Steve’s Favourite Sweater

Phone rings .. Steve standing in the que for shopping answers his phone

Muffin : Meow Meow (Where are you Hooman)😼

Steve: I’m doing my monthly shopping Muffin, why did you called me?

Muffin : I’m feeling sick πŸ™€

Steve: What happened all of a sudden? Can I take you to vet?

Muffin : NOOOOOO!!!! Are you insane? 😾

Steve: Are you not serious?

Muffin : I am serious 😾 and I feel like I’m going to hack anytime

Steve: Must be hairball Muffin, I’ll come very soon don’t worry

Muffin : No not possible at allπŸ™€

Steve: It’s possible Muffin

Muffin: How? I haven’t cleaned myself all week 😼

Steve: Gross 🀒

Muffin : What’s Gross?😾

Steve: Aren’t you supposed to clean yourself, like, everyday? I thought all cats do that πŸ€”

Muffin : What are you? My dad? 😾

Steve: πŸ™„I think, Technically I am

Muffin: MEOWRRR, I feel like I’m choking, I’m going to dieπŸ™€

Steve: Stop it Muffin! you are very dramatic for a hair ball issue

Muffin : Fur real 😾 I’m serious πŸ™€ If something happens to me, please keep me with your favourite sweater and the blue pillow😼

Steve: I told you many times to stay of from that, wait, did you take it πŸ™„

Muffin: Where do you think I’m sitting on? 😸😸😸

Steve: Bad Kitty Muffin, get off from that, it’s my favorite 🧐

Muffin: You want sore feet? 😼

Steve: πŸ™„ Oh forget it, I’ll come in sometime

Muffin : No wait don’t hang up 😾

Steve: What? I need to do complete my shopping πŸ™„

Muffin: I need to you do me a favor, The chipmunks Skamper & Runner.😼

Steve: πŸ€” What? a final statement of apologizing to them? πŸ˜ƒ

Muffin: No! Kill them 😼😸

Steve: NO! Never!😳

Muffin: do you love me? 😿

Steve: πŸ˜’ Yes I am

Muffin: Kill them!😾

Steve: Look they are my friends and I give them my peanuts, we all are a family. If something happens to you, there are other chipmunks in heaven for you to chase and play πŸ˜‰

Muffin: Don’t be dumb! they all go to hell. Only cats go to Heaven 😺

Steve: Only cats πŸ€” That’s catpossible 😳

Muffin: One last request 😼

Steve: What? can you finish this drama soon?πŸ˜’

Muffin: 😾 Delete my browser history in your laptop and my last poem written to my boyfriend

Steve: 😳 Wait what 🧐 You are using my laptop? What did you watched anyway πŸ˜’

Muffin: Just birds and watching them fly,v dance and take bath, it’s so beautiful, you’ll never know that feeling😻

Steve: ha ha ha πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Don’t make me laugh at here, people are staring at my laugh. they’ll think I’m crazy if they know I’m talking with a cat.

Muffin: You sure getting a sore feet 😾😾

Steve: Okay, okay, I’ll delete it

Muffin: Oh wait! I feel like I’m losing my senses, something’s happening to me.πŸ™€

Steve: Wait, tell me how it all began?

Muffin: I was hungry

Steve: You are always hungry πŸ™„

Muffin; want sore feet?😾

Steve: okay, tell me soon

Muffin: I was really hungry, badly hungry, terribly hungry, so I ate my food fast and emptied them

Steve: It always happen, whenever you feel hungry you ate fast and throw up

Muffin: 😼No it isn’t always happening. you won’t agree that πŸ™€ Fine! I’ll remember that next time

Steve: You better remind it Muffin, I’ll paste a note beside your food cup so that you’ll remember. Now please hold it in, Tuna prescriptions are very expensive, I can’t afford to take you to vet now

Muffin: How Tuna is a prescription? Are you dumb? 😾

(Some weird Noise)

Steve: Muffin? you there? what happened to you?? What’s that noise?😳

Muffin: Meow Meow

Steve: Sounds better! Feeling good now? did you throw up? How do you feel?πŸ€”

Muffin: I’m ALIVE!!!! Meow Meow I’m feeling AWESOME 😻😻

Steve: Thank God! Let me finish my Shopping now

Muffin: Hey Steve! You got a second?

Steve: I’m doing billing say it fast.

Muffin: you better bill an additional detergent box, as you need to wash your favorite Sweater and pillow.😸😸😸


Phone disconnected….


27 thoughts on “Steve’s Favourite Sweater

  1. Hahaha…I think Muffin and Steve really appreciated this and had a good laugh!
    You described so well their relationship 😻😸
    And thanks for the good laugh for me too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 2 people

  2. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Thank you Ribana πŸ˜‰it was so close to them, with their consent and edits this was published. ☺️ muffin and Steve have enjoyed it… πŸ€— Happy you enjoyed it too 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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