Short Tale : Tell me no Lies

Who cannot write short tales, any one can. Here is one from my aunt, she is a Sister (Nun) in a Catholic church her name is Igna. I wanted to share her short tale for my readers as I liked the way she said it.


A Lovely couple living in the States, understand each other respect each other.

They have the habit of sharing the day experience with each other as soon as they come home after the work.

The wife started sharing first.

As she was sharing her story with her husband,he interrupted her saying ,tell me no lies.

She was shocked to hear this word from her lovable husband and loosed her temper.

He said ,sweetie don’t be mistaken, in order to stop your hiccups I said that. When someone is disturbed by hiccups if we say any shocking news, it will stop immediately.

It’s true indeed!

Thanks for reading ✨


13 thoughts on “Short Tale : Tell me no Lies

  1. It really does, try that with someone, when you know their dark fears😁 or something shocking, an unexpected loud clap too works sometimes πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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