Welcome back – Alex – Chapter 23 – #blogchatterA2Z

Alex – Chapter 23

Welcome Back Alex!

Gabi while running dialed ambulance number and called the medics to Frank’s house.

Alex looked at his dad beside covered in blood, he looked at the knife, he hides the knife under his shirt, quickly dialed for the ambulance, in some time the ambulance reached there on time.

The medics helped Alex and his Dad to come out of the car, luckily his dad was not that much injured because of the air balloon, he still got hurt because the car flipped upside down.

Alex holds his dad’s hand with moist eyes, in moments he cried ‘I’m sorry dad”.

While Gabi on the other side reached Frank’s house in minutes, the ambulance she had called already reached Frank’s resident, the spirit followed her. When Gabi reached Frank’s house he was already surrounded by medics, Gabi was happy to find he was still breathing.

Gabi went with Frank in the ambulance, and on the other side Alex went with his Dad.

Benjamin and Frank both got admitted in hospital at that night, and Gabi, Marjorie, and Alex all of them got treated for their minor injuries.

After a week Alex and Bob walked down to Gabi’s house on a weekend.

Bob adjusted his pants “Hey Alex, I got some 3 interesting stories, I heard this morning from uncle Simon, want to hear that?”

Alex laughed “We need to come out from our current story Bob” as they were talking they both entered her house “Did you hear that?”

Alex asked “What do I need to hear?”

Bob asked Alex to stay hushed he slowly walked towards the basement.

Gabi was talking with something invisible.

Bob informed Alex “She is definitely calling a trouble for the next series to begin. You still wanted to propose to her?”

Alex blushed and adjusted his glasses.

Bob commented “Shit, stop doing that, she almost killed you and you fell in love with her, I can’t believe I am still you friend”

Alex shook his head “My science, her superstition would work perfectly together Bob”

Bob hits his forehead with his palms “Strange combinations, some things never change, Let me assure you one thing, If you don’t keep this witch in control you are going to be in a lot of trouble, if you are trying to be her boyfriend, and for god sake, don’t call me your mystery talks, I cannot take it anymore”

Bob adjusted his pants and took his bag and whispered “I am going to disturb her invisible talk, I am trying to save you man, follow me …. wait.. ” he sneaks Gabi and suddenly tried to jump on her screaming “Yehhhhhhh”

Gabi shows her hand and Bob slipped and got down on her feet, Bob commented “Don’t tell me, I was tripped by a spirit”

Gabi with a shocked face “Yes It is, I am sorry Bob, I am terribly sorry, Did that hurt?”

Bob smiled “How about give me a hand first?” Gabi lifted him, Bob commented “When are you going to stop talking with these invisible things”

Gabi smiled and pinched him on his arms “I’m all alone Bob, if I have some good company, I might think about stopping that”

Bob raised his eyebrows “Aren’t we look like your friends?, me & Alex, and let me know if you were taken by any psychiatrists i’ll prove them you have a problem”

Gabi searched for him “Alex? He came?”

Bob turns and found Alex not there “hey Alex! come inside, I told you to follow me” Bob shrugged his shoulders

They all sat together and sits silently, Bob looked at both of them “Why are we silent now? we have made it, no body died, nothing happened to Alex, I must thank Gabi for giving back the same nerd Alex, and hope your fore arm is fine”

Gabi made a small smile “feeling much better Bob” and looked at Alex with corner of her eye.

Alex adjusted his glasses and said “I must say it’s the worst disastrous week in my life”

Bob said “I have heard many stories, but being part of one, yeah…. not a good idea”

Alex nods his head in silence.

Bob asked “So Alex, and Gabi, how is uncle Benjamin and Frank”

Gabi began coughing “Both are fine”

Bob asked “Anyone talked about it to them?

Gabi replied “How can we not? Alex did not talked about it, because he did not remember what he did, While I on the other side it was hard to explain but I managed to convince both of them, It was so easy to convince both of them that Alex is possessed, Uncle Frank managed the police, My grandma she is still angry at me for what I did that night, she got a promise from me to never enter the spirit realm until I learn everything properly, I guess I can try something when I am at home, you guys mind to join?”

Bob asked “what? another session?, Gabi, I am sorry I don’t want to kill you, but you know, I desperately wanted to do it, didn’t you learn a lesson from your mistakes, Stop your witchy stuff” Bob groans

Gabi raised his eyebrows “Yes it is, I accept and I learned from it, what did you learned?”

Bob turns his head “Never try to fight with you”

Gabi and Alex laughed…

Bob asked “So how is your Uncle Frank”

Gabi replied “He is safe now, luckily the knife did not pierce his heart, he is saved with a broken collar bone and injured wrist nerves, now he is scared of Alex, two more psychiatrist sessions have been arranged for him to come out from the shock, I am glad his dad is so brave and recovered so quickly”

Alex said “It’s a series of unexpected incident, but I have learned something beyond science”

Bob replied “Stop your science shit, without Gabi you are a dead man”

Alex holds Gabi’s hand, “I must Thank you Gabi, I know you are the reason why all of them happened, but I also understand it’s just an accident and… I… uh.. ” Alex stammered and adjusted his glasses

Bob found something behind Alex “Is that a rose at your back pocket Alex?”

Alex stopped and turned “What rose, no rose, tha that’s just… I… I got …. down the road” he stuttered and adjusted his glasses again

Gabi looked at him with a surprise “are you serious? come on, look at me, were you trying to propose me?”

Alex adjusted his glasses and took the flower “I can explain any chemical reactions, but I can’t name this chemical reaction that is pumping my heard, looking at your eyes. my dad use to say, never waste a moment, so ….. uhm. …. I love you”

Bob turns around with pocket in his hands “I did not see or heard anything”

Gabi smiled and hugged Alex “Welcome back Alex!”

Bob slowly turns and looked at Alex, he winked his eyes and whispered “Perfectly done”

Bob commented “Here comes the future science teacher and the great witch, that was beautiful, enough hugging. come on, Let’s go for some snacks”

Bob, Alex and Gabi started to walk together outside their house..

Bob asked “How many of you heard uncle Simon’s story?”

Gabi chuckled “You mean the guy with that small shop?”

Bob asked “Yeah, you know him?”

Gabi shook here head and smiled “He used to date my grandma”

Alex commented “Don’t tell me he still go date with her”

All of them laughed …

The End of Alex Story

The next 3 series X,Y,Z you will find a favorite character of this series Bob telling us a story. Don’t miss it πŸ˜‰

To be continued…

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