Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 7

Sky asked ‘Where?’

K said ‘We need to meet Hippo’.

Agon chuckled ‘Hippo as in hippopotamus ?’

K replied ‘Hippo as in Hippo campus silly, Sky, I am done talking with guys’

Agon looked around and commented ‘FYI, it’s just a Guy, not guys, okay?’

K snapped his finger and Agon got a big nose, Agon screamed ‘Why???’

K giggled ‘You sure have a big nose’

Sky laughed the way Agon looked. Agon commented ‘Not funny, K, change this ‘

Sky poked K to do it, K replied ‘Alright’ he snapped his finger and Agon touched his nose and felt happy and looked at Sky and smiled.

Sky asked ‘I have some questions K, how come one get stuck in dream world?’

K replied ‘They don’t stuck here, this is a dream world, they become part of this world, it’s what they DESIRE’

Sky looked at him confused, and not understood ‘Is that mean?’

K smiled ‘You are part of this world too, and this guy stuck here for eternity because of you’

Agon asked ‘What did you say? I’m stuck here? I’ll find a way to get her back’

K shook his hands ‘Enough batman, enough fighting for Jokers, Please realise, you ARE a Joker, and Sky created me to help her, that’s my job, calm down Batman or Joker whichever you prefer to be’

Sky said ‘What do you mean become part of their desire? ‘

K pointed around and asked ‘What do you mean to be mean? Sky! too many questions! How do I look? Encyclopedia? Look around what do you see?’

Sky replied ‘Beautiful mountains, falls, rivers, so peaceful and some cities too and some human’

K replied ‘Start Enjoying this moment, you are ruining this beautiful moment by asking questions. Look at my hair, nature always mess up my head’ he started to correct his hairstyle.

K continued ‘People become what they desire, if you love dogs, you will stay as dogs here, Where you find happiness? you become that’

Agon asked ‘That’s terrible, but why? There is definitely someone behind this’

K retorted ‘I knew who is behind me, a dumb giant, talking to guys, whats your problem? stop talking to me’

Agon said ‘You should know that, like you know everything, how come you don’t know who is behind this?’

K disappeared and sat on Agon’s shoulder ‘Hey look here giant I told you before, I don’t have answers for everything but I can direct you where you can get this answer, he disappeared from his shoulder and again continued to walk.

Few moments later

Agon asked ‘How long we have to walk? why don’t we get a cab?’ it’s a dream world we can do anything.’

K replied ‘Silly giant, you both hardly walks here, what is wrong in walking now?’

Agon retorted ‘You have no idea, for how long I was running before, and stop calling me giant, I am Agon’

K giggled ‘Who gave you such name?’

Sky shouted ‘Stop it both of you, my god, you both keep on talking, K, If everyone became that something, where one found happiness, as you said, why we both still being us?’

K stared at her ‘Are you serious? Fine! I like people that smile more, forget it, you never smile, except that seasonal chuckling and giggling, you both are on the journey of becoming what you desired, luckily you have created me before losing your memory to save you from this, people get dark dreams and suffer in pain and their desire to stay happy increase and more they wanted to be happy they become one’

Sky shocked after she heard that ‘Is that why I created you to save me from the dark dreams?’

K smiled ‘Yes, sadly you lost me, and you lost your memory, we need to find who made me into a clock and I know where is your memory is’

Sky asked herself ‘How do I not remember creating you?’

K retorted ‘See, stop having fun with that dumb giant, you talk like him now, told you, you lost your memory after creating me’

Sky sighed and continued to walk.

Sky asked K ‘Do you think Hippo will help me?’

K smiled ‘Hippo is going to reveal a lot of things, I wish she could control her mouth’

Agon excited ‘She talks too much?, I’m excited already’

K retorted at him ‘Don’t be excited Batman, she is not that easy to convince and you my man have to stop running behind all girls that holds your hand and call you, else you’ll be stuck somewhere for the rest of your life like you stuck here’.

Agon looked at Sky

Sky said ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know why I brought you here at first place’

Agon replied ‘I don’t know that too, I forgot except we were good friends and I lost you here, I don’t remember anything apart from that’

K stopped walking and looked at his shadow and adjusted his hair and crooked his biceps ‘Wow, my biceps look big here, hey Sky did you notice, I’m growing, hey who the hell is that, why I don’t see my shadow? is this called clouds? dark clouds? ‘ there was a dark cloud hid his shadow and every thing turned dark and he snapped his fingers and his stick appeared, K became alert and started to look around

Sky and Agon stared at each other ‘What’s wrong?’

K replied ‘Something is unsual, Be ready to call me, or talk to me, I can always listen to you and will be there for help, now start alert, don’t lose yourself in this smoke’

Dark Cloud formed above them from no where and started to rain heavily with thunderstorms. Sky asked ‘what is this K? is that you?’

K was alert looking at all sides replied ‘A Big NO, I’ll never spoil my beautiful hairstyle, this is not part of my plan…’ Sky couldn’t hear properly she asked ‘What did you said?’

Lightning thunder hits with loud noise and brightest light between Sky and Agon and everything turned black.

To be continued..


17 thoughts on “Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 7

  1. Thanks for stopping by, and for the patience to wait for a week βœ¨πŸ€— Yes I’m happy writing about K but . … Oops.. glad I didn’t say that… Happy Reading πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜‡

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  2. Thank you Jessica βœ¨πŸ€— So kind of you πŸ₯° I love that character K too 😍 He is tiny, cute funny 😁 Having fun πŸ€—

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