Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 5

‘I said WAKE UP, Hi, Sky. Welcome back, I won’t let you get back to the dream again’ a tiny little man said from behind.

Sky startled at his voice and came out from her dream. Sky realized she stood in an empty ground. A smurf sized man looked like little Jhonny Bravo wrinkled his nose and shook his head.

He said ‘Hey, You have been dreaming this thing for the whole time, why didn’t you fight back, these are just illusions dummy, what took you so long?’

Sky froze at the moment confused with the little man’s talk. Sky looked at the little man and laughed ‘You are cute, looks like Jhonny Bravo but small’

‘Jhonny Who, I don’t know no Jhonny Bravo. I’m K’

Sky frowned her eyebrows ‘You are K? Just K? Where did you come from?’

K looked at her up and down ‘My mom warned me about women like you will forget me, I was hoping she was right, You brought me back, and you behave like you don’t know me?’

Sky with a confused face tried to recall what she did to bring someone like him, the last thing she remembered was she broke the clock, she suspected it ‘Did you come out of the clock?’ she asked with a surprise.

K said ‘Yes, I’m glad you broke it, you LOST me, remember? I’m afraid you got Athazagoraphobia’ K looked at her seriously.

Sky raised her eyebrows ‘Athazo? No I don’t, I lost you? we were together?’

K replied ‘Why are you asking everything as a question?, Oh no, don’t tell me you forgot we divorced’ and he rolled his black t shirt sleeves and stretched himself and he flickered his fingers to get a stick in his hand like magic and made some fighting moves ‘Now you remember? your ex husband?’

Sky ‘No way, no way I could’ve married a tiny guy like you’

K giggled ‘You believed me right ‘ he laughed.

Sky raised one of her eyebrows ‘Good joke, What else can you do? talk, joke and you have super powers?’

K said ‘Yes, Grant me 3 wishes and I will make you rich’ he teased ‘I am no genie, I am K, your protector, I can be a good friend, save you from danger and can be a good listener too, call me from anywhere I will be there in a second ‘

Sky said ‘O.k Mr.K, We should get back to hotel first, last thing I remember I planned to go meet a lady, and if I’m not wrong, you super sneezed and location changed, now, coming with me?’ she thought of a cab and it came. Sky looked at him. He commented ‘You don’t even have to ask, I am like your shadow, I know exactly where you will be, get inside’

Sky looked at him with quizzed face, as she did not understand what this little man said this whole time, with a forced smile she asked ‘How did you find me?’

K looked at her ‘I need to examine you’ he touched her head,

Sky angrily replied ‘Stop that, or I am going to break you in pieces’

K with an amazed face ‘O.M.G You really forgot everything! that means….’ K stopped and he started to think.

Sky rolled her eyes ‘Stop saying that, I am trying to recall and understand what is going on here, I stuck in a dream, and I thought clock gives me a patterned sleeping schedule and I broke it, it worked on getting out from patterned also, not from dream, Then you came’ sighed.. ‘I’m getting a feel I can do a lot more I just need to focus’

K whispered at her ‘Yes you can’

Cab stopped at the place

Sky got down from the cab, K jumped from cab and looked at the hotel and adjusted his sleeves and looked at his shadow and corrected his blonde hair with a tiny comb ‘This place had changed a lot, and let me tell you this, You have created me’ he stared at the hotel and stood with hands behind.

Sky stared at the hotel, arms folded in front she asked ‘If I created you, why did I create something like you?’

K replied ‘I’m not a thing, and because only I can save you from all the bugs entering your ear, while you were dreaming inside this dream world’

Sky said ‘Dont lie! I’m not buying that’

K raised his eyebrows ‘Good you are not dumb, you only are without memory’ he replied ‘Fine, You lost your memories, now that we need to do something, First, I will help you understand about me and you, You have created me to save you from a demon that triggers nightmares and help you don’t lose yourself here forever’

Sky sat there and asked K to sit opposite to her ‘Who is that? What is that? how did I come here? Can you tell me more?’

K stared at her ‘You know what? you have become white, last time I saw you, we both were tanned, now we both are white, isn’t it awesome, my red hair seems perfect with my skin color isn’t it? do I look fit like last time or should I have to do some cardio? huh?’ K’s face beamed.

Sky stared at him angrily.

K side eyed with a smile ‘Okay, you are not in a mood to listen, I will tell you this in short, You used to come here occasionally, because you once told me, you felt happy coming here and this is the only place that keeps you happy, I remember also, you said you brought another person here and you lost him, and a box you used to come here, then I was created to save you from the fear, nightmares, that tried to bury you in this world forever, we both tried to find that box to get you out, and we both got distracted and lost in a place where I became a clock, and you stuck in a dream cycle that exactly based out of the clock time I have shown and I wonder how you forgot everything, I ..’ K stopped and started to think.

Sky tried to recall ‘The Box, you, Agon, How did I lost my box, him and you?’ Sky groaned.

K asked ‘You came here with someone, first of all who is that?’

Sky searched for Agon, and in seconds Agon walked from behind, asked ‘Where have you been, I was searching for you the whole time, how did you disappear?’

K asked ‘Is he the one you were talking about? How did you find him?’

Agon asked ‘What is this little thing?’

K positioned himself for a fight and snapped his fingers, the stick appeared, ‘I am no little thing you giant, I will break you in pieces’

Agon smiled ‘Oh yeah! Come on little guy, let me see who is tough’

Sky tried to stop both of them, but too late K swung his little stick and it turned into a big one with sharp knifes on both end, K hit the ground with it, ground shook, like a water from the tap Agon was shot to the blue Sky.

Sky yelled ‘Why did you do that?’

K smiled ‘He needs some attitude adjustment, he will be back’.

In seconds Agon fell from Sky.

Sky laughed at him, Agon dusted off the sand on his dress ‘Oh yeah, that looks funny’

Sky said ‘Agon, I brought you here, and I lost a box that will take us both back to our world, this little guy was created by me, and he belongs here, his name is K, We all together can find this, first I need to get my memory back’

Agon said ‘let’s meet that old lady’

K asked ‘ old lady? the one in the market?’

Sky and Agon asked in unison ‘you know her?’

To be continued..

17 thoughts on “Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 5

  1. Unexpected twist is this new entry of k from writing in introducing characters that feed the thriller to glue with the story …


  2. Oh my god I can’t stop laughing at Sky encounter with a tiny Johnny Bravo hahaha πŸ˜‚ my stomach hurts!
    K is my most favorite character now. Can I adopt him? πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Never, he is very good, charming and cute and he does have a secret. You’ll find out soon πŸ˜‡ I’m sure you will still like him 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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