Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 6

Somewhere called SUMWER a large sized dark women, sat in a floating throne, she was called Black Diamond, the evil of dream world looked more angry, she asked ‘She is more evil now as she was introduced after 5 chapters. Why a strong evil like me was ignored all this time, you all ignored me, isn’t it? ‘ She looked at her image in the mirror and said ‘Never Mind, I’ll make them pay for introducing me so late’ she smirked.

She closely had watched Sky and her activities, the evil of this dream world lived alone, she spoke to herself again in the mirror, she said ‘My time is coming to step out from this dream world, don’t you worry, I’m going out, so are you my beautiful reflection’ she said with an evil laugh.. the laugh that shook the entire place.

On the other side…

Sky looked at K, K adjusted his hair looking at the shadow of himself on the ground with a small comb and crooked his biceps.

Sky poked him, he asked ‘What? I was getting ready, watching young or old, I should look handsome, isn’t it, oh don’t tell me that,I know I’m handsome, I must say you are equally handsome to me, maybe we will make a good pair’ he rose his eyebrows and gave a lovely look, She looked angry, he said ‘Yes, I know her, let’s go. why you earthlings not letting me talk’

Sky commented ‘I can’t believe I created you’

K replied ‘You should think first why you like Jhonny Bravo, is he handsome like me, does he have a cool glass just like mine, he wears blue pants too? does he have a hairstyle like me, does he have body hair? hmm, a cab is coming, Sky is that you?’

Sky got a cab and said ‘After you Mr.Handsome’

K looked at her with his glasses down ‘Is that sarcasm? because I sense someone is chuckling’ he gazed at Agon

Agon grinned ‘After you Mr.K’

All of them entered and they reached market in seconds. They entered the shop, the old lady adjusted her glasses and looked at K.

Agon asked the old lady ‘Hi, thanks again for the help, we need another help, we lost a box’

Old lady smiled ‘Let’s talk in private’, she gazed at K before disappearing into a room.

K snapped his finger, he became human sized. Sky said ‘You look better at this size, you have more powers than I imagined’

K smiled in style ‘Oh yeah, that’s called being powerful isn’t it?, I know right, and these muscles and biceps are longing for such comments, My nerves feel more energy now’, Sky giggled.

Agon came out the room and shocked to see K at his size he said ‘You look big’

K said ‘Seriously? you told I’m tiny then, now I’m big, for real, what size you want me to be?’

Agon smiled

K poked Agon and asked ‘Don’t tell me you really gave her a stone?’ Agon face changed

‘I did, how did you know, were you eaves dropping?’ he said

K sighed ‘That never matters, How many?’

Agon said ‘One, any problem?’

K shook his head, turned to old lady ‘You know what you are doing? Want to leave all of us? we can have so much fun here together.’

Old lady replied ‘I feel like I know you, do I?’

K did not reply to her question but stared at her, the old lady replied ‘I don’t need no fun, I want to live life, a real life to live, to love and enjoy the beauty of real world, I can make lot of changes to this world if I get that stone, I can even help you to get back to real world with all your mighty powers, think about it, you have no idea all the power you will get, join with me, we together can live forever’

K retorted ‘I would love to, but first, if you go there at this age you might die old lady, very bad idea. there is a deadly virus on earth killing of people like you, I’ll be glad to be a human. But I don’t want to wear mask and hide my beauty plus I belong here with extra abilities and responsibilities in our world with no viruses, this is my place and I’ll stick to my role and stop you from doing this, now the stone?’ he showed her his hands.

Old lady asked ‘Why are you not understanding this? you are new, you are not aware of her aren’t you’

K replied ‘Oh I understand way better now, because I don’t know that HER, whoever that is, stone?’

Old lady eyes became small on K sternly said ‘You are never getting that back’

K snapped his hand from behind and his magic stick appeared, In seconds, K threw the stick with sharp ends pointing towards her, Old lady disappeared in a smoke, K disappeared too. Agon and Sky was vanished and appeared back in the market and asked ‘Where are they?’

K chased the old lady and they both entered space and flew fast between stars and meteors. When old lady passed through a unicorn, she hid behind its neck and turned and found she lost K, she laughed, but surprisingly K appeared in the head of unicorn and waved his hand ‘Bye!’. Old lady couldn’t understand his behaviour, she looked at her small pouch to find the stone, it disappeared, stone was lost, she screamed ‘Filthy theif, I don’t know how you did it, but You’ll pay for this’

K got back himself to the market.

Sky and Agon asked ‘Where is she? why she is bothered about the stone?’

K snapped goes back to tiny version he said ‘Agon, You have no idea what have you done to her, Sky don’t tell me he is your boyfriend, you deserve a better person, he is so dumb, I can’t imagine he did that’ K complained about K as he walked forward.

Agon snapped ‘Tiny again, is this your real size or you tricking us now? on top of that K, I don’t understand why she is bad, she helped me to get sky out from her trance, why is the stone so important?’

K asked ‘Who found who? you found her? or she found you?’

Agon thought for a while ‘She found me’

K replied ‘Who asked help? she offered or you asked?’

Agon replied ‘She did, But I got Sky back, she did her job, now we got Sky right? what s with that stone’

K shrugged his shoulders ‘Hey giant, stop talking , She needs the stones, and a box, to go back to living world, pretending to be you or her and if that happened, you both will be stuck here for eternity, now, to get you out, you need that box and one more stone’

Sky commented ‘She tricked Agon’ she stared at Agon

Agon stared at her in shock and sighed ‘Never mind, I was expecting a thanks’

K giggled ‘ Sky, but he got no options though, poor guy, he did took much risk for a stone and did you get the second one?’

Agon sighed ‘Was so close, it is a small walking fire, I couldn’t touch it’

Sky looked at him amazed ‘Its good you didn’t got that’

K said ‘If that happened, I would have killed him’

Agon stared at him and said to Sky ‘Can we trust this guy? I feel too weird about his powers and knowledge, if he created by you, how did he knew everything’ he whispered

K replied as if he heard their conversation ‘Agon, You know what? I’m good with girls, definitely we are not going to get better together, Sky ask him to stay away from us, he have trust issues, and promise me you never created me thinking of this guy, I’m pretty sure I’m way better than this dumb giant, glad I’m powerful’

Agon asked Sky ‘Why would you create someone like him? He is very disturbing and suspicious and annoyingly brilliant which brings me to doubt about him’

Sky smiled ‘Hell no, look at him, Smart, Handsome, powerful, and all girls will like guys like him and he is tiny and cute, I liked such men Agon, I like him too’

Agon sighed ‘It’s you are the only girl that like someone like him’

K raised his eyebrows and looked at his biceps ‘Now you are talking Sky, did you also tell him we had divorced’

Agon looked her in shock, Sky winked as a symbol of K lied.

Agon feeling down thought to himself ‘She likes tiny men? very weird, Sky likes me or not, morning she said she liked me before, now she likes him too, oh boy, I’m confused’

K pinched his thighs and whispered, ‘Hey, I can hear that, don’t you worry she likes you, else I’ll help you to fall in love with her.’

Agon grinned ‘how did you do that, hearing what I think? and is it true, she likes me? ‘

K smiled ‘Oh yes it is’

Sky asked ‘What you guys are talking?’

K turned around cleared his throat, ‘He said likes me, I think he loves me, I told him I’m not gay’

Sky giggled, Agon commented ‘No, no, no that’s not, it’s something else, he is kidding’

Sky asked ‘Stop these Jokes, Now where are we going?

K said ‘Follow me, I know where to go first’

Sky asked ‘Where?’


At SUMWER, ‘Come to me everyone, you are coming at the right direction, come soon, Mommy have to go out, after I get everything from all of you’ she said dramatically with an evil laugh.


To be continued…


12 thoughts on “Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 6

  1. Superb and variety beginning. An evil character complaining about it’s late intro to the story.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ Waiting for the next part..! 😊


  2. Oh this Black Diamond seems really dangerous πŸ₯Ί You made her very nervous 😬
    K and Agon are really funny πŸ˜†
    And you’ve even included the current virus situation in the story! Well done Simon πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 😁 Thank You RIbana for reading πŸ˜ƒ Black diamond is important here, even though she is late, I need her to finish this story πŸ˜…. In August, the series ends πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  4. waiting a whole week isn’t good, that’s right 😊 but that’s the plan πŸ˜ƒ else my story ends faster 😁 I know you will wait, i hope others will too 😳😜

    Liked by 1 person

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