Guest Post : – Death – The single most important realisation of our life

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Are you still alive? 

If yes, then congratulations! What for? For not having to experience death so far.

Okay okay, I will stop joking now.

What do you think of death? Are you scared of death? Where do you think we will go after we die? Everyone might come up with a unique answer to these questions for no one truly knows much about death. For most of us, fear of death is a negative emotion to deal with.

If you have ever come close to death, you would be able to relate. I for one have encountered such a situation…

Personal experience and learning from death

“Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”


It was the 15th of May 2019. After a year-long college, I was all excited to go back to my home. I got so excited that I could not sleep the night before (a typical challenge as a millennial, unfortunately). When I reached the opposite side of the train station, I got so happy and exhausted – such a unique set of feelings.

Without looking at the traffic light color, I started crossing the road. My vision was limited only to the train station. I lost awareness of my other surroundings. I reached the middle of the road to realise that I had not even been using the zebra crossing. Shit! I could not turn back now, it was too late…

As I took the next few steps, a sound began to buzz in my ear. As I had not slept at all, I thought I was hallucinating. So I did not care and kept moving. 

The sound kept getting louder and louder. Surely, I was hallucinating, or so I thought.

Before anything, I felt a strong wind against my back. It was nothing like the tornadoes and the storms. Much bigger, much intense.

I quickly turned back. It was an ambulance running at eighty miles per hour. 

How close was I? 

Close enough for the ambulance to stop and for people to come to check me.

I could not believe what just happened. All of a sudden, my heart started beating like a bullet train, my body started sweating. Most importantly, thoughts began circling my mind. Images of my parents kept repeating over and over again. 

One second here and there, I would not have been writing this…

What could have been the most disastrous moment in my life has turned out to be one of the most important lessons. I never know when I will be gone. What I do know is that I have to make the most impact in my limited time. 

The moment of “realization” had hit me. I even attached a quote of Steve Jobs on my wall – “What if today had been my last day?” Each morning, I read it aloud. While reading, I flashback to that incident. Anyday could be my last, so this powerful lesson enabled me to focus on only the crucial parts of my day. 

My life has reshaped ever since. That particular incident also helped me to start my personal development journey

The bottom line

Death gives the biggest wakeup call for us. Every person who would have encountered near-death experiences must have had a moment of “realisation”. 

So live your life as if today’s going to be your last. You will get the most out of time and be satisfied when you go to bed. Even if you were to die at that moment, you could proudly say that the last day of your life was well spent. It was truly a day to remember…

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