Mistake – Part 5

There is someone at the door, it looks like the repair man, he enters the house and asks you need a help?

Who the fuck are you? Get out from here! She yells and still she is angry

The repairman picks the food she throws down the floor and places it on the table. He says you wasted a days food of a homeless person, this may be your one time food for a day, not for them Chloe, think about it.

Stop talking nonsense and get out of my house, NOW!!!!

The repairman smiles at her you look cute though when you are angry, may be that’s why your husband waited for you for 7 years.

Chloe gets shocked, how did you know that and how do you know my name? she gets down and slowly walks back to her room and found her diary and letter missing.

Chloe yells at him again, you intruder! I’m going to call police, give me back my letter and diary.

The repairman stops her and holds her hand and looks in her eyes, Chloe feels so refreshing the moment she see him in his eyes and forgets everything around, he says come let’s go out.

Chloe comes back to her reality and stares at him angrily again, why do you think I’ll come with a stranger?

He smiles at her do I look like a stranger?

Chloe loses her control when she see his eyes again, she feels so comfortable with him, but she denies again.

The man shrugs his shoulders, if you stay inside this home after a terrific accident it’s natural one get’s depressed, I’m trying to help you, I want to show you something to make you feel better and I’ll also help you post this letter to your husband.

Chloe ignores him and sternly says get out of my house, I’m in no mood to talk to you. Chloe feels hungry again, she holds her stomach stood their in pain.

The repairman waits for her, I’m still waiting, Don’t you worry we can eat outside if you feel hungry, he comments as he stands near exit door.

Chloe thought it’s better die outside instead die inside a superstitious starving. She looks at him and asks Will you buy me some food, I’m hungry?

He smiles at her, how about I take a loan from you and then I’ll pay you back.

Chloe looks at him disgusting, You don’t even keep money what kind of man are you?

He smiles I do have, right now I can’t spend, I’ll tell you soon. Come on let’s go out, the previous owner use to have mood swings just like you but everytime she comes to walk with me she felt so refreshing.

Chloe takes her card and cash and did not react much and starts to walk out with the repair man. She asks You don’t have a name?

I was waiting for your question?

Chloe with her stick tries to hit him.

He answers to her, huh huh no violence Chloe.

How did you know my name? Forget it! What’s yours?

I’m Sam. Come this way, I’ll take you to our famous lake.

I am not here for a tour

Okay, I am not your tourist guide either, he winks at her and asks are you sure you are always like that, because I see a cute girl with lot of fun buried inside this blank face.

Chloe answers, don’t think I’ll be amazed with your talk, I know you talking after reading the diary and my letter. Sam maintaains silence for a while and keeps looking at her while she walks.

They both reaches the lake by walk after an hour, it was long but Chloe feels nothing. Sam asks her to sit in a large stone and he sits next to her and looks at her and asks I have a question, what’s with that all screaming.

Chloe stares at the lake and after some minutes she answers, I was feeling hungry.

He asks You still feel hungry?

Chloe looks at his eyes again and says it’s Strange, I don’t feel hungry.

Sam smiles at her and asks were you seeing things?

Chloe shocked with his question and looks at him, how did you know?

Sam shrugs his shoulders, You had two parcels of food and there was a napkin on the chair and spoon for no one and you asked me showing an empty table where is the girl, I thought you are having illusions, I’m just asking, my Papa use to tell me, sometime people see things they don’t have to, with a purpose, and what you think is yours Chloe?

Chloe answers I don’t know for what purpose I’m seeing that little girl, she always look hungry or tries to kill herself and I couldn’t help her because all I see is just illusions.

Sam smiles, so that’s a small girl, not tried to find who is she?

Chloe shakes her head, why should I?

Sam stands up starts to screams on the lake, Chloe hears his echo.

Chloe looks at him weird, stop behaving crazy get down! Or else I’m leaving.

Sam smiles and says what you did back there at home is called crazy, he whispers and asks her, do you want to scream?

Chloe takes a huge breath I’m leaving home.

Sam stops her, let me take you to another place, will you?

Chloe stops him, what do you want from me?

Sam opens his arms, Nothing Chloe, all I need is nothing and but I’m giving you what you needed now, peace. You need Peace in your head, you need to empty that and I’m trying to do that.

What? Are you a psychiatrist or mind reader trying to help me?

A bird comes and sits near a tree, he plays with the bird, what are you bird? Are you feeling down? I know you got feelings and I know you can’t talk but I feel you bird, I feel you! You just have to fly away from your worries just like you always fly, it’s just a feeling, a temporary feeling and we should not let it haunt us, I can understand your pain, now fly away!

Chloe shakes her head in disagreement, are you talking to bird? Or me?

Sam turns and looks at her, I am, maybe! Are you a Bird? I was only asking her to teach me because I’m ready to fly already. Ha ha I’m just joking, comeon we got no much time.

Chloe follows him and she gets very tired by the time they both reach an old house after an hour of walk again, Chloe holds her back and says I think I’ll have some serious back pain tonight.

Sam says ta da…. We have reached the place, there is an old man waiting for you, just get inside.

You are not coming? Is this some kind of trick?

Sam looks at her, I know him a long time, I’ll just go for a walk, he wants to see you in private, so if you don’t believe me, go home, but all I’m asking is to see him once, he is really a good person!

Chloe takes a huge breath and enters the house

An old man sits in a chair with a sad face suddenly stood up when he sees Chloe. Chloe stops him, and asks who are you and why you want to see me?

The old man asks her to take a seat, he asks her how did you come here walking and how long did you walk you looked like you met with an accident, you came here alone?

Chloe nods her head and sits there and asks him can I have some water please?

The old man runs outside to find anyone waiting but he finds no one so he comes back with a bottle of water and says thanks for coming and he shows her a picture and a letter, Chloe drops the water bottle and stood up.

To be continued…

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  1. What is that picture??? This repairman is putting me in dilemma…. Who is he??? May be her best friend…. He is so caring…. He is the hero for me in the story….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yes he is, you found that πŸ˜‰ you are so smart ✨ Thanks for readingπŸ€— and for the story followup ☺️ You are a great supporter πŸ€—Have a beautiful Sunday βœ¨πŸ’

    Liked by 1 person

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