Hey Everyone🤗, Welcome back. did you got call from your X last night? I am not responsible for that😉😜. So my morning began with some curse words, to myself, I had hard time sleeping, sleeping all day time with Lock down,🙄I can’t take it, I do not like but I do it for the people I love, like you, since Love is blind I love all of you. So are we ready to read another story. Here we go…


Her dad called “Yasmin? Where are you?”

There was silence except bird chirping sound the place was so silent than ever

Yasmin did not respond and sit’s simply on the veranda watching the birds.

Her dad asked “Yasmin? Why don’t you sit inside? You had the breakfast? come on let’s have it first”

Yasmin turns and looked at her Dad “You have it dad, I already had it. ”

Her dad walked inside the kitchen and did not found any plates in the sink, He came back and looked at her, she was staring outside “Are you sure you had your food”

Yasmin nods.

Her walked back inside in silence and had his food, after few minutes he came out and sits with her daughter.

Yasmin looked at her “Dad!”

Her dad replied “Yes dear”

Yasmin asked “Can I ask you something?”

Her dad replied “I need to ask first, you are coming here only on weekends, and we do not spend weekends like this, you did not even talked to me like before and you look very sad, why? any problem?”

There was that same silence again…

Yasmin had a small smile on her lips and take a deep breath looking her dad in his eyes “Can I lay down on your lap for sometime, like I used to do when I was a kid”

Her dad replies “Sure darling, why not, come here my baby” she lays down on his lap, Her dad tapped gently on her shoulders to make her feel asleep.

Yasmin still stares at somewhere, Her dad feels some goose bumps while he taps her shoulders.

After some minutes Yasmin slowly woke up and looked at her Dad her eyes was moist, “Thank you so much Dad, feeling better now, I will go inside and sleep peacefully”

Her dad looked at her with full of love, he holds her chin “My dear kid Yasmin, I wish you were that 11 year old baby girl, running around the house, screaming and jumping, where is she?” he asked with a longing feeling in his eyes

Yasmin smiled “I am so happy now dad, your daughter is so happy now and at peace”

He looked at her in the eyes, she conveys a message to his mind, he asked in shock “Is it true?”

Yasmin bit her lips and took a deep breath to control the emotional outcome, she kept her hand on her dad’s cheek “Yes Dad, and I want you to be happy okay, That is the only reason I have come here to see you smile, I want to see you smile till your last breath.”

Yasmin face changed brightly “Come on dad, a smile for me, that charming Hero smile, come on dad, I know you will look cute when you smile with that dimples on your cheek”

Her dad smiled “You silly girl” he laughed with tears in his eyes, Yasmin turns and started to walk back inside the house and disappeared once she entered the house.

In moments her dad dropped dead as he did not ate anything for last 2 days, the house turns dark and dirty and inside kitchen the foods disappeared, there was no trace of cooking…

Yasmin studied in a nearby city, since her village is too far from the institution she stays on hostel on week days, one day she saw her Dad’s friend Vignesh and they both talked for a while. Vignesh asked Yasmin to come to his hotel and have some good food, Since Yasmin knows him well as well as his dad’s best friend she agreed to go with Vignesh. Vignesh owns a big hotel in the city, Yasmin reached his place and they both waited for a while, After an hour of lunch, Vignesh started to talk with her touching her wrongly, Yasmin tried to avoid him, in seconds Vignesh tried to misbehave with her, Yasmin couldn’t resist and that day was her worst day in her life, after an hour she came out crying and went to her hostel, she didn’t say a word to him.

Few moments ago….

Vignesh was sleeping soundly in his bed room, when he turned to find his wife sleeping until 9 am with him, he removed the bed covers and asked her to get up and freshen up, but she did not wake up. She was sleeping on opposite side, He pulled her and tried to wake her up, that’s when he realized it was not her wife, Yasmin!

In shock he jumped out of bed and tried to open the door, but he couldn’t. He knocked the door several times but no one heard his voice. Vignesh felt a sharp pain under his abdomen and he starts to feel blood coming out, Vignesh started to cry in pain holding his abdomen, the door suddenly opened, he screamed and called for his wife and ran out of his bedroom.

Vignesh quickly tried to run to downstairs and he suddenly saw Yasmin in the front, in shock he tripped over her and she disappeared, he rolled down to the ground floor, he had multiple fracture and a serious head injury, Yasmin stood in first floor and stared at him with a smile, Vignesh still in shock tried to move, but he couldn’t.

Vignesh was in no position to move after that, he tried to take out his smart phone and dial for ambulance, but he couldn’t move his fingers too, Yasmin stood there in front of him and waited until he loses all the blood, after few mins Vignesh also died whispering his last words “I am sorry”.

After few moments, Yasmin and her Father both of their spirits walked out of Vignesh’s house while the police surrounds his house to enquire about what happened.

The End…

Thanks for reading…

How was that? you think Yasmin did a good job? isn’t it a best revenge for misbehavior, sadly she killed herself, bad decision😕, Can’t help but kill this character, but a story is still a story, don’t ask me about the author, he is now probably thinking about what you think of this story 😉, so One more story left, I’ll catch you all tomorrow!… Until then, a Big Bye from your… BOB 😉🤗


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19 thoughts on “Yasmin

  1. The mistake deserves a punishment 😉 It cannot be revenge actually ☺️ Thanks for your thoughts even though it’s not your style, thanks for stopping by ✨🤗Have a beautiful day ✨💐

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  2. Thank you Sonia, Thank you so much reading regularly and commenting so glad for the continuous support ✨🤗✍️Have a beautiful day ✨💐🤗


  3. Revenge always brings something bad along with it! It’s better to forgive! GREAT STORY though Simon!

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  4. Well as a female I can understand her desire for revenge after getting rape (or molested) but I won’t recommend killing… there are most ways (more tormenting) to get him to suffer 😈 but for the sake of this story it was fine.

    No you’re not my Bob anymore. Out of the way! 😂

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