The Pressure Cookers

Hey Everyone! If any of you think I am busy? and I am not reading your posts? Here are my answers..Yes, I am busy, but I am reading your posts. So feel free to read further, deep inside my heads the overflowing thoughts can never be contained. don’t be surprised if I take a photo of my diary one day and publish it 😜.

The Pressure Cookers

We all have come through such personalities or a situation in our life time. The one that talks about the problem or the mistake or something that happened.

I name these personalities as pressure cookers, the more you know about them, the more you will start to laugh at them. But don’t ever laugh in front of them, unless if you really want to see what they going to do. 

Let me share some hard facts about them,

  • They talk like a genius, but inside, they are not
  • They strive for that attention, but we don’t
  • They want you to accept your mistakes, even if you didn’t do it
  • If you copy then, they’ll say STFU
  • They will not have a solution (They never seek)
  • Not all these beings yell, sometimes they are skilled to talk politely(Shit)

So these are some of the hard facts about the pressure cookers, some of the avatars of these are Husband, Wife, Civilian, Colleague, Boss, co-passenger. Problem is, they touch your nerves, and some of us do find a way to stop them. Let me give a nice tips

  • Never ever take my advices😜
  • Give your answers politely
  • Take support of audiences
  • Don’t ever agree to their point
  • They have no rights to tease your emotions
  • Avoid them, but when they have come to you, don’t leave them

This post might look different, comparing my previous life lessons. But honestly, these pressure cookers exists in everyone’s life as some avatars, and they really mess up our positive mood.

Remember, this… Buddha once said‘Somebody can throw a burning torch into the river.  It will remain alight till it reaches the river.  The moment it falls into the river, all fire is gone; the river cools it.  I have become a river.  You throw abuses at me.  They are fire when you throw them, but the moment they reach me, in my coolness, their fire is lost.   They no longer hurt.  You throw thorns, falling in my silence they become flowers.  I act out of my own intrinsic nature.’

Be like the river, these pressure cookers will fight for your mistakes, problems or issues to go into your head and burst like a balloon, be cool and never accept it.

Find the solution

Anyone can yell, be loud talking, and loudly say one’s mistake, who gives a solution? Always respond to the one that has the solution, they’ll never waste your time. Talkers will always talk and waste your time and energy and will be the pressure cooker of your day. Be wise, they have no rights to disturb our peace. Keep the pressure cookers in your life away from you.

Thanks For reading ✨🤗💐


8 thoughts on “The Pressure Cookers

  1. Hahaha…not a bad name…the pressure cookers…the ones that put pressure on us, if they manage to do so 🤪
    It is true, we all have these kind of characters in our life and we should keep our safety distance from them 🤪
    I’m trying to keep my coolness as much as possible until one moment I can become the pressure cooker and then people watch out as I’ll explode 🤪🤩

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hm… I know what you mean, but don’t you feel kind of bad for the pressure cooker? They’re very useful tool in the kitchen, I feel bad for them being compared to the people you mention haha 😄
    Well, I encountered them a lot, and I secretly brand them as toxic, although at times they don’t mean to be annoying but as you said they get on your nerves, my best solution is interact with them as little as possible or not at all.

    Liked by 1 person

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