Life Lessons Vers 2 – Hate Life

It’s an edited version of my previous writing, Hope you’ll like it, if you have read before I recommend to read again, as you’ll see entirely different view.

Hate life? Can you hate life?

How can someone hate their life? I was shocked to listen and see people trying to kill themselves saying they are depressed, or having struggles in their life, that’s it? That’s it to be eligible to hate our own life?

I am asking this question to a set of people and I get different answers to justify and fill in all scenarios in the following, the answers are….

  1. No, I am happy, why should I hate my life?
  2. Yes, nothing good happens in our life, we can’t live happily.
  3. Yes, Kills themselves because they think to end their journey is the bravest thing.
  4. No, I am struggling, it’s part of life, but I will always find a way to stay happy

Here option A and D does not hate their life, and option B and C do hate their life.

Option A:-

They have never been into any trouble, if they had faced any difficulty in their life, they will choose any other 3 answers, if they are happy doesn’t mean they got no problems, they do have, but how did they survived it? This is a life everyone wishes for, to be happy without any trouble, in reality life is very uncertain, so always prepared for the worse and strong enough to face it.

Option B:-

They are not happy because there will be plenty of reasons, I cannot define another person pain through words, it has to be felt. And how strong one can take up the heat also matters. How many among us have done this, looking at someone in deep trouble and commented he should give up, the person who is suffering must decide what he can do, that person might feel it is not the worse situation or they live because another life is dependent on them or they will just complain as it part of their nature, they know the value of life which can be hated but not to lose it..

Option C:-

As I mentioned before, another person’s pain cannot be shown through words, it has to be felt. This category of people takes every single thing seriously or they have struggled and exhausted facing some issues or they don’t have the guts to fight the problems they are facing and they think they are very brave to lose the life instead of fighting. Losing a life is the worst thing one can do, this category are the ones that we read on news everyday die for silly reasons, and they did not have the strength to face the struggles and no one should gave up just like that.

Option D:-

These are far better options than Option B and C, you can find such people in your house, your Mother, your Father, neighbor or the beggar in the street, and they have so much of will power that whatever trouble comes in their life, they face it with a smile. These very much aware that struggles are part of life and the true meaning of life is to live happily, no matter where they are, what they are, they face every single day with a smile.

What makes someone hate this magical Life?

You all might aware that we are nothing but a miracle from star dust. agree? and we all are unique but we somehow fall into an illusion and try to fit in a box that is not for us and as a result we start to hate this “Life”.

Love = Life, a Life begins from an act of love; and outcome of a Mother’s love, Respect that.

In this universe a HUMAN’S life is the most magical ones than any other, we live the life as we wanted, we got love, we got feelings, tears, happiness, relationships, and aware of ulterior motive in life is to live life happily, so make a way for it. Our life is magical with a power called resilience, Whatever the situation is, we have enough capacity to recover from any difficulties.

I cannot suggest you to what changes you need to make, But, you just have to think and act, and the goal is to live happily. Life is very uncertain, take our current situation, corona is everywhere, so instead of thinking, worrying about it, just live smartly, happily and spread some love. In this short journey of life you might end up doing great things, always be ready to be the great, and be the one that inspire others.

Live the Life, Live the moment, There is no reason to hate it!

We are not given good or bad life, we are given a Life. It’s up to you to make it good or bad.

Let me share one example you might get inspired.

Anybody heard of the iron lady of Pakistan? Muniba Mazari, Read or watch yourself about her, if you think your life is still hard and you can’t live, let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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27 thoughts on “Life Lessons Vers 2 – Hate Life

  1. You penned about common problems of daily life wonderfully. We shouldn’t lose our enthusiasm to live life to the fullest at any situation. Well-written 👍👏🌠🌠

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  2. This is so inspiring dear Simon and some people really don’t know that life comes with difficulties but there are also joy and happiness in it, some people smile from the surgery room and some people can’t even smile from castles! It’s about attitude and gratitude and many fail to know how lucky they are by being alive and healthy, it’s a great fortune already and we should always keep moving forward no matter what! Everything that happens is here to teach us a lesson, if we fail to learn, it will keep repeating until we do!
    Great post Simon as usually 😊

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  3. Hi Huguette, Everything happens for a reason, its a passing cloud with a lesson. If we learn from it we are gifted, that no one can take from us☺️✨ I’m Glad you liked this post🤗 Thanks for your time and your kind appreciation 🥰 Grateful ✨ Have a good day ✨🤗✍️

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  4. Nice post Simon. Unfortunately, if you’re the suffering person like that man who got thrown out of his own business and left to suffer a disease, you can’t tell him not to hate his life.
    I agree. “Life is not kind to everyone.” and we can simply do our best.

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  5. I know that man, He couldve died that day if he hated his life. But he proved the haters that he can live and raised his two kids without any help 😉 I inspire him ✨


  6. Yes, I understand what you mean, but not everyone is as strong. I went through a similar tough ordeal myself. And it wasn’t just family members who turn their back on us. The government drive us out of business and throw me in jail pregnant for a wrong reason, the bank robbed us for every single penny we had. I was banned from my husband’s country and I had to live with my 7 month old son in the street of Sweden. I can say more but I’d rather not say everything here because we already move on now, my point is that there’s nothing wrong to hate your life as long as you stay strong and strive to get a better life, like that man and us and everyone else who suffering right now.

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  7. Hi Jessica✨ with this small part i could realise the pain u gone through. I inspire how you moved on. That is indeed an emotional period. Situations like this come to anyone and any time. As you said. As long as we stay strong and strive for better life, We will be an inspiration to next generation. ✨👏 Thank you so much for opening up the darker part. Glad i found you in blogging. Stay Strong as you are ✨👏


  8. Hi, happened to me as well, i use to say i hate life, but i was young and stupid, well i like to say it this way, backs ei think is truth in my case, sad, without job, and being at home, being at home is not good thing, because we dont get enough air to breath, and being outside, its always feels better, we can see something beautiful, the view, the animal, someone may gift for us a smile and our day can get better, when the day is better i think it gives power to look for a job:), we always have a choice, well there i law to respect other wise we willed up in jail, but it think, we are creating walls and limits for ourselves, creating rules or following the rules of someone else, maybe parents, friends or society? As long is not a crime there no bandages needed, even in the worst situation there is the clear path to get out from it, dont need to rush, all this stories are different but they have something in common, difficulties to face, every ttime we ge thru difficult time feels good, no?


  9. Hey Ilona, Thank you so much for your time, And being one of my regular motivator. 🤗✨ Love the way you took your hard times. It does feel good to have some difficult times, Because it teach a lesson, it makes us more matured. When there is no story for us, how we will inspire our next generations. We should be inspiring. And you have stories too.Glad you shared and inspired us with yours. Hope ur day is good 🤗 ✨

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  10. Great point of view Simon, you are right, we have to face it, there is no reasons to run from it, it will get us anyway mostly when we no even expecting:)

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  11. Beautifully penned down , Simon! I could feel your emotions pouring through your words. This’s a problem people hardly ever talk about but something that’s an ever present part of today’s society , which’s shameful really. I believe we need to help everyone out the best we can even if it’s at the micro level. Everybody deserves love and guidance. For those who are facing trouble in life , I pray that they are blessed enough to have someone to guide them. Very inspiring post! I hope your message reaches to a large group of people. All the love and blessings to you! Have a great day! 💫

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  12. Thank you so much for reading and sharing such beautiful insights! These are indeed basic things which we say it as a joke everyday, but in deep some are taking it way too serious, I hope too, they all should get all the love and support they needed. As you said, let’s pray and hope for such. Thanks for your continuous support. Have a beautiful Sunday ✨💐🤗

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  13. Thank you! It was my pleasure!
    You’re absolutely right. People need to made more aware about such topics. It’s high time we all do something about it. Till then , let’s pray and hope for everyone out there.

    Stay safe and healthy! 💙💫

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  14. We are all a miracle made from star dust- how true, Simon!
    Even though our life isn’t easy all the time and may not seem like much, it is. We breathe and can talk, this means that we’re alive. And this is a gift that is unfortunately, ever so often underestimated. I also get terrified when people talk about killing themselves. I think giving up on life is finding the easy way out of things. And yet the sad truth is that you don’t end the pain- you just pass it on to the people who love you, like your family. Everything in life happens for a reason, and nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

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  15. Thank you for stopping by SaaniaSparkle ✨💐 🤗 we should be grateful for we at least breath now, ending life is not an answer to any problem, u r right, it’s only pass on the issue with the one we love, everything happens for a reason ✨ How true it is Saania ✨ Thank you for reading and sharing the beautiful insight on my writing 🤗✍️ Have a beautiful day ✨💐


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