Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 2

Sky went to her bedroom and tried to sleep again. In moments she slept. Sky woke up, looked at her clock, and walked out of her room all dressed up with a handbag. Sky was not able to realise whether is that a dream or real, she believed everything was real like she was in a trance.

She was served food by her Mom with her Dad beside, they were silent the whole time. Sky managed to take some money from her dad’s pocket and walked outside.

She walked between a market place. It looked like a well known place for her. A guy was running faster on the street accidentally he slipped on her and fell down. He angrily looked at her, before he responded Sky slapped him.

The young man got angry, before he could react he was chased by some group.

He retorted ‘Remember this time, I’ll come for you’ Sky smirked and took her bag and continued to walk.

She walked inside a shop. An old lady stooped from her chair and looked at Sky and asked her ‘Where is my money?’

Sky looked at her confused and questioned herself ‘Why did I come here? ‘What money she is asking?’

Old lady stood from her chair and said ‘Look here kid, you have come here and begged me to save you and now you pretend like you don’t know me?’

‘Save me from what?’ Sky asked.

The old lady smiled at her ‘I made you realise the truth of your dreams for the first payment I got from a guy. Now you should pay me the rest so that I can help you’

She exclaimed ‘I am in a dream! I
This isn’t real!’

‘Ofcourse not, do you even know why you are here?’

‘I forgot, I don’t remember’

‘You will not remember, because you stuck in this dream’

Sky looked at her both hands, dropped the bag and sat on the floor shaking her head she cried ‘ No no no, not again, why I don’t remember anything?’

Old lady calmly replied ‘ You will not, because you lost here’

‘Help me’ Sky pleaded for help

‘Money talks here girl, dream or real you pay me I talk’ Sky opened her bag and shuffled her things to find the money, she had everything except money. Sky said ‘You wait here, by any cost I’ll pay you’

‘Try to remember everything’ she said.

Sky turned and looked at the old lady ‘I am trying’ Sky walked outside and realised there is no market. She turned and got shocked to find she is standing near an empty ground. From there the way goes between a narrow street.

Sky closed her eyes and tried to recall the place she entered, she could able to remember the street name and shop name. Sky face lit up. She walked between the narrow street. The guy she saw few hours back was still running around, again slipped and fell down, he got up and replied ‘I can see you again, just remember this place, don’t forget, I’ll come and explain next time’

Sky eyes got wide ‘Are you in a dream too?’

The guy nodded, he was chased by some people again he quickly told her ‘whatever happens remember me. I’ll be around; I am stuck too. We will meet again, I need your help, don’t ever forget me okay?’

He started to run. Sky yelled ‘Your name?’ ‘

‘Agon…’ he said running and disappeared in the narrow street.

Sky looked at the sky and asked herself ‘What will I do now?’ A car stopped in front of her ‘Need a ride Mam?’ Sky nodded and travelled back to her home and walked back to her house. Sky realised something and turned to call taxi driver but he disappeared.

Sky walked back to her room, dropped her bag and looked at her clock and stared at it. Sky recalled last time she goes to sleep and woke up she saw same time 6:30 AM

Sky watched the clock closely, and found the clock kept running but the time wasn’t changed. Sky tried to recall everything that happened that day, the shop, the street name, the narrow street, Agon.

Sky felt she knew him for long, Sky lied in her bed and started to think about how she knew him.

In few moments Sky slept.

To be continued…


23 thoughts on “Sky stuck in a dream – Episode 2

  1. Thanks for reading Ribana, Looks like it will take some time to reveal and understand what’s happening 😊 Where exactly is sky? is agon real? πŸ€” and lot more coming πŸ€—βœ¨

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  2. That’s the interesting part! That a reader can’t understand what is going on, is a dream, is a reality? That’s what makes us read more and more πŸ˜‰πŸ€© That’s a kind of story that one can’t leave it until the end πŸ˜‰

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