Z aka Zane

Hey Everyone! This is Bob again🤗, Time for another story, and a thank you note for continuously reading this A2Z challenge series. So here is my final one for the challenge… Hope you will like it.


Dexter got a house in cheap after a long search “Are you sure there was someone did lived here before?” he commented to his friend Mike

His friend Mike replied “I am triple sure Dexter, this is the apartment I could able to find for the price you are looking for and it is going to save you a LOT”

Dropped his bag beside a sofa and he tapped at the little sofa and the dust came out like it was buried under a mud. He coughed

“Mike, can you do some background check, like with the previous tenant. when did he leave why?”

“What are you even trying? retain the old tenant back to this place? let me tell you something, the last tenant that lived here got cancer and died! I made myself clear?”

“Died? in this house?”

Mike nods his head

“Well that sounds creepy” He looked around and checked all the shelves and cupboards and kitchen, He thought there is some deep cleaning required immediately.

He asked Mike to arrange someone for a quick wash and cleaning, Mike said he will get people next day to clean the house.

As Mike left to his house, Dexter made a quick tour to the big house. He did not had the patience to wait for a day. Dexter removed his t shirt and used his old gloves and starts to clean himself, and borrowed some cleaning items from a neighbor and he started his work. As he was cleaning the bed room he moved a carpet out of the floor and starts to mop. That’s when his mop piece got stuck in a piece of wood and it opened up like a box. He looked inside to found some bunch of envelopes.

Most of them are some unpaid bills due reminders and legal notices for someone lived there long ago. As he as checking out all the envelopes, there was one envelope in the yellow cover, it was a strange envelope he had ever seen in his life, it was dated that day and it said, To, D aka (Dexter) and from your dearest Z aka (Zane).

Dexter dropped his mop and sits on the bed nearby and he opened the envelope. The envelope began….

There was a kid’s laughing noise came and fades away, Dexter got goose bumps and a shivering feeling from his spine, he felt creepy hearing that noise in an unusual time. He folds the letter and kept it in his pocket and continued his work. Once the work got over, he had his dinner and comes to bed and opens up the envelope and started reading, and the letter began…

“The universe…” Dexter heard a cat groans, he yelled “Shit! this place is damn creepy” he got out of bed and looked outside there was a grey cat sits by a window and staring at him, he tried to chase the cat away, but it did not move. He managed to slowly close the window and closed all other windows and came to bed.

He started the letter again

The universe is too big to begin this. We are more than a human and there is always a world that is undiscovered. There is a reason for all the life on earth right now is. Human is only a form that we have got on earth. We are just using all particles and matters around to form ourselves as a human being and live into all these illusions, and participate in unknown competitions, running in a race where we never knew each other, but we are just running because others also running.

I am not this kind, I am Z aka Zane, I figured it out when I was 18 what if we disintegrate into particles again? and ever since then I am in my world of my own, I want you to come and join us, as you can live for eternity, it’s an one time offer.

Our world is really big, You have no idea how big it is, you will be part of this universe, we are no spirits we are something far from that. We are a better version of everything and capable of anything. I am sure you are curious now to know what I am talking didn’t you? I can see it your eyes. Now you will find another Envelope, how about reading that too?

Thanks, Z

Dexter closed the letter and started to search for another envelope, another yellow color strange envelope he found. he opens it, this time he saw something fell down on the kitchen. He kept the envelope and enters the kitchen to find the cat sitting near gas stove and stared at him. Dexter looked at the window it was closed, he started to sweat looking at the creepy creature and wondered how it came inside when the windows are closed. He slowly walks back in to his bedroom and closed the door and did not turned off any lights. He opens the second envelope again

It would be surprising to find a cat inside a closed house isn’t it? that is just an example to prove you that there are things that is far more than what you see, you should start feeling it. If you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you might feel my presence too, want to try?

Dexter smiled and felt silly reading such strange letter, but something inside him wanted to try it, so he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he felt a touch on his shoulders and a whisper in his ears ‘I am here’. Dexter opens his eyes breathing heavily and looked around his bedroom and found no one. He thought to himself that is some crazy illusion he ever had. He continues to read the rest.

You think that is an illusion didn’t you, now don’t get panic. I have been waiting for someone who is worthy enough to read this letter and let me bring them to our world. Let me make this very clear to you, what is going to happen next is going to be very simple, I am going to bring you to our world so that you can be free in the spiritual world and live for eternity. You might think this is a trick in the end, but believe me, yes, this is a trick for an eternal life, this is how I can help you, Don’t you want to be the most powerful of all the being on earth?

Note:- You might feel dizzy after you close this letter, don’t worry, with few drops of blood coming from your nose is the sign you will die in next 5 seconds, It’s a painless death, don’t worry, we are waiting for you here.

Thanks Z aka Zane

Dexter closed the envelope, he was completely scared reading that letter. He started to feel dizzy, he told himself “This is not happening, this is definitely not happening” and sits at corner of bed, he holds his head to relax himself, but the he started to feel something strange, there was three drops of blood from his nose and it dropped on the floor. He looked at it in shock, he started to sweat and shake all of a sudden, he counted 5,4,3,2,1.

Dexter dropped dead!

Hey! this is Zane, you wanted to join with Dexter? all you have to do go out with no mask and no hand sanitizers I’ll come for you.

The end…

Thanks for reading….

Thanks to all of you once again… This is Simon.. I write positive Life lessons to motivate others, sometime a little Joke to bring that charming smile out of your mouth and scary stories to let you sweat for a second. Hope you all liked my stories.

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13 thoughts on “Z aka Zane

  1. Congratulations on successfully completing the A to Z Challenge Simon!
    You are very creative and you have an amazing variety of stories to tell. I enjoyed many of them. One piece of constructive criticism I’ll leave you with is to work on your grammar and editing skills.
    With some hefty editing, each of your stories can be a hefty winner.
    Have a lovely day and I look forward to more from you!

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  2. Thank you Noor! I need to work badly on grammar,☺️ Yup I can see it while I read it again, I’m lost in what tense I’m writing 🤔. Thank you so much for saying it, very few had already said that, I’m glad now that you are one of them that can say something constructive, I’m working on it. Hope one day I’ll write with better grammar ☺️. Keep reading 😉 I have lot of tales to deliver…. ☺️ Have a beautiful day ✨🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The heck! I’ve just read death 3 times in a row and I’m seriously pissed at Bob for telling these stories… wait 🤔 … right I’m looking at you Simon 👀😐

    Liked by 1 person

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