Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 4

Sky and Agon opened their eyes and they both looked at the clock it was 6:30 AM. Sky turned and found Agon beside, she had commented ‘See? you are here ‘

Agon with a confused face ‘Yes, It’s strange, the moment you have come here things have changed, that’s a good sign’ he said with a forced smile, he was still on confusion.

Sky looked at Agon closely, Agon watched her back ‘Why are you staring at me like that?’ Agon commented, his heart beaten loudly, he felt uncomfortable the way Sky moved closer to him.

Sky kept her fingers on his lips and whispered ‘don’t speak’ both of their eyes connected together. Agon with heavy breath moved closer and closed his eyes and kissed Sky back. Both of them got turned on and they both hugged each other and things turned wild on bed. After an hour, Sky and Agon woke up and looked at the clock it said 6:30 PM, Sky woke up from her bed and said ‘not anymore’ and pulled out the clock from the wall and broke it into pieces.

Agon looked at her in shock ‘How did you do that?’

Sky replied ‘We are not sleeping tonight’

Agon asked back ‘That helps?’

Sky feeling angry, ‘I think so’

Agon jumped out of bed ‘You remember any thing? can you help us out, let’s get out from here’

Sky stared at him ‘I didn’t said I remember everything’

Agon face felt low he sat in his bed and hung his head and took a deep breath ‘Well, at least we are not sleeping in a mad timeline’

Sky walked close to him and sat beside him. ‘I will get us out of this place’

Agon face lit up ‘ So how do you think breaking the clock puts an end to this?’

‘Told you, I fed up seeing that, and today I felt I something, see it is 6:30, we didn’t sleep yet’ she said

‘Yes, that means it’s working out. we did it ‘ he said happily.

‘Are we this close before?’ she asked

Agon blushed with a smile in his face ‘It never happened before between us, but we were best friends’

Sky came close to him ‘Well, I like you Agon, we will find the way very soon, I feel things are coming to our control’

Agon asked ‘We should try with that lady once, to know further’

Sky looked at him ‘You sure?’

Agon shrugged his shoulders ‘She helped you to get out from trance, maybe she will help for this too’

Sky thought for a while ‘Lets go!” They both walked out neatly dressed with hands together . Sky looked at her dress ‘Why am I wearing a brides dress?’ and she looked at Agon ‘And why are you wearing a tuxedo?’

Agon smiled ‘I wished’

Sky slapped him ‘Don’t dream too much’ Sky closed her eyes and opened to see her dress, she was back in her Jeans and white satin blouse and Agon stood there in his boxers.

Agon asked ‘Why did you do that?’

Sky giggled ‘You deserve that, you look hot. don’t change it’

Agon raised one of his eyebrows ‘Are you sure?’

Sky chuckled ‘Yes you are Agon, will I lie to you?’

Agon with beamed face followed her, ‘Its so much fun here than real world, isn’t it?’ he said

Someone sneezed from behind.

Everything turned black, Sky woke up in her house, her dad stared at her, Sky called ‘Dad?’

Sky’s Dad stared at her and said ‘Why are you keep searching us, we died my child, take care of yourself as you got no one Sky, Wake up from the dream, you have lot to do’

Sky frowned her eyebrows ‘Wait, what did you say?’

To be continued…


24 thoughts on “Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 4

  1. Sky stuck in a dream, Title says it all she is definitely in a dream and whatever she see here is happening in her dream and in a dream anything can happen so expect the unexpectedπŸ˜‰πŸ‘ Happy reading πŸ€—

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  2. Dreams are good. There is a lesson for us we have to learn from it. Because grate people got inspiration in the dream

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  3. Who wants to wake up if dreams are better… geez daddy… joke, I’m trying to lighten up my mood because I don’t want to be stuck in my dream. I’m about to sleep damn it.

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