Mistake – The End

Sam nods his head with a smile, okay I’ll go, But before that do me a favor, now stop the car.

Chloe asks why?

Just stop, right there, yes after that signal yup. Now here, this is the Letter you wanted to give it to your husband, courier it.

Chloe rises her eyebrows, are you serious?

Sam smiles, if you are not doing this, I’m going to do it.

Chloe looks at him angrily, tell me why are you doing this, I have seen you this morning and since then… She stammers and says I feel like a different person, I don’t feel hungry anymore, and you bring me to this place and I got this car, what’s all this about? Is everything planned? what you want from me? She finished her little speech.

Sam jumps out of the car and starts to walk towards the post office, Chloe slowly walks behind him with her stick and yells what the hell are you doing?

Sam smiles, I have a copy, you are posting the original or I’m doing the copy, don’t think I’m forcing you, I’m just trying to help, and I get nothing because of doing this, your husband deserves to know why you were like that, then why did write this letter if you don’t want me to post it? This will stay in your heart, let it go!

Chloe looks at him with a confused face, I can’t believe you took a copy of it? Chloe grunts her teeth, Sam hears a song play nearby and starts to dance to the music from a nearby shop. Chloe shakes her head, God I can’t believe I’m listening to this crazy guy, She starts to walk towards post office, Sam smiles and jumps in excitement and he sits back in the car.

Chloe comes back and looks at him, I did it.

There was a long silence,

Thanks for making me do that.

Sam asks How do you feel now?

I feel better than ever, she smiles at him and asks now give me the copy.

Sam hands over her a paper, Chloe shocked at what she saw and asks him for real sam?

It’s called a paper, you know the one that comes from tree and if you plant it, it never grows back, isn’t it strange? So you know why?

Chloe stares at him with a blank face

Sam shrugs his shoulders and says I lied okay? And he winks at her, comeon you said you are feeling better, and it’s my pleasure to do that, Now, can’t wait give you a nice treat with your Money.

Chloe drives her car again and looks at a Chinese restaurant stops the car and says I’ll eat here.

Chloe orders heavy meal and starts eating. Sam orders nothing, Chloe asks him to order but he did nothing, and watches her in amusement and commented.

I am happy and feeling full seeing you eat, now I think, this is the reason why he left you, you eat like a garbage truck, where all the food goes inside that huge mouth? He looks at her in shock.

Chloe face turns angry and asks him to leave her alone, Sam says wish granted Chloe, he comes outside as he orders nothing, he waits in her car.

Chloe finishes her dinner and comes back and starts the car, after few mins Sam says, do me another favor, as soon as you reach home, do finish reading that diary, and when you finish reading that, just remember this, Mistake happens, knowingly or unknowingly, it’s all about whether we realise it or not and how we overcome and survive and do something for people that impacted and how to make our mistakes forgotten by our good deeds.

Chloe stares at him, you are very strange, why are you saying all this, what mistakes did I do?

Sam smiles, and says you’ll have to finish reading that first to understand what I am saying.

Chloe answers I don’t want to recall those words from my husband, you know what he wrote, he thinks I’m a miserable person, what else is there for me to read ? Look I’m feeling better, it’s good sharing with you, no one ever did that, or maybe I didn’t allowed anyone actually to talk with me, that’s the truth, but you are good, I’m sorry about all the yelling, I’ll change it too very soon.

Sam laughs, wow that’s a quiet a lot of change in a day, I get it, just stay like this forever and do good, and don’t forget your wallet like I did.

Chloe smiles and all of a sudden she stops the car whe she finds a girl suddenly jumps inside road. Chloe yells at the little kid, are you blind and deaf?

The kid turns her face and Chloe freeze there, she saw the same girl that comes in her dream, she asks Sam whether he can see her, he replies yes he do.

Chloe quickly comes out of her car, and starts to walk towards the girl. And asks her hey! Are you okay?

The kid starts to run. Chloe stands there frozen and asks Sam to chase her and find her where she stays. After few minutes Sam comes back, I found her house. Do you want go?

Chloe looks at him “Yes I do, can we go by car?

Sam nods, and they both starts the car and finds the girl house, Sam points out a yellow house and tells her to go inside and check out.

Chloe walks towards the house asks Sam to come with her, Sam smiles she is all yours Chloe, not mine, he winks and says she won’t bite you, get inside.

Chloe shakes her head not understanding what he says, When she enters her house Chloe saw two girls sitting together and looked starving and there was an old lady taking care of both of them, all of them looked so thin. Chloe asks the old lady in the bed whether she can buy food for them, the old lady nods and said so kind of you, Chloe comes out and goes to near by hotel, Sam follows her and asks what did you see? Two girls? Chloe says yes and they are hungry, I must do something for them.

Sam says I know what they likes and Sam suggests a food to Chloe and she bought the same and comes back home, Chloe asks Sam while on her way how he knows them, Sam smiles I’ll definitely tell you that, now hurry up he whispers. Chloe enters that small house and gives them food, both girls starts to eat the food. Chloe asks the old lady, Where are her parents?

The old lady looks at her with moist eyes, and says she lost her son on a car accident few weeks back and shows her a picture of their family. Chloe froze looking at the picture, it was Sam and his family, Chloe starts to sweat and she asks the old lady is this Sam? The old lady nods her head, Chloe keeps her hand in her mouth and controls her emotions and says I’ll come and meet you again.

She silently comes out and looks for Sam he disappeared, she calls for him, she yells, she screams, but she couldn’t find him. Chloe gets emotional she slowly walks and gets inside her car and starts to recall everything and realises all this time she was talking to a spirit and that’s why people looked at her strangely while she talks and yells at him in the park.

Chloe reminds of the diary Sam said to her, the last favour, she opens the diary and starts to read the balance.

And don’t forget this too, because of you, two kids lost their parents, on the day of accident you lost the control and your car jumped from a bridge and killed a man on the street. This is your worst mistake Chloe god will never forgive you. Stop being a selfish maniac and when you recover do something for them, I couldn’t even able to face the kids at the time of accident, I’ve helped them to move with their grand parents. Find below their address, Do something good for them, and do them a favour for turning their life upside down.


Chloe broke down she slams her car steering with her bare hands and in emotion Chloe starts her car again and she starts to drives like a crazy person. Chloe pushes her gas pedal like she is flying in the sky.

Chloe, calm down, she hears a voice

Chloe saw Sam in her rear view and stops the car suddenly and turns back to find no one.

Chloe parks the car and gets out of the car and searches for him, after she feels like she lost him again, she sits there and starts to cry for sometime, Sam places his hands on her shoulder.

Chloe looks up and hugs him for a while

Sam holds her hand and looks in her eyes, it’s okay Chloe, Calm down, I did all this illusions only to make you realise how my kids suffer, and I came to you to ask for help, turns out and looked like you needed some help first, so I did what I can, now it’s your turn Chloe, you have to do this for me, my last favour, will you do?

Chloe cries again nods her head, Sam says, You lost your patience once and lot happened, it’s a mistake that unknowingly happened, do not repeat the same mistake Chloe, you got another chance of life, not everyone gets a second chance and you got a life again with a purpose, make it worth it. And do something for my kids and try to do for all other kids that lost their parents, I’ve worked hard to keep them happy until I was there, now it’s your turn. Take care of my kids and stay happy, will you?

As he completes, Sam disappears in wind.

Chloe stands up and wipes her tears, Chloe sits back in her car and closes her eyes and sleeps there for a while, she wakes up in shock with a sound of a horn and recalls everything, it felt like a dream for her, not knowing what to do she starts her car and leaves home.

After 6 months…

2 kids coming out from school calling Mummy, Chloe sits inside her car talking to someone, two kids jumps inside the car and kisses her in the cheek, Chloe asks today is a big day remember? The kids replies in unison daddy’s Birthday..

Chloe takes the kid to a ceremony of her new foundation opening on Sam’s birthday in memory of Sam, Sam’s foundation for kids lost their parents in tragedy. Chloe did not have much friends, but Chloe was happy with what she is doing now!

Chloe adopts Sam’s family and donates all her saving for the foundation, and with a good pay from her new job she develops Fresh contacts with good people to help her foundation grow, Chloe is happy and the kids are happy, she knows the way she changed and closes her eyes, she hears a whisper Thank you Chloe..

She opens her eyes with a smile and walks with the kids, “Comeon kids time to go back home, who wants ice cream?”

The kids replies in unison “I need, I need first!” Chloe walks down laughing….

The end!


32 thoughts on “Mistake – The End

  1. Wow, Simon! A fantastic story, it was. Right from the beginning, it was so gripping with too many suspenses.
    Btw, why was the letter signed as Charles? I didn’t get that.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Thank you Ribana, An ending with positive note is always my favourite πŸ₯° Thanks for reading since the beginning and for the valuable comments 😍. have a wonderful evening βœ¨πŸ€—πŸ’

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh that’s a bits and pieces revealed diary message for her, the one diary you read at the beginning, is the same diary that ends the story. she was hesitant to read it in full 😊. Thank you for reading from the beginning, and for asking the question. Let me look at it again, if it looks confusing I’ll work at it again πŸ€—

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Very beautiful and unique twist. Never expected Sam to be the spirit. I suspect the child. The story is awesome and ending is really pleasing. I missed the notification of this post as I was not too active in WordPress for past 2 days. Really enjoyed this series. Hopping you will write more of such type. πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ’žπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I would love to write similar, there is this thing a plot with several twist, while planning I actually twisted the entire plan and now the plan is is the garage 😜. I’ll start a new one once I figure that out clearly. Until then enjoy reading my short stories βœ¨πŸ€— Have a wonderful weekend βœ¨πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Seriously superb story simon..πŸ‘Œ
    Good story with more twist and positive ending…
    Happy to see you as an author by Alex and chloe…and more to go on…😎

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Aw love the twist and that ending. I made a complete 180degree turn on Sam. I guess I can’t blame him for going through her diary. I still don’t like Chloe but everyone deserves a second chance. And Sam forgave her so… yeah I won’t hate her now… still don’t like her but I love the ending 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh, I didn’t win at that part πŸ™„ Did I made Chloe that bad πŸ€” Fine, I was trying to get the sof corner of readers πŸ˜‚. It’s okay it didn’t work out, maybe some other storyπŸ˜…


  9. Don’t get me wrong. I think you great job here. And you did touch that tender part of my heart, but I just don’t like her. However, it’s also a good thing because humans aren’t perfect beings we’re full of flaw and that’s what Chloe is. She’s human and perfect as is. I’m a character driven reviewer so that’s why I went full fire πŸ˜„

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