Last words – Lemon queen sunflower

August 27, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features Lemon Queens. Maybe it’s an ancient fairy tale or a modern brand name. What ideas seep into your imagination? Is there a character or place involved? Go where the prompt leads!

Last words

Mr.Sam would like to share few last words about Madam Bea.
You know, Good people have got very less time on this planet. She is a tall woman, and I’ll call this is a fall of lemon Queen sunflower. Why? you’ll not like her, but, she is a good person, she is a queen in heart, cares for everyone around, she will go any extent to save people she care, like a sunflower, stands tall like a beacon of light and attracts beautiful people like a flower attracts butterflies, we are going to miss her. Rest in peace Bea.

“Be like Lemon when people wanted to know about you, be a queen by heart, and stand tall like a sunflower as a beacon of light”

Thanks for reading ✨💐


  1. Hi Saania Sparkle✨ I’m good, hope you and your family are safe, how are you? I was thinking to write an email to you to know what kind of new book you have found ✨

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  2. Eat them 😵 No way 🙄🤔are you sure we talking about LEMON 😵 because here someone say they EAT 😜🤣 I hate that bitterness or whatever we call it. I like to drink ofcourse ☺️ maybe I’ll like to eat if I get pregnant 🙄😜 and THAT is impossible 😂😂 Have a beautiful day ✨💐🤔 wait it should be a sleep for you, have a peaceful sleep 😇

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