Sky Stuck in a dream Episode – 10

Sky walked to Hippo and she placed her hand on Sky’s head, and a list of scenes ran through her head Sky recalled her painful past again, it was Sky with her parents, they died in a car accident, Sky was the only survivor, she was deeply sad, she found her happiness back when she got the box, she was happy after a long time, Sky had fun entering dream world and being happy, but, One day when entered the dream world with Agon, K tricked her and stole her box and Sky got stuck in a dream. Sky held her head tightly and fell down unconscious.

K snapped his finger, Sky fell on a cushion Agon gasped ‘Sky!!’

K sighed ‘ Now I should get ready for a hot seat’

Agon gasped ‘What, hot what?’

K said ‘Agon, I have a body and charisma to die for, isn’t it? you know why my hair is always a mess?’ he sighed

Agon brought his eyebrows together and not understood a word said by K ‘Are you boasting about your look? Not surprised, we are seeing this for a long time, can you help me here?’

K smirked at him and walked to Hippo.

K looked at Hippo and spoke in a deep voice ‘Now, will you convince and do your magic to her as planned? don’t mess up, okay? you know what black diamond did to her by making her suffer in her thoughts’

Hippo shook her head ‘No K, Black diamond already affected her, and YOU could’ve stopped it, but you didn’t, and they are my favourite couple I can’t loose them’

K said strongly ‘ I was busy placing the box in the heart, and you are not watching a Netflix series here. Have you ever seen a proper romance or chemistry between them, dang I don’t understand how you like this pair. Sky need to help me, will you just use your magic and convince and give her strength to do?’

Agon commented ‘ what? Can someone clarify and help me here? and tell me what’s going on? because I understand nothing here’

Sky opened her eyes and saw K ‘You lied to us!’

K said ‘Technically I made up a story ‘ I didn’t lie, I don’t lie, but, I managed’

Sky ‘But why, why did you stole the box and let me suffer here’

K replied ‘I stole the box, by the time I did, I did it to get my powers back. When you get caught in the web of dreams, I was busy sneaking into the heart of this world, that’s when I knew about you from there. A light. I’ll explain this later:

Sky shocked ‘You are the king,? How did you lose your power? say some truth K, it’s hard to believe now’

Agon looked at K ‘You are the reason why we stuck here?’

K patiently replied, ‘Yes!’

Agon replied ‘I knew it, I suspected this guy from the beginning’

K retorted ‘Dont get excited, yes you suspected me, but you didn’t find me who I am, you still a dumb giant!’

Agon looked at him angrily.

Sky asked ‘I suffered K,I lost my parents, this is the only place I was happy after my parents died, you know how many times I cried in here?’

K stopped her, he appeared beside her, he said ‘Sky, I’m sorry about everything, but there is a reason, Eveything happened for a reason and you just have to trust me Sky, and you should understand about the light’

Sky with tears in her eyes ‘I did trusted you K, if you just said that to me before, I would have agreed to whatever you say’

K sighed, continued ‘I can explain, wait, this is Hippo’s part, now she is not doing it,(groaned) I have an important point here to say, may I’

Agon interrupted ‘Stop it K, you hurt her enough already, look at her she is crying, and why did you do this to us? we need to go out, NOW’

K got angry and waved his hand, Agon got tied in a chair with a ball gag in his mouth and Sky was tied too with her mouth taped.

K commented ‘I don’t need another woman here’ he said.

Agon groaned with his tied mouth

Hippo stood up ‘Stop this K you are playing with real people life, if she die here, they have no point to return’

K replied sharply ‘And they still have no point of return, as that box IS the current heart of this world, and, I’m losing my powers since my last fight, I am real too, this is my world, I need my power back to defeat black diamond, and I needed Sky, I need to help Sky, to go back, while I stop BD, trust me, it’s all possible, with the right person at the right place’

Hippo replied ‘But that’s not easy’

K said ‘It is not, but we have the chosen one, so, it’s the end, you use your magic, boost her power, if I have Sky next to me, it’s ending today’

Hippo replied ‘What if it doesn’t work’

K ‘What if you stop questioning me? and use your swish swish magic, she need her memories, I gave her, forget it, let me finish our business here’

Hippo said ‘I am helping, K, to save herself from your lunatic plan, and I already did my swish swish, don’t kill her’

K took a deep breath ‘Lunatic? fine, you’ll see what lunatic plan I had, I’ll save Sky and bring her back to her world, in exchange, I’ll marry you’ he raised his eyebrows with a romantic smile

Hippo shook her head ‘No I didn’t agreed to this challenge, are you challenging me?’ with a small smile on her corner lips.

K said to hippo ‘I sure am’

K turned to Sky ‘I lied, you are chosen one, losing you means losing everything, I want you beside and do what you destined for, I’ll be there to protect you from all the odds, as I said in the beginning, I supposed to protect you, and I will’

Agon muffled, K commented ‘That included you too Agon, stop making noises, you have serious trusting issues’

Hippo listened to them for a while and suddenly she remembered something and asked ‘The key? where is the key? did you get it?’

K said ‘Only I know where is the key, and I don’t want to reveal it to anyone, as I’m not trusting anyone, even Sky, believe me it isn’t easy to maintain a secret, but combing my hair was so easy, aww… silky smooth’

K walked to Sky and touched her all her bonds disappeared.

Sky asked ‘Were you being selfish? all these drama is only to save yourself?’

K hung his head low for a moment and said ‘I am selfish, but for my own good, and for your goodness too, you’ll be amazed when you come to know some unsaid truth Sky’

Sky asked but ‘You want me to believe I am the chosen one?’

K combed his hair again ‘It’s time for my flash back, I’ll finish it soon. Black diamond is my ex girlfriend, I loved her, madly, deeply, sincerely, but where did I miss? she wants to be the Queen and I am the king, but she was not satisfied with our world, she wanted to rule this World and go out to real world, that dark desire occupied her mind and turned her into an evil, she desired for all the powers, I’m finishing with that, imagine the other parts, I can’t explain all the itzy bitzy details.’

Sky took a deep breath ‘If I’m the chosen one, I’ll do it for you, anything for you K, I believe in you, I can right?’

K continued ‘Thats a hypothetical question, you can trust me, but you can’t, can we not talk about it now, I have two stones, here, this one will be with you, when these stones with you, she can never play with her powers with you’ and continued to share his full plans to her.

Sky nodded ‘I can do that’ she said in confidence and stood up bravely.

K got excited and looked at Hippo, Hippo shook her head in disappointment and commented ‘Its time Sky, only you can do this’ she disappeared.

Sky said ‘I’ll do it K, I don’t know why, but something in me asking me to seriously trust You!’

K replied ‘We are going to have Fun!’ said with excitement.

Sky nodded at K ‘Lets do this’ Agon muffled from his chair.

K asked ‘You need him? why can’t he be safe here?’

Sky asked ‘Is this a safe place?’

K said ‘Is that sarcasm? oh, yes it is! I got tired already, look at me, I am missing my diet foods, workouts, manicure, and a hair treatment, we need to end this quick, I don’t want to end up looking like Steve Jobs in his last days’

Shy pointed out two dragons and said ‘Dont tell me you own dragon pets’

K said ‘What? Pets? I don’t know no pets’ K gasped ‘Come on, I can’t play with this now, Sky and Agon, I got a best advice for you both. RUN!!!’

To be continued…


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  1. 🤔😜 Maybe he is not that crazy, or maybe you are right 😳😉 what if it is right 😄 oh my I should start writing the next chapter 😁😂🤣

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