A Theory from an Unknown Time

Human evolution, one long debate we all can have and in the end we agree to nothing and still nod our head and forget such discussion had ever happened. But I would like to start writing this theory at this unknown time from my extra ability called “thinking” and I am literally bored, now I feel, I’m sure you have that ability too, but is it awake? are you bored like me? Open your blog and start writing, before you do, please read this too.

Homosapien, if you are here today and reading this, you have to thank billions of homosapien that fought and struggled to live and give birth to your ancestors, also you have to thank a lot of atoms kind of 7 octillion atoms, and tiny bacteria’s and some micro organisms. Yes they exist in your body, don’t go out and spray sanitizers in your body, they are there for a reason. I am thinking what if these over brilliant scientists kills that bacteria’s too? we suppose to be alive! are we really killing bacteria’s with sanitizers? or are we damaging our immune system?

I wish humans are like bacteria, creating an exact copy of is own kind by itself. But human needed an act called sex and this act started so many issues in this earth. Take for example, earlier we had two sex, male and female. Like all errors that had caused the creation of human, human being also had errors then it came, human with mixed feelings and mixed organs and now we have  identifed 58 sexes among human. Before you say yourself proudly you are a man or woman, I would like to ask, can you be more specific? out of 58 types, which one are you?

A man is sexually attracted to a woman, these attractions had caused misuse of this practise and sex an act of natural science to increase it’s own population has become violent. So we created God. Yes! it might be shocking to all of us, a particular tribe that created god had also declared that sex is a sin. Tell me how many religion that promotes or talk about sex? not the one or two or four I knew. I’m not an atheist, I’m a Roman Catholic and I don’t blame any particular religion or spoil it’s belief. Let’s not get out of the subject, What if this is be the truth? what would you do if someone that had travelled time in the future can actually prove you my above said statements are true? Or kill the person that says the truth?

We call ourself civilised, brilliant, modern, intelligent, even kids are measured their IQ’s and given coaching based on their mental ability. Who taught our ancestors all this? Human have a superior talent called copying, humans have watched the way animals live and started implementing it in their real life. Take for example Lion pride dynamics, they live as prides, like we lived as tribes and we lived and copied and survived, we had so many skills. What happened to all such ancient skills? we have forgotten way too much than we supposed to.

Humans have changed a lot, we were never this soft or fragile or weak, our ancestors were so strong and lived among dangerous species, ofcourse theybeere dumb and killed some dangerous animals and now they are extinct, but, think about this, our hands were hard our legs were hard, our ancestors were strong, and then we tanned tamed, Humans are a tamed animal. We are tamed more than we suppose to, now, we do not even expresses our emotions these days, always wearing a happy face and not having the guts to react from the heart. Our mental health is highly critical, can we stop copying other humans that advances everything and say it’s the best and start living back with the nature. What if the whole living ideology needs a remake, what if we all live wrongly and work wrongly?

What do you think of this read? How many questions did I made you think? do you have answers? or questions?

Dont hesitate to ask questions, questions can only change us from illusionistic life into living a real life. What is a real life?


12 thoughts on “A Theory from an Unknown Time

  1. Food for thought. And what if thought is all there is?

    Science at present shows that male zygote has an X and a Y and female has an X and an X. I work with people who have disabilities and I can tell you that I have not, as of yet, met anyone who has extra X or extra Y chromosomes that is not endowed with problems (many times the problems are significant). And yet, they are still either male or female.

    God may be perfect, but nature doesn’t always get it right. 🙂

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  2. Totally makes sense ✨It’s always X or Y, it’s all in the head, those 58 category might be just what they believe, like the community that believe in flat earth. God may be perfect, or the one that created a concept called God is the brilliant and smartest of all. 🤓. Thanks for reading Joelle.✨🤗 and sharing your wise views 🙋☺️

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  3. I would say that people evolved and is not a bad thing but at the same time evolution also brought lots of issues: such as crime, cruelty, irresponsibility…
    Evolution is not bad, it can help us move forward but the problem is who controls it and their priorities….
    Currently, humans are a virus for this planet focusing on destruction unfortunately…🤨

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  4. Exactly, and it is time to turn back all the principles that was implemented. The principles were placed only to save humans and planet, definitely not towards destruction. sadly that’s where it goes now ✨

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  5. Not sure what genre this will come, I was literally bored to the last cell of my bone, and my sixth sense degraded to 5th sense and gave me a flow of thoughts 🧐 I laugh at it after I read this next morning 😄. Thanks for reading🤗 I refuse to be a bacteria too, I can’t handle myself, how others will do 😂😂


  6. Well, not that all humans turned out to be alike. Some really have explored dimensions beyond comprehension of an ordinary mind. Day in day out we are practicing eating, sleeping, seeing and still dont get it right only because few inventions made life so complete that man forgot his limit, his morals. Desires took several names. We didnt learn anything from animals, just made some suitable choices and killed all others and kept killing our closest relatives, our breath brothers the trees. Unless one does not know where to stop, he will be stopped painfully, forcefully, naturally.

    Nara x

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