Sky Stuck in a dream – Episode 3

Sky woke up and looked at her clock, it said 6:30 AM. She tried to recall everything about yesterday, She remembered the shop name and Agon and the time. She tried hard to recall and remembered the street name and the narrow street. Sky wished ‘I wish I have a diary to be with me all the time’. Sky looked at the table, there was a diary and a pen. Sky said ‘You are here? Why I never saw you?’ Sky started to write about the things she remembered and came out of her room and entered the kitchen. She made coffee alone. She came back and entered the dining room and had a cup of coffee she tried to think about yesterday. Sky wanted to know everything about this, but she have to meet Agon first.

Sky stood from her chair and walked out of her room and entered kitchen. Her mom stared at the bright window, Sky asked her ‘ What are you staring at Mom?’

Her mom with tears in her eyes did not heard her she said ‘Where are you sky?  Why did you leave us?’

Sky looked at her hand ‘Am I dead? Mom, I am here’ she said and tried to touch her mom, in seconds everything turned to dust.

Sky came out of her house neatly dressed and started to walk. Sky looked at her dress and came out of the trance again ‘When did I got ready? Why my mom said like that? where am I going now? Oh yes, I need to meet Agon,’ she forgot all the questions she asked herself and focused to meet Agon . Right now, only Agon can give her all answers, Sky believed in him.

Sky searched for a Cab and her Cab stopped in front of her as soon she thought about it. Sky entered the car and asked him ‘Do you know where did you picked me up yesterday?’

The cab driver nodded his head and in seconds she got down from the car and she reached the narrow street, she turned left and right and found no one, she turned to ask the Cab driver about where Agon is, but the car was gone.

Sky waited for the guy in the shade of a large poster board. A few moments later.

Agon ran in the empty ground reached the narrow street some how, and decided to find Sky. Agon ran faster and turned back to check whether the group are chased him. Agon hit a girl and fell down.

Sky looked at Agon ‘How many times do we have to meet like this?’

Agon looked left and right and pulled her inside a shop and told her ‘Demons are chasing me’

‘Those are not demons’ she said

Agon asked to stare outside the window and see it by herself. But all she saw was a bunch of men with a blank face searched Agon. Sky gave her handbag to Agon and told him ‘seriously? if we are in a dream? you have to stop dreaming about this, I see only some faceless men, let me handle it’

Agon, before he start to say a word Sky walked out and whistled at the group of men. They all looked at her for a second and ran faster towards her. Sky took a large rod and ran towards them, Sky fought so easily like she was trained to do this before. Agon watched her in shock.

Sky walked back to the shop, Agon stared at her in shock and said ‘Why did you do that?’

Sky with a confused face ‘I have helped you! and this is how you say thank you?’

Agon replied ‘I got no one to chase me now, how will I pass my time? How did you learned to fight like that? well I found you right ? I’m glad’

Sky holds his hand and replied ‘you were searching for me? this is a dream right? Look at me, I need to know why I don’t remember anything’

Agon looked at her and hugged her ‘You are back!’

Not understanding his strange behaviour, Sky asked him back ‘Wait, Do I know you? I have tons of questions in my head, was I in coma?’

‘No you were in a trance, now you are back from the trance, you have to think hard to remember me. We both are friends, and we stuck here for years, and only you know how to get out from here’

Sky questioned ‘wait, what did you say?’

Agon replied ‘Yes, we are stuck here, pretty long back. May be some 4 years. And I lost you, I was searching for you, and I found a woman that told me you were in a trance and I asked her some help and she helped’

Sky smiled ‘Now I remember , you are the guy that helped me released from trance.’

Agon came forward close to her and replied ‘Yes I am, Now you need to help me, first we need to get your memory back, and get out from here’

‘First, I need to know how it all began?’

Agon looked at the time ‘Are you kidding me? you brought me here’

Sky not remembering her past asked him ‘Tell me everything you know about me’

Agon said ‘So let me tell you this first you will be awake only till 6:30 PM, and it’s like a loop we get back into our senses again at 6:30 AM and it repeats everyday, I think’

Sky sighed ‘Wait! Where you going?’

Agon pointed the clock it said “6:30” ‘Get back to your place, I’ll meet you tomorrow’

Sky looked at him seriously ‘ This is a dream right? why don’t you come with me?’

Agon said ‘I actually have some fun you know, my place is a lot better’

Sky questioned ‘how better?’ and raised her eyebrows

Agon whistled a car came, they both travelled in car and they both reached to Agon’s place in seconds.

Sky looked at the larger buildings and suite and people to welcome him, she commented ‘Wow, you live like a king here?’

Agon replied ‘Yes and got chased by cats eveyday, I have no idea why it happens’

They both entered his room and Sky looked at the entire place it’s a beach view inside his room. Sky with a doubt ‘Hey, we are in the middle of a city, and how can we see a beach from your room?’

Agon smiled ‘Come on Sky, we are in a dream’

Sky lied in his bed ‘Tell me about it Agon, I need to know everything ‘

Agon replied ‘We got time, I think, I need answers too, Just remember this, don’t go anywhere tomorrow, I’ll be here as soon I wake up’

Sky asked confused ‘But, You are going to sleep with me right?’

Agon smiled ‘I am, but when we wake up, we don’t usually wake up at same place’

Sky said ‘But I woke up in my house everyday’

Agon looked at time and said ‘Oh Oh ..’

Before sky could react both of them stuck in their trance and they both found themselves lying in bed. Both of them closed their eyes and looked at the clock before they slept, the time was 6:30 PM.

To be continued…


34 thoughts on “Sky Stuck in a dream – Episode 3

  1. Yes 😁 You know, no one can out any rules or logic here, because it’s a dream, anything can happen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Thank you for the kind words Steve 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Exactly a great point Steve, in a dream anything is possible, dream or no dream, we are the creators, and we make it in our way πŸ˜‰πŸ€— Looking fwd to ur beach 😁 and you have released ur next part already πŸ™„. I am late, I’ll catch up soon πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very true, dreams are good that way. Looking forward to this series!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ You’re doing a great job!😁 Next chapter coming soon! What is going on with this case? Why is Karl so nervous? Lots of “why” already, but no answers.😁😸🌞

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  4. Thank you Steve πŸ₯° Oh I know that spirit, you are going to leave us a large number of suspense😍 I can’t wait to complete reading your other posts first πŸ€—βœ¨

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks Anisha, I am trying my best to end this soon. Whatever you read is necessary. I’m cutting off all elements that will waste our time. Thanks Anisha. This means so much to me✨πŸ₯°

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