanks for stopping by 🤗 Would be grateful if you share the name of that movie or the name of book 😁


  3. 😄Thank you for stopping by Steve 😍 did you said about me in the mirror or about the Steve when Steve looks in the Steve’s mirror and see a Steve’s reflection or the reflection of me when I see the mirror of me and see the reflection of me 🙄🤔😳😜😂😂😂

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  4. I think I can agree with that!😁 Wow, am I getting slow answering.😬 Actually some of your comments have been going to spam lately, don’t know why.🤔 I really need to check that spam folder more often.🙄🙄

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  5. I knew it, but I thought you are busy 😅 anyway thanks for noticing 😁 else o wouldhave asked ton8 😂 oops mrng for you isn’t it. Gud Mrng Steve✨😍

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  6. Actually it’s evening right now.😀🌙 I’m still slow, things going on and I’m trying to get them dealt with so I’m not on here much these days.🤪 Sigh. Need a new schedule!🙄 Good morning Simon!😁🌞

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  7. That’s good to take a break Steve 🤗 but don’t take long 😉 and for the stories, I knew you won’t 😁 but take don’t rest. hope you Friday was good 🤗🤗

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  8. I didn’t really mean that break 😅 the break means instead of thinking about story for long, you can reschedule it so you don’t have to think a day 😂. and did you said you got a lot done? did you over do it ? 🤔 hope you are not! take enough rest pls 🤗🤗


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