Life Lessons Vers 4 – Loser

In my previous to the previous post, I have given a short post about Failure is not bad. This post is almost the same, but this is about the Loser. What’s the difference? Nothing much, but from a different perspective, maybe not different.

In our society, The loser is a label given to another person in terms of insulting them. It doesn’t have to be like that, this is my perception, and let me take you to a small story.

A boy walks down the street with his bag with a sad face he sits on the edge of a railway bridge and starts to cry.

An old man passes by looks at him, he comes forward and sits next to him. He says

O(Oldman) Hey! Why are you crying?

K(Kid) I’ve lost in my exams, my parents are going to beat me and I lost in sports too they are not going to let me play too. I am afraid to go home.

O: With a laugh asks the kid, So are you afraid because you lost or because your dad is going to beat you up?

K: I lost at everything.

He starts to cry again.

O: Okay, Let me ask you a question, What you are doing now?

K: I’m crying, can’t you see?

O: I can see that you said it’s called crying, it’s an action. Likewise loser or losing or lost is a name we call a person for failing at something or losing something. It’s just an expression. That can’t define who you really are inside.

K: No it can’t, but my parents are going to beat me tonight.

O: I can’t stop that, I can understand why they beat you up like that.

K: you do?

O: Oh Yes! Because this is how they have learned to teach someone a lesson, this is a hard way. Let me tell you this in the opposite way, there are three kinds of losers, let me know which one are you, okay?

K: looks at him now and wipes his tears and asks, Yes, tell me.

O: Category A, B, and C

The first category A will sit and cry for being a loser or move on but they will not strive to overcome it, they give up, they do not value opportunities. Because they have reasons to lose, and reasons are not going to change anything! These categories will search for reasons and sit on it.

The category B will be a loser but not always, they are very brave but not that brilliant they get one idea and try and lose it and will try it again and again and again at all the opportunities they get and one day they’ll win and they value the opportunities and never gives up and they become an inspiration to others.

The category C will be a loser too but not long, they analyze why they lose, they approach why they lost with strategy and with smart work and choosing right opportunity they achieve it, if not they are smart enough to create an opportunity and work hard and smart and that both things play together here for success.

So which one are you?

K: I want to fit in B or C, but what category I am now?

O: You are now A, but I want you to try for B and I can see you are smart you can be C too.

K: I do? you want me to try all of them?

O: No, I want you to take a step at a time, Use your hard work, and use your smart work practice and become skilled at what you are best at and tomorrow you’ll get a window of opportunity use it wisely and become a topper in your class and become the best player, have a goal, go for it.

K: But they are going to beat me up tonight, I can’t change that now.

O: Come on kid, You are going to change your future, you still bothered about this one night? Face it, kid, face everything, face every failure, and pain with a smile. Lot of people out there lose bigger opportunities looking at small troubles, the world will laugh at you when you lose, and the same world will clap at you when you win. Make them clap at you, and that’s the best revenge you can give, and don’t even bother you are a loser today, think about tomorrow.

The old man winks at him

K: That is really amazing talking to you. Thank you.

O: Anytime!

The kid with a smiling face gave him some cents from his pocket and walks to the road and waved his hand and starts to walk home with confidence!

If you find kids or yourself in such situations, all you needed is a plan and a little soup of motivation. All you parents, kids, family, friends, neighbors and colleagues please don’t tease when someone being a loser or innocent, please teach them and support the people around you that lose, and guide them how to overcome failure and teach them being a loser is part of life and it’s only temporary, no one is going to be a loser forever, there is always an opportunity to make it count and win next time.

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11 thoughts on “Life Lessons Vers 4 – Loser

  1. Wonderful post, Simon.
    As mere human beings, we all want to instinctively protect ourselves. If something is difficult or painful, we instantly shy away from the challenge. I mean, there’s a reason that we have coined a term for a human being who enjoys pain and no term for the one that enjoys joy. I think it is absolutely normal to want to win, and to want feel good about ourselves. But when we constantly win, we are never given a chance to face our demons. The hardest part of life is learning how to roll with the punches when you think you can’t go on. Those with the ability to look deep into themselves and find ways to address their failures without falling apart are the ones who ultimately succeed – I have learnt many lessons from my failures and they have made me nothing but a better Saania.

    Thank-you for writing this!
    How do you learn from your mistakes if you never make any?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We have to make mistakes Saania, that’s how we will learn. The better version of I today is not better but comparing to the older version I am proud of who I am. The mistakes, the failures on my journey taught me lessons. And one can’t win all the time, and I never won all the time, which made me more curious about winning. I Still haven’t won, I am still trying to be the better version of myself and I suggest the same to others, we are never better, we keep learning, we keep making mistakes and we keep growing! Thank you so much for your time reading Saaniaβœ¨πŸ€— Been missing your comments! I love the book you gave, helped me look the different in a different way, just like it impacted me after reading Sophie’s world. I’m so glad that you referred one like that. Have a beautiful day βœ¨πŸ€—πŸ’


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