Sky Stuck In A Dream – Episode 1

Sky looked at her clock, lying in her bed. she got anxious each time while her eyes pulling together to sleep. Sky tried to keep her awake for reason, she drank a bottle of water and looked at her clock again.

Sky worried and said ‘Why is the clock not running fast? Please, God don’t let me sleep, please’

Sky crying in her bed, had been praying to God to not to let her sleep, few minutes later, Sky fell asleep soundly and peacefully.

Sky woke up in her room and looked at the clock. She walked out of her bedroom and called her mother.

“Mom? Are you there? How long have I been calling you?”

“Stop yelling Sky, have some manners, tomorrow you cannot yell at your husband like this”

“Why not? Only men have the rights to call their parents loudly and scream, yell at them?”

“You are growing up as a bad girl, now make your mom a black coffee, you know how much I love black coffee, don’t spoil it’s taste”

“You taught me remember? I know you love that, stop instructing me everytime to make it perfect, tomorrow I won’t be here to yell and call you and make some perfect coffee”

Sky’s mom laughed “You silly girl, you are talking too much these days, don’t you worry, I will never get stuck in such situation”

“Don’t even think of having a maid”

“Who said I’m going to have a maid, I have your father”

Sky laughed loudly “Mom if Dad hears you?”

“What he will do? I’ll ask him to make breakfast along with black coffee”

Both of them laughed now. Sky took two cups of tea, walked into her dining room, Sky placing her two cup of hot coffee, sat on her table, and called her Mom

Her Dad came inside looked at her with a worried face, “Who are you calling?”.

“I’m calling Mom”

With cracked voice “Are you joking?”

“Dad, are You joking? This is how I call Mom, you have a problem too with my yelling?”

“Why is there two cups of coffee?”

“One for me, and one for Mom”

He sat on the chair and stooped towards her “Sky, look at me, your Mom died, please stop acting like this”

Sky looking at her Dad and realised she had been talking with herself the whole time in kitchen and looked at her Dad with moist eyes

“You will also disappear right?”

“Why my child?, you are my little princess, I won’t leave you”

Sky cried …. watching her Dad disappear…

Sky sobbed “I know you will disappear, because you both died on same day, I’m stuck in my dream again….”

Why is she stuck in a dream? Is there a way to come out? Keep reading, Every Wednesday!

Thanks for reading!


33 thoughts on “Sky Stuck In A Dream – Episode 1

  1. Thank you so much Jeremy, I might take some time to do it. But I would definitely do it. So kind of you dear ✨✍️


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