The Beginning

It was a warm evening, summer was about to began that month. The mother cried in pain and was covered in sweat and there was a fear in her eyes, and a pain in her head, she cursed all bad words she knew to distract herself from the pain she had, she even tried to bit her own palms, and all her relatives stood outside her house once they knew she is about to give birth. She was surrounded by her mother and her sisters and some old women who had practise in handling such situations and the husband’s was not allowed to see their wives that time. It was believed that a woman give birth can only be witnessed by another group of women, but the logic behind that was simply nothing.

Men were strictly prohibited to know what a woman goes through in her life, most of the men never knew their wife’s period date, or when to have sex or any proper knowledge on how to handle a woman or about her ovulation period. It was believed if men knew what a women go through they might be more sympathetic and supportive to women. It was even believed that time, those men that was supportive to their wives are considered very less of a man.

Men were taught to dominate woman and should never be submissive and stay brave, that was their only sign of being a guy. They never allowed a woman next to them during their period time. Women were treated as a cursed being, and sadly this practise still exist. After their period men are allowed to have sex with their wife. They don’t care about the ovulation period, it was simply a game played everyday and woman were the field. According to them having good sex everyday will make a women pregnant. Men was not taught how to handle a woman and they didn’t had internet to watch a softcore movies and they didn’t had a sex education either, all of these were only been heard as fantasy when they were young.

On the first month after a women gets married if they didn’t show the symptom of getting pregnant like a delay in their period, they were treated as an infertile women, men were never blamed during that period, men had issues since early ages, but still it was always the women. As all men were believed as just healthy men, men have to work, marry, give birth to kids as many as they wanted and earn until they die and that was their only purpose of life. Some were not part of this pack of sheep and those are the one that had made wonders and creations.

On the other side a woman goes through severe depression before she gets pregnant, if she doesnt get pregnant on the first month they wait for next month too, the entire family would be the talk of their village. Under all these pressure, a woman got pregnant. The two souls had formed an another soul. This new soul would never knew what their parents had gone through or the culture that will be taught to this kid or the responsiblity this kid had based on its gender.

The soul was ready to inhale it’s first air on earth. Everyone’s prayers were both the kid and the mother should be safe. It was a situation where they performed a child birth at home. No medical assistance, just some old women around a child birth to happen, no c section just natural birth else a c section without local anaesthetic will be performed. Around 3:30 pm the child has came out, it took its first breath, people eyes were wide and full of smiles, because it was a boy child, if it was a girl child, we would have witnessed only disappointment on their faces. The child cried and shook it’s hand and legs as it came out from the water with the blood marks and the umbilical cord was still there, in moments it gets cut off.

A child, A Life has entered this earth.

The Beginning… part 1 to be continued

Millions of years ago, it was even worse. Before you decide you take your life away think about your Mom, grand mom and your great grand mom that had suffered so much to give a life so that you are here today breathing. The story differs based on the region, but the pain is same, a life has not come easy. Don’t suffocate with your thoughts, the pain you go through can never be compared with a woman giving birth. We all are here in a short journey. Let’s detox away all our negative thoughts and show some respect to our life and be kind to every single living being, be it blind, black, white, handicapped, weird, sick etc., no matter what a life is still a life, show some respect.

Dedicated for World Mental health day.



16 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I’m happy to hear there are changes in India. Years ago I heard about a mother-in-law spilling hot oil on a woman who married her son because she wanted him to marry someone else. One woman this happened to lived long enough to say who did it and why.

    The chasm between what is expected of men and what is expected of women started to change in the 1970’s, but we had our problems with it, too. In 1950, my mother was told that only a man could own a business — even though the men knew nothing about finances and she had to keep the books. When I told my high school counselor that I was going to college, she said I was going to get married and have children anyway, so why bother. That was the USA in 1968.

    When I was in my 20’s, a guy made a comment that all women should stay at home and have children. I asked him, “Should all men sell used cars?” I don’t remember what he said, just that he thought that was ridiculous. So I asked him why that seemed ridiculous to him, but it wasn’t ridiculous to him that not all women are cut out to be housewives and mothers. He just couldn’t get it.

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  2. That’s true, different regions and there were different rules and cultures that we followed. It’s like the tribes and the cultures that has been passed on. I’m so glad that things have changed a LOT these days. But there are still some people live in dark ages, and right now, they couldn’t mingle with the current society for their ideas and thoughts from dark ages. Happy to know about the cultures from other part of country. Thanks for the share Joelle. Respect your time for reading this post and sharing the amazing insights. Have a wonderful Happy Weekend βœ¨πŸŽ‰

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  3. Reading this it made me sad….so much cruelty in this world…the man works and the women is his slave….and unfortunately this is still happening in our days….that’s very sad! πŸ˜”
    I hope that time will come when man and women can live free of all this missconcepts…

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  4. Thanks for your time, it’s true that it happens till date. And some women dislike the development of culture and growth of other women, not sure why they want to stay in dark ages πŸ€” strange world, strange people ✨Hope for changes πŸ™

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  5. Things have changed. Yet the mindsets remain the same. Urban men – especially middle class and others behave much differently now.
    That is another aspect that in some cases now it is Men who sometimes have high expectations, especially in terms of earning money and keeping family ‘happy” more often in money terms. And when something falls below expectations, stress follows.
    Still, overall, it is women who have to bear the brunt in many places and they are unsafe in many places, as seen in many cases of rape and molestation in the recent years.
    Social plus legal reforms are still needed and so does mindset changes.

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  6. Mindsets remain same irrespective of where Dey live. every men money, women needs money too, she is also a human and she also needs to work and have a career no matter what job they do. mindset needed a big change! ofcourse!! thanks for reading βœ¨πŸ€—

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  7. These are such a dark view. The most stupid about it is that if all the women give birth only to boys who will bear the future generation? Ugh.

    Ps. So strange. I really thought I commented the first time I read this. Maybe it was just in my head? πŸ˜‚

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  8. πŸ˜‚ a story that reveals old cultures and traditions, it is a simple one, but the msgs in the middle goes long πŸ˜… and u must have did πŸ˜‰ let me check my spam πŸ€— been a while I chkd it πŸ˜‚ thanks for reading 😍😻

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