Mistake – Part 6

Chloe looks at the picture how did you get my picture?

The old man looks at her with patience, And gave her a letter.

She opens it and starts to read.

Hi Chloe, I am your Uncle Kilo. If you are reading this letter I am no more.

I know what I did to you during your childhood is unforgivable, but please forgive me, even though I am dead by the time you read this letter, I know how You have changed and I saw you one day I even tried to talk to you but you ignored me but happened to talk with your husband, he told me about you, I felt guilty for what you became. I only wanted to say I have got a punishment for the sins I made, Maybe not the punishment you had in mind but it’s ofcourse a worst punishment. You begged me I’ve never listened, now I’m begging to God to give me life one more day just to speak to you and apologise, but he did not listened.

I was paralysed, the reason why you haven’t seen me after that incident because I’ve not disappeared I had a bad fall and which broke my neck and paralysed me for the rest of my life and in the middle I’ve got leukaemia and doctor said my days are very less. Then I have asked my brother to write a letter and gave him your picture to find you and give it to you. My sorry doesn’t going to change anything, I know, But If I could turn back time it would definitely made a better Chloe. Chloe I am not asking to forgive you, but forget what happened and I had to be punished, looks like you are punishing yourself, what for? Chloe, learn to move on, you are a beautiful kid Chloe, you still are, don’t let your dark past lose that beautiful you, I know deep inside, that beautiful happy Chloe is alive, bring her back, and start living.

Thanks, Kilo

Chloe gives back the letter and without saying anything she slowly walks out the door. The old man comes with a car key and says a present from my brother, If you can drive you can take this. I’m not forcing you, but consider this as a help. Don’t walk for long and keep this car with you.

Chloe didn’t said anything, the old man gives the car key in her hand and gets back inside the house. Chloe walks out of his house and searches for Sam to tell what happened inside, but he was not found, she hears his voice, Chloe turns back to find him sitting inside the car and screams this is super cool you must try driving.

Chloe yells at him, come out of that stupid car.

Sam waves his hand and says I’m tired, can’t walk anymore, now come on, I heard it’s a gift for you.

Chloe opens the car and gets inside and asks how did you get inside?

Sam looks at her you think too much, it’s obvious the car was not locked.

Chloe rolls her eyes and places her head on the steering wheel and asks how do you know him?

I use to ask him to sell this car to me, he never did, one day he showed your picture and said it was a gift that is pending to deliver. And today I think you got your gift.

Chloe hits the car steering with her bare hands. Sam watches her in shock and asks what’s that for?

Chloe eyes had a drop of a tear, Sam asks are you crying?

Chloe shakes her head as no, and starts the car and drives back home.

On the way Chloe stares at Sam, he notices her and says Keep your eyes on the road Chloe, you don’t want to go hospital again right? his face shines brightly.

Chloe says Thanks Sam!

Sam turns his head suddenly, Well, Don’t say it yet, I might steal this tonight, because I’ve had my eyes on this car for years.

Chloe smiles a little.

Sam pinches himself, damn this is definitely not a dream, you laughing? You know how to do that? Is the old man taught you that? God, I must thank the old man, he is a a great guy and look at your face so bright, just like mine!

Chloe smiles and asks him did you read my letter and diary.

Sam nods, huh huh yes I did

Chloe answers I mentioned about an old man right.

Yes the child molester, have you ever thought of punishing him? People like him has to be hanged to death, no forgiveness to give at all!

Chloe nods her head, He is the reason why I am like this, I should move on, I still think of that bad day and lost all my happiness, I think this is the biggest mistake of my entire life, I’ve wasted all my life thinking about this and I put rules to myself all these years and what did I get? Nothing! I simply lost my happy youth days and lost a smart husband just because some random guy did something to me, how did I let myself to be like this?

Sam replies, I know I’ve read this in the letter written to your husband.

Chloe continues, and he is dead Sam, he suffered and died, he lived his last 15 years paralysed and died in leukaemia and this is his car, he even wrote an apology letter for me, I feel like I’ve got relieved from a prison.

Sam nods his head with a smile, all it takes a moment move on, happy for you Chloe and, is this car belonged to a dead man? I am not going to steal this, I’m getting goosebumps already. I thought you are going date with that old man when he gave you car keys, with a chuckle and seriously, that man deserves to die.

Chloe drives her car in silence.

Sam looks at Chloe and gives back her diary.

Chloe looks at the diary, you gave it to me right? I can’t beleive you, you stole it again. Stop coming to my house, that’s it, in dropping you today and that’s it.

To be continued…


26 thoughts on “Mistake – Part 6

  1. That’s a good idea 🤔 why did I not think about it it would have taken this story 10 chapters more😜. It’s not cursed ☺️ I’m finishing this in next slot. Happy reading Ribana, enjoy the climax this weekend🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Worrying is the biggest punishment giving to oneself .
    many victims of this society including rape,molestation,acid attack,etc what ever it must be .they punish themselves more and it is changing their behaviour like this girl chloe.we must move on to see the next chapter .if individual is trying herself hard to come out of this event then ,we have to support them instead of pushing them to worst state..good story portrayed well with a welcoming change ..👏👌

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That uncle!😨 I could to an extend realise the feelings of Chloe. But feeling positive that she will recover.Many mysteries to unveil.. Hoping for the next part soon.😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Interesting. But in reality many people victim of such behavior of other person.no one finds solution for such devilist act.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ok, now I don’t like Sam even more. No matter the reasons reading someone else’s diary is wrong and invasion of privacy.

    ” I simply lost my happy youth days and lost a smart husband just because some random guy did something to me” ? I can sympathize with such a horrible experience but losing your husband is more your Chloe. She should have help first before never entering a relationship when she can finally handle it.

    Kudos to you Simon for making such a realistic character that I hate her like a real person 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you so much Jessica 🥰😍 This is a huge appreciation 🤗🤗 And a big motivation to write my stories so real 😃. I’ll do my best to annoy you with little stories and hate characters 😂😃😁 Keep reading 🤗🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  7. 😄 sounds like you just declared “I’ll be torturing you in future Jessica!” Just try and face the consequences 😈
    I reread my previous comments and see that I was annoyed enough I actually miss more than two words in my comment 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  8. ha ha ha 😅😹 Will I do such thing? annoy you? 😜 You miss? 😁😂 That must have been intentionally missed isn’t it 😹😂 Happy Reading ✨🤗


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