Brightest Moon

This is an attempt to write a story in second person POV. Thanks to Reeday Prompts. And there were a healthy competitor Jessica, Do check out her work too Jokes and Laughter. And my work too Brightest Moon. Share your likes and comments for us.

Here below is my story for non Reedsy users.

You got up early this morning and opened your diary. Today is 365th Day. You realised you complete one year today, you look yourself in the mirror and cursed yourself for being so shy.

You recalled the moment the day you saw your love first. You were late to your office and you ran to catch the bus and realised the door is automatic one, by the moment you are about to give up from your little marathon on the road, the bus stopped. There was a sweet voice that made the deaf driver to open his ears and stop the bus. You entered the bus with heavy breath, you started to sweat and drenched in it. You turned your eyes towards the saviour of the day and looked at the face for the first time. You felt like you saw the brightest moon of your life time. You stand at your balcony and see at moon every day and thought about finding a girl brighter than a moon, that day was the day you never forgotten till date, the moon you saw on that bus, was the special and brightest day. That day that night, you have noted in your diary and mentioned it as day 1 of brightest moon. You saw the brightest moon and zinged. You started to question yourself “What is Zing?” then you recalled the movie you saw a day before, Transylvania where the character says it zinged and says it is called falling in love, it’s a vampire thing, you thought “who cares, I will write I zinged it” . You wrote how you felt zinged when you met the brightest Moon. You wished you could see that Moon every day.

You wished, and it happened. You saw the same moon. You wanted to talk to the moon. You named that beauty as Moon, you convinced yourself by the name moon, another excuse to not to talk to her and named all by yourself. You never had the guts to try to ask her name. For you that beauty remained as a Moon. You started to feel the scent and aroma each time you cross that seat. Second day, you followed your Moon to find out where it worked. You felt lucky and jumped from Earth to Mars several times, when you realized the Moon works at the same company you work for. By then too, you had no guts to talk to her or enquire about your Moon with other colleagues. You were afraid to enquire as you do not wanted to get caught in a weird situation by some person she knows.

It took you 6 months to find which department your moon was working and, the dressing pattern, the height of the heels, and the most used nail polish colour of all time and the varieties of handbags from Monday to Saturday. You have written everything in your diary, despite of knowing so much about your Moon, you never tried to go and talk to your Moon. On the sixth month at your birthday like a school kid, you dressed up in your new dress and looked at yourself in the bathroom mirror and said to yourself “Hi I am Manoj, I have been… I .. I was…” you started to breath heavily that day and washed your face and you started to sweat, actually drenched. Whenever you decide to take any step forward to your Moon, you get nervous and forget the idea of first move.

On the 7th month you had faced your villain, the new handsome guy in the crowd. You admired the guy’s way of dressing, smart, fit, and always neatly shaven and even you imitated him, noted that person more than your moon, but all you got is the same stare. Yes, you realised on the seventh month she started to stare at you every day. You knew it the eyes calling you, but you get nervous every time she looks at you and proved yourself you shake every time. You asked yourself tons of questions “What if I stutter?,” “What if my colour becomes a reason for rejection?,” “What if the girl says I am just a friend?,” “What if the stare is not for me at all?” You got nervous each time asking yourself tons of questions. You watched yourself videos that pulled up your motivational hormones, on how to propose to a girl. You know how many you have watched, sadly you have not implemented any of the moves with your Moon.

On the 9th month you have come to your senses and realized, in 3 months you will complete one year. You felt this is not a moment to be proud of, and you got this feel every day in the morning, after you look at your diary, you promised yourself that you will talk to your Moon, and one day you have taken that big step, sadly the handsome guy interfered, you did not expected that. You cursed yourself for you reached their late. Else the handsome guy might never interfered your life. You thought about it for a week and your overthinking completely occupied you from doing nothing.

You lacked confidence, and you said that to yourself many times, and yet you never took a step. You have wasted total 11 months by that time, and poor Moon got tired of stares at you with a hope you would go and talk to her. You had a dark fear that one day one handsome boy will get married to this beautiful girl if you did not take any step anytime soon. 

Today is being the 365th day you had promised yourself that you will talk to her, you have brought all the confidence you have reached the same bus stop today. The same bus stop where tons of lovers proposed and even got married. You stood there with your diary and thought “Just say it,” you silently reminded yourself. You knew you’d regret it if you didn’t. You walked to her and gave your diary with shaking hands. She opened the diary and started to giggle and looked at all your scribbling’s. She wrote something and looked at you, a miracle happened inside your body you opened your mouth and the 3 golden words came out of your mouth “I Love you” before you complete the word you, you got a hard slap on your soft skin. You hung your head down and looked at the floor. Your chin was lifted and you heard another 3 golden words, your face beamed up and your Moon revealed the real name in your diary. You opened it and read “Mini”, you smiled as you saw the soft hands you admired that held your hands tight, Your love story began.

The end…

Don’t give that look, she will run away, look at your face, bring out that charm. You struggled one year to tell this to your brightest Moon isn’t it? you better get married soon, Else another chapter will come to write about you again … “1000 days to get married”, it’s a prophecy, you can ignore it.

And the love chapter began… 😉


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  1. 😅😅They did😃. Thanks for stopping my Ribana 🤗. I saw news there was earthquake, hope everyone is safe? Good Morning Ribana… Have a safe Tuesday ✨🤗

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  2. Yup…. He is…. But I don’t want to compare that legend with you….lol😂😂😂 Just kidding…. You are an amazing writer…. You have awesome imagination….

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  3. I am a legend too 😒 But you don’t know me yet, like I know to myself 🙄, that so many myself is so proud of me 😃😸😜. And thanks for the appreciation 😊🤗

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  4. 😜Caught you 😹😹 Smileys worked 😁😁😁😁 No I don’t feel bad, just playing with smileys😄 and I tried to joke 😳🙄 I wonder why people never figure out my jokes 😅 fine I’ll laugh alone.😂😹

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