Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 8

Somewhere in SUMWER, black diamond watched at what happened ‘Silly, whatever you are trying, if they are not coming here, I’ll make sure, you die under my feet screaming in pain, I like your obsession, let’s see how skilled you are to get that’ she groaned and flew inside the cave and disappeared in its darkness and her smile echoed.

At Sky’s place….

Sky was pulled back by two hand, Sky came to her senses and found she saw Agon. Sky gasped as she found two Agon. Both Agon’s asked her to come, not knowing which is real, Sky asked ‘Agon?’ both of them said yes in unison, Sky rubbed her eyes and held one of Agon’s hand in the right and closed her eyes and opened her eyes.

The place was blank, totally white. Agon smiled, she asked ‘Thanks Agon, Where is K?’

Agon smiled ‘You lost them’

Sky got confused ‘What do you mean lost?’

Agon shrugged his shoulders and walked slowly, the walk doesn’t look like Agon at all.

Sky looked at him in doubt ‘Agon, stop joking, Where is K?’ Sky yelled for K and said ‘K you said you will be anywhere I wanted you here, I need your help, K!!’ Sky loudly called his name.

Agon smiled, and turned himself as Sky ‘K where are you, I need your help’ she imitated the original Sky.

Sky shocked to see another one looking just like her, but with complete dark eyes, Sky closed her eyes and wished for a gun, but she got a toy gun making weird noises, Sky groaned and got angry ‘Imposter, who are you? what you want?’ she yelled

The Sky with dark eyes said in a deep voice ‘I will not let you go out, I need you. Just do what I say, and there won’t be any reason to hurt you and I can give you freedom out of this box’

Sky ran towards the dark eyed Sky and tried to fight. Sky hit herself to an invisible shield, Sky stood up and hardly hit the shield ‘Get out of it if you really have guts and fight with me’ Sky yelled.

The shield disappeared, the dark eyed Sky waved her hand, Sky was lifted in the air and mummified with a large cloth. Sky tried to scream, but before she reacted, she was completely covered head to toe and floated in the air. The other Sky came close to her ‘Calm down, I won’t fight with you, you relax, you come out, you don’t relax, die, Until then I’ll go out and come back shortly’

Sky tried to muffle, but all she could do was nothing. Sky floated in the air and she was angry, the more angry and upset she got the bonds got more tighter.

K and the DE(Dark eyed) Sky and Agon now away from the dark smoke and thunder that covered them both. K stretched himself and looked himself in the mirror and corrected his hair ‘Is that called thunder rain? that was too noisy and messy, look at my clothes Sky all drenched’

K snapped his finger and am all of them became warm in their new attire.

Agon commented ‘I look fabulous’

K looked at himself, ‘Oh yeah, black t-shirt and blue pants warm and comfy, hey giant, you can never be handsome as me stop day dreaming, there is only one handsome in this dream world and that will be me, ever heard? short is cute’

Agon retorted ‘Oh yeah, what use of being a smart and handsome but tiny?’

K sternly looked at Agon ‘You know what, let’s get going, I don’t have time to fight with you, I got less time to reach there ‘

DE Sky observed both of them in silence and continued to walk with them. All of them walked in silence. Agon asked ‘Sky, have you ever visited this hippopotamus?’

K commented ‘She visited, croc park, dinosaurs park, and do you think she would have missed to watch Hippopotamus?’

Agon commented ‘I did not asked you’

DE Sky shook her head as no and started to walk faster.

Agon walked closer

DE Sky rolled her eyes ‘Stop it Agon, I need some time, don’t come closer’

All of them walked in peace. K got surprised ‘Woah! we have reached this place sooner than I thought, Sky, Agon come in, let’s get in and do what we need to do’

A lady with a long dress walked out from her room and waved her hand ‘Welcome to Hippo, Welcome Agon, K, Sky’

K stood in style ‘Miss me honey?’ he said.

Hippo replied ‘Don’t you know that, you are always cute’ she clears her throat and looked at Agon

Agon asked ‘We have lost our memory, and I need your help to get our memory back’

DE Sky asked ‘Hi Hippo, I need your help to let me go back to my living world’

Hippo smiled at K ‘ You all have travelled so long, all you need to do is take some rest first here’

Hippo waved her hands and a place with pool and beds with girls to serve appeared.

K jumped ‘This is the best day’ K ran to the girls and started to flirt

Agon and DE Sky tried to rest in different bed. Agon stared at Sky that looked at the ceiling, Agon said ‘I can’t understand her’

K commented from far ‘You Never will’

Agon raised his voice ‘I didn’t asked you’ and folded his hands and lied back in his bed.

After few moments while K was getting massaged by the girls, he quickly grabs a hand ‘Huh Huh, this is wrong’

Girls asked in unison ‘But we need this, this is so beautiful’

K said ‘But I need this stone’

Hippo appeared all of a sudden and interrupted

Hippo asked ‘K it is not an important stone, don’t disappoint the girls, look at them, they’ll do anything for you’

K answered in flat ‘No, I don’t believe them and I am not giving this’ K snaps his finger and got dressed again.

Hippo replied ‘Stones are part of this world, all you need is the box to go out, with box you can send them all back’ she said so softly

Listening to their conversation Agon & DE Sky walked to K.

Agon after he heard Hippo’s statement ‘But where we will get the box?’ he said.

Hippo answered ‘It exactly available where you left’

K doubted about that ‘What do you mean? you know where the box is?’ he said

DE Sky interrupted ‘I know where it is, I can remember now’

K wondered whether Sky really knows ‘Are you sure?’ K asked in doubt

DE Sky smiled ‘Oh yes I am, why don’t we give the stone to her, and let’s go to where I lost it’

K was about to give the stone to Hippo with a disappointed long face and stared at her, K thought something and stopped, he said ‘Sky, say it exactly where you lost the box’

DE Sky asked ‘I’ll take you there, first, let’s get a cab’

K smiled and put back the stone in his pocket ‘Ofcourse we can, why don’t you just tell me, exactly where ?’

DE Sky looked restless and said with a forced smile ‘follow me I’ll take you there’

K commented sarcastically ‘That’s confidence my girl’

Agon got confused with her answer and looked at K and shook his head as a sign of…

At SUMWER, black diamond smiled at the DE sky’s statement ‘It’s interesting to watch these little one’s drama, K I know who you are’ she laughed louder and said ‘Heaven… I should go to the hottest volcano in earth as soon I step out from here ‘

Mean while Sky closed her eyes focused to talk with K, she got a reply ‘I’ll never let you die Sky, Just relax’ K said in his mind voice…

Sky takes a deep breath, as she takes the deep breath.

To be continued..

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  1. Ha ha ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ofcourse he is😁 Tell me something, which blogger you can think of remembering this character πŸ˜‡


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