Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 9

Sky took a deep breath and the bond started to loosen up, she thought ‘That’s what she said, how foolish I was, how do I get out of here?’ she closed her eyes and thought of K again…

K replied ‘Stay there…. you’ll be out in no time..’ Sky nodded her head and looked around, everything was white, Sky stood there shivering in cold.


At Hippo campus K all of a sudden started to laugh and clapped his hands, everyone stared at him confused , Agon asked him ‘what happened?’ he continued laughing on the floor like a kid and, K stood up controlling his laughter and with half smile he said ‘And the best award goes to you Sky’

DE Sky froze and stared at all of them .

K snapped his fingers and got his weapon and was about to perform an action, Agon realised he is about to attack someone, he intervened.

Agon yelled at K ‘You have gone mad?’

K smirked at him ‘This is why I call you dumb giant, still not figured out, have you?’

Agon without understanding a word looked at Sky and K and asked ‘What’s happening?’

K moved Agon aside with one move and rotated his stick and tried to threw at DE Sky, But Agon held K’s hand this time.

K shook his head in disappointment and hit his stick hard on the floor he said ‘Enough playing’ and a wave formed, it disintegrated all materials he saw in ashes, Hippo disappeared and the DE Sky now looked like an old lady.

K retorted ‘All were illusion, you dumb giant, she is not real’

Agon gasped ‘That is the old lady, where is Sky?’

Old lady sighed ‘K, you are making this hard, you’ll feel bad for this, all I asked is to live on the other side, I want to live, it’s not too much and you knew that, you will pay for this one day’ she said with cracked voice

K retorted ‘Oh yeah, okay, use my cards and you know it’s limit by the time you spend and I’ll write a letter to you when I feel bad,(Dramatically) “Dear Aunt May, This is your Peter Parker, I’m feeling sick, I am not going to be a spider man anymore” he said and ‘then you can have a party Grandma, then what? but guess what I’ll think about your opinion when I feel it from my heart, okay, maybe then I’ll let you go to living world, but for that you need to know where is the living key’ K shrugged and shook his head.

Old lady confused ‘Isnt it just stones?’

K laughed hard ‘You got old, and you need to see a doctor’

Old lady disappeared in smokes.

K stared at Agon ‘You dummy, I wanted to kill her’

Agon commented ‘Technically you did kill her, by talking!’

K commented ‘Oh yeah, I did the talking, and you never found out who is the real Sky, I bet you are as blind as the old lady’

Agon said ‘Stop criticising, K, where is sky? did I lost her’

K smiled ‘Always bothered about her, but can’t find who is real or fake, fine, Yes you lost her, and I, Will never let anything happen to HER’

K touched his stick on floor and closed his eyes, a large pile of smoke appeared followed by winds that moved away the smoke, in the middle of that smoke Sky stood there coughing.

Agon asked ‘You knew all this were fake and still played along with bad guys?

K grinned ‘I love to act Agon, you’ll know that soon how good actor I am, and I’ll not ask questions If I see my love come safe from a disaster’

Agon turned at Sky and ran fast to hug her, K appeared in front and hugged her ‘You are back’ he whispered

Agon stood there with jaw open ‘you little rat’ he murmured

K said ‘Agon missed you a lot, you should hug him first’

Agon clenched his teeth and forced a smile at K and Sky ran to him and hugged him ‘You know what happened there?’ she asked.

Agon ‘what ever happened is happened? I’m glad you are safe’

Sky replied ‘I saw someone just like me, an imposter and she tried to kill me, luckily K helped me’

Agon looked at K and whispered ‘Thank you’ and said to Sky ‘We actually handled that imposter here, it was a big fight, Without K it would have ended terrific’

K interrupted ‘Yes great fight, An unexpected move by Agon made her disappear in smokes, Thanks to Agon for the timely move’

Agon looked at him in shock as K being supportive or sarcastic.

K winked at him and signalled to hug Sky, Agon hugged sky again, said ,’I’m glad you are back ‘

Sky hugged him back ‘Thank you Agon, I wish I could’ve seen how you fought here, K, thanks for everything’

K retorted ‘Enough love birds, we got few more mins of walking’

Everyone walked again, Sky held Agon’s hand, Agon felt like he held her hand for first time.

K asked ‘Sky, I was thinking, how a person that loves you so much can’t figure out a real you and a fake you, did you asked Agon about it?’

Agon looked confused why K brought that topic Sky turned her head at Agon ‘You thought she was Sky?’

Agon looked blank ‘What do you mean? no, I didn’t, I suspected you, I mean that You’

K commented ‘Did I miss the truth, that he kissed a fake Sky?’

Sky felt jealous ‘You kissed her? kissed an imposter? Stop talking Agon’

Agon tried ‘I can explain that Sky, I didn’t do it, he is lying’

Sky walked silently.

Agon sighed and walked in front, joined K and asked ‘Why did you do that?’

K giggled ‘that was fun isn’t it? she is jealous’, that means she is definitely in love with you, that’s a sign Agon’

Agon stuttered ‘Wai, wai, wait what, I can’t figure out you are helping me or putting me in trouble or proving me she loves me, you are strange and I still can’t figure out your intentions’

K grinned ‘now you know? why I call you dumb?’ he laughed

Agon rolled his eyes.

K rotated his stick and threw at an empty mountain. His stick disappeared and appeared in his hands again, K stared to walk on a lake, Sky and Agon hesitated, K said ‘Come on without you it won’t open’

Sky stepped on the water and everything turned into a big palace, crafted out of Silver and diamonds, looked like a giant white cave, instead of rocks, the entire place was filled with silver and diamonds. Sky said ‘Wow it’s beautiful’

All of them walked towards a floating throne. A lady in white appeared..

At SUMWER black diamond, snapped her fingers and a bunch of little Dragons appeared, one of them coughed so cute and spilled lava on her face she said ‘Oh damn, manufacturing defect, don’t you dare be cute’ she snapped, the coughing little dragon turned into ashes. She commanded other dragons to bring all of them to SUMWER she commented ‘It’s time, I can’t wait more’

The little dragons began to fly to Hippo campus

At Hippo campus…

‘Welcome to Hippo campus!’ she said

Sky replied ‘Hi, we are trying to go out, we lost our way, the box’

Hippo with a small smile ‘I know why you all are here’ and she sternly looked at K and said ‘I told you enough, why are you not listening?’

K appeared beside her throne and whispered ‘Stop it, this is the last time and everything will be back to normal, she is the one, she is going to bring change, I can feel that, and She doesnt know who I am, stop talking about it now’

Sky and Agon looked at each other for why Hippo left a statement like that.

Hippo turned to Sky ‘Sky come here my child’

K shook his head and sternly said ‘Hippo, this is the right thing to do, but also, you have to convince her’

Hippo with a small smile ‘She deserves to know the truth’

K adjusted his hair ‘Oh yes she is, did I said NO? I don’t want her to think that way, the way I think, she think I am, which I am not’

K grinned, Hippo didn’t reacted much..

Black diamond laughed as she watched everyone like she knew what was about to happen.

To be continued…


30 thoughts on “Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 9

  1. 😍😍 Yeah, K and his sarcasmπŸ˜ƒ I think I used his attitude too much until climax ☺️ let me know when you read the end 😁 Thanks for reading so early Jessica 😻Have a peaceful Sleep βœ¨πŸ€—

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  2. You know what, I actually got stuck in a dead end, not much time, and I need to finish this part, don’t know how πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Happy reading Steve, Thanks for stopping by πŸ€—βœ¨

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  3. Hey, no delays, no delays!!😲😲 You can’t do that to us!😳πŸ€ͺ😬 Well, okay,πŸ˜€ if you have to. I’ll survive.😳😁 I think.πŸ€”πŸ™„

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  4. not that late😁 It was a long trip , but she is just fine as she always is 😍 back to normal life here, we don’t see anything about Corona here, but being careful 😸

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  5. Thank you Steve, it’s true, I have to be very careful πŸ™„πŸ˜³ but not sure how, social distancing is very tough these days 🧐 people are careless 😸 let’s hope I’m not getting it.

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